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Peak Human LongevityAbility/Power:

To have an extended, yet non-superhuman lifespan compared to normal members of your species.

"A General!? You liar!! How the hell can some little kid like you be a General?! You're quite rude to keep calling me a brat. Even if I look like this, I'm in my 30s, you know." Shin and Rin Ko (Kingdom Vol.19)

Individuals with this ability are at the peak of human conditioning. For this very reason,they age slower than normal members of their species due to having extremely healthy cells, without to the superhuman level. In addition, this power would activate when the user is in his/her young-adult years and they'd looktwenty-years to even a hundred times younger. For example, in Captain America's state, even though he was frozen in the ice for nearly seventy-years, Steve still had the vitality and appearance of a man in his physical prime and completely cannot age.

If users that are enhanced were to "super-charge" this ability, then they would achieve the superhuman version of this ability (the user could gain immortality if the augmentation is powerful enough), meaning that users can live over thousands years old without any signs of aging. Finally, for users that have not been enhanced could live up to 150-200 years since this ability is at peak-human level.

The Immortal Weapons (Marvel Comics)

Stick (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

Uzumaki Clan (Naruto) members are born with large life energy, granting them extra longevity.

Despite in being his mid 30s, Rin Ko of the Four Heavenly Kings (Kingdom) retained the appearance of a young man.

Vasco Strada (Highschool DxD) due to his supreme constituition and vitality for a human, possess an exceptional longevity.

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