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9 Delicious Detox Drinks That Will Make You Lose Weight …

Oct, 17th 2019 2:41 pm, Article Recommended by Dr. J. Smith

It has been said many times before big and lasting weight loss result from lifestyle changes theyinclude both changing your diet as well as increasing your activity level. Recent research has indicated thatjust by adopting new simple lifestyle habits, you can lose weight a lot more weight over the course of months and years, and sustain that weight loss for the long run.

Takeaway: Lifestyle changes is by farbetter for your body and far more effective than any fad weight loss programs.

It has been said many times that the best drink to help you lose weight is water but that can get boring. So, here are 8 healthy drinks that have been proven effective to help you burn fat and lose weight while keeping you hydrated at the same time.An easy first step towards changing your lifestyle habits to aid weight loss is simply watching what you drink. A very simple rule you should keep in mind when choosing what to drink is just avoid high calorie, sugary drinks including sodas and fruit juices they are one of the main culprits to fast weight gain yes, even the diet ones.

Green tea is a great health drink, known to help purify the body, protect it from cancer, and enhance skin health. Drinking three to five cups of green tea daily can help cause positive improvements in your health. Since green tea contains a large amount of antioxidants, it is one of the best diet and fitness drinks.

Green teas greatest benefit is all about the catechin content. Catechin is an antioxidant that fights and may even help prevent cell damage. Furthermore, research has shown that green tea can improve blood flow, reduce cholesterol, and help prevent a range of heart-related issues.Though research has not shown it to help people lose weight, drinking green tea instead of sugary drinks can help you build a healthy lifestyle. Just keep away from the honey and sugar.

Jillian Michaels drink is one of most effective and popular drinks for weight loss in the USA and Europe. Over a million people have tested it and proved that it can be effective at reducing excess water weight and bloat. Women who havedrank this 7 days straight have reportedly loss 5 to 8 pounds over the course of the week.

Detox Drink Recipe

Boil 8 oz of the distilled water and steep the tea for at least 10 minutes. Discard the tea bag, mix all of the ingredients together, and drink the entire mixture every day for seven days. You will make a new batch each day. The goal is to drink 60 ounces of the concoction every day. See you weight fall off.

Did you know that water is one of the seven best drinks for burning fat? I didnt think so. And while some diet items can be expensive or hard to find, this one should be available to most people.

Adding more ice water to your diet can help you lose weight in a number of ways:

Cinnamon is known as an antimicrobial food. It also helps to regulate blood sugar while speeding up your metabolism, thus boosting weight loss.

Apples have phytonutrients that help control blood sugar as well and helps to slow down the digestion of carbohydrates. Apple Cider Vinegar is high in acetic acid, lowering blood sugar levels, and can increase feelings of fullness.


Cut up the large apples into pieces, add them into the water. Mix all the ingredients well and store it in the fridge overnight to let the apples infuse in the water.

It is a common mistake to believe that drinking milk will keep you from losing weight. In eality, studies have proven that a calcium-rich diet is linked to long-term weight loss.

Calcium promotes the bodys ability to burn fat alongside a moderate diet system or weight loss program. According to research from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people who consumed more calcium over the course of two years lost more weight than those that consumed less calcium.

Since milk is a good source of calcium, a reasonable quantity of skim milk might be a good addition to your diet. However, science is still unclear on dairy and calciums effect on weight loss. Milk can also be high in calories, so be sure youre still drinking in moderation.

This is an Arabian recipe tested since time immemorial. It can stimulate the metabolism and is a great drink to try.

Arabian Tea Recipe

Mix the above ingredients in 16 oz of water. Stir well and boil for 10 minutes. Strain out the loose ingredients and drink 8 oz one half hour before every meal.

If youve indulge in a spa treatment now and again, youll would have notice this water drink is what they serve you at every single spa treatment or health wellness center.They are cucumbers, lemon, orange and mint.

Cucumber has citrulline amino acid which has characteristic can get rid of ammonia from our liver and kidneys. It is a byproduct of the proteins where our bodies burn for energy. Meanwhile mint helps you to digest efficiently as it improves the flow of bile.

Basically, the digested stuff will flow from bile to the liver to the gallbladder to the small intestine and break down dietary fats. On the other hand, lemon embarks the digestive track thus it can help you if you have constipation, heartburn, or gas.


Fill in your water bottlewith the sliced cucumber, lemon and orange and mint leaves. Shake well and then, let the water to cool in a fridge overnight so that the ingredients infuse in the water.

Watermelon is high in lycopene, like tomatoes. Lycopene is a carotenoid phytonutrient thats especially important for our cardiovascular health, and an increasing number of scientists now believe that lycopene is important for bone health as well. This fruit also contains a high level of Citrulline. Citrulline is an amino acid that is commonly converted by our kidneys and other organ systems into arginine (another amino acid).

Limes are filled with Vitamin C and antioxidants and protects against arthritis.


Fill in your water bottlewith the watermelon cubes and sliced limeShake well and then, let the water to cool in a fridge overnight so that the ingredients infuse in the water.

Organifi Green Juice is a gently dried superfoods drink mix that consists of 11 of the worlds healthiest superfoods.The combination of the 11 superfoods amps up your energy, helps you lose significant weight, and gets you feeling younger than you have in years.

Here are the benefits of 3 of the total 11 superfoods that are included in Organifi Green Juice:

1.Spirulina this protein is packed with craving stopper that forces your body to shed weight and become slimmer, without counting calories or running marathons. Research has suggested that this oceanic plant can help you lose up to 20 pounds in 3 months.

2. Ashwagandha this stress-reducing herb smoothes away wrinkles and blemishes, leaving you with the skin and hair of a 20 year old.

3. Matcha Tea this antioxidant loaded, cancer-fighting green tea gives you as much energy as coffee, without the negative side effects associated with caffeine.

To find out more about Organifi Green Juice and how it can help you be healthier and skinnier, click here to view the Organifi Green Juice presentation now.

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Free HCG Diet Sample Menus – Do-It-Yourself HCG

Oct, 16th 2019 11:44 pm, Article Recommended by Dr. J. Smith

These HCG Diet Menus were created by us, the owners of DIY HCG, because we lost weight fast following this plan and now we want to help you lose weight fast too! These recipes are also excellent while you are on the ketogenic diet and other related healthy eating diet plans.

Diets work with good planning... Start your week off right by planning your meals. The more you plan,the less likely you are to deviate from the HCG Diet. Actually, diet like ketogenic diets and others require planning too.

We have created several sample menus for all parts and phases of the HCG Diet (an other related plans, like the ketogenic diet plan) to give you some ideas of how to incorporate foods together while on the HCG Diet. Click below to get your creative juices flowing andstart planning your meals today.

The gorge days are also known as 'load days.You will see high-fat foods such as pizza, milk-shakes, ranch, cheese, cookies, etc. on these HCG Diet gorge day sample menus. Bonus - We have the top 6 tips for the gorge days here too. Now you'll be able to complete your gorge days with confidence... and antacids.

Gorge Day Menus

Phase 2 is also known VLCD and P2. You'll see very low calorie foods such as lean meats, veggies, fruits. Plus, some HCG Diet safe products thrown in to give you ideas of how to make food taste better while on the HCG Diet, like ourSimple Girl Carolina Kick BBQ sauce,Simple Girl Hot Sauce,Simple Girl salad dressings,Simple Girl seasonings,flavored stevia,and more!

Phase 2/Low Calorie Menus

Phase 3 is also known as maintenance and P3. You'll see larger, healthier meals to help establish your new-found freedom. Most of the HCG Phase 3 meals, and other diet plans like the ketogenic diet, are also centered around protein, which is a very important part of this phase. Meals and snacks high in protein have been established to help dieters maintain weight loss easier and keep the weight off long-term, when compared to participants who do not eat high-protein foods duringPhase 3 of the HCG Diet.

Phase 3/High Protein Sample Menus

Thanks for visiting the sample menu portion of our website... we hope it helped you better understand what to eat while on the HCG Diet and how to incorporate the food together into great meals and other diet plans.

Looking for ways to make your meals better?We have some great products (that were going to brag about for a bit) that can really help you on your HCG Diet weight loss journey!

Pre-Portioned Lean Meats:Take the mess out of the HCG Diet weve done all the work for you. These meats are pre-trimmed to remove any visible fat, pre-measured to exactly 100 grams portions, frozen, and shipped to your door! See more about these productshere.

Dressings and Sauces:We have several different salad dressings and sauces that are life savers while on the HCGDiet. Such as ourPhase 2 safeSimple Girl Sweet Vinaigrette salad dressing,which is perfect on anything. Or our top-sellingSimple Girl Carolina Kick BBQ Saucethat is perfect for all phases of the HCG Diet. See more about these productshere.

Grissini Breadsticks:Depending on where you live, the correct brand of grissini breadstick for the HCG Diet is hard to find. So, for the ultimate convenience of our customers, we started selling them. See more about these productshere.

Simple Girl Spices and Seasonings:Store-bought spices are filled with sugars and additives that can mess you up on Phase 2 or Phase 3 of the HCG Diet and other diet plans like the ketogenic diet plan. We have a line of stevia sweetened, zero-calories spices that are perfect for all phases of the HCG Diet. See more about these productshere.

Flavored Stevia:Life should be sweet, sometimes your food should be sweet too. While on all phases of the HCG Diet and other diet plans like the ketogenic diet plan, use diet-safe stevia. We carry SweetLeafstevia which is an all-natural, zero calorie sweetener. Its available in plain (clear) or flavors. See more about these productshere.

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Free HCG Diet Sample Menus - Do-It-Yourself HCG

Gym in St Albans | Free Guest Pass | DW Fitness First

Oct, 16th 2019 2:41 am, Article Recommended by Dr. J. Smith

The St. Albans team pride themselves on their passion for fitness and how we always to improve our service standards for members. We are all here to support you on your fitness journey so please grab any of us when you can and we will be happy to help!


Guest Services

Josh has worked in a number of Fitness First clubs and brings a wealth of experience and excitement to the team. He is here to answer all your membership questions and loves to help people so make sure you ask for him if you need help!


Member Services

Louisa looks after all our member queries however dont think for one second she is stuck in an office! She will be out at the front of house or gym floor leading by example. She has a passion for fitness and wants to compete on stage one day!


General Manager

John-Paul or JP as everyone knows him! Has worked for Fitness First for nearly a decade! Dont worry he still keeps himself feeling young by training daily. He likes to lead by example and gets involved in all aspects of running the club.


Personal Trainer

Whatever your age or fitness level I can help you achieve your goals. I have been a personal trainer for over 10 years, helping, coaching and educating my clients to reach there full potential. seeing my clients reach there goals and exceed their own expectation's of what they can achieve is what I love the most. I believe everyone has there own unique individual aims and needs and this reflects on how you should train and eat. Results is what i'm all about!


Personal Trainer

I have been involved in martial arts for over 6 years now both as a professional fighter and coach. Over the 6 years I have won many championships in Kickboxing including x3 Irish titles , x2 British titles and a Silver medal in 5 nations tournament. I use my knowledge and experience to help all my clients achieve the level of fitness they want through learning from martial arts. Check out all the classes I run on the class timetable.


Personal Trainer

Health and fitness is my passion, after I went exploring the world I realised that I could help change peoples lives through fitness and nutrition. There is no better feeling than bringing out the best in peoples abilities, after getting qualified in exercise referral I can now help people with specific medical conditions and make a positive impact on their lifestyles.


Personal Trainer

As a 3 x Ironman Triathlete and Experienced Runner I help members achieve their fitness goals, ranging from their first 5k run to their Ironman/Ultra Marathon. Some just want to lose weight and tone up for that special occasion. I have over 12 years experience as a endurance athlete and i have been a personal trainer for over 5 years so my clients have all the expert advice they need.


Personal Trainer

I create and execute challenging training sessions, taking a no-nonsense approach, utilising modern and old school training techniques. You will train hard with me, train smarter, and get results. Train on your own in a powerful new way!! I have developed an online coaching app for those who want structure and great results. Access personalised training programmes anywhere on your phone, tablet or desktop. You are given tailored workouts for the gym, home or even when you go away with work or on holiday. Weekly 1-1 check-ins with me keep you on track and motivated.


Personal Trainer

I have been a personal trainer for over 4 years now. My sporting background is as a semi-professional rugby player. I played for over 15 years, from grass roots to the top level. Ive played for Queensland Reds academy, Leeds Carnage academy and Blackheath rugby club. I also went to university in Leeds and studied Sports Coaching. In my approach a mix of different training is key to all round healthy lifestyle. That is why I help people to include weight training, Hiit, crossfit, aerobic training and yoga as a great blend and mix for a healthy lifestyle.


Personal Trainer

My passion in the health and fitness industry came about when I managed to lose over two stone of unwanted weight. I was never a strong, fit or healthy individual, In fact, I was the complete opposite. When I achieved my own goals, I decided to turn my own weight loss journey into the best career I could have dreamed of. I want to make sure I make a difference in all my clients lives, making sure they become a fitter version of themselves, making each and every session fun as well as challenging. Whatever the goal, whether it is fat loss or whether it is Strength building I can help.


Personal Trainer

I work with 25 - 35 years old men & women who struggle with weight loss. I offer private & semi private training. Which allows me to help them by educating & creating a training plan looking at everything needed to get serious results. Because of this they are no longer frustrated wasting money on training & nutrition plans that don't work. My clients receive long lasting results & are empowered & educated along the way.


Personal Trainer

I have been involved in fitness most of my life. I have competed in athletics at national level, played tennis professionally and also competed as a physique athlete. Leading by example and practising what you preach, I feel, is a necessity for any trainer and I do my utmost to adhere to this. I am a Certified Sports Nutritionist and feel nutritional support is an important aspect of achieving goals and helping individuals feel better, thus improving their quality of life.


Personal Trainer

Margarita specialises in weight loss and body transformations. If you want to get stronger and feel firmer then she is the PT for you! Margarita believes that working out should be tough but also enjoyable which is why her fun and friendly way of training will keep you coming back for more


Personal Trainer

I aim to deliver a results based workout that is customised to each individuals needs, using up to date research for an enjoyable yet rewarding programme. I will help motivate and educate clients to optimize a healthy lifestyle by highlighting good nutritional food choices and methods. The client objective is to become more physically active through realistic and measurable goal setting.I will ensure a professional, personal and honest service with a passionate and enthusiastic approach toward each clients wellbeing.


Personal Trainer

I create tailored and progressive training and nutrition programmes for each individual client.


Personal Trainer

Ive been involved in fitness for over 25 years, from grass roots level to an international athlete.I am passionate about helping people, my focus is for complete body transformation using the most effective and efficient techniques. Using functional training, working multiple muscle groups so my clients are fit for sport, life, or whatever their goals maybe. My philosophy is to achieve the maximum results from the effort put in, whilst having fun. My clients generally see a significant change in 8 weeks. Recent testimonials are available upon request, so please come and have a chat and find out more


Personal Trainer

Having come from a keen sporting background in tennis and football, training has always been part of my life. It is my ambition to help any person or athlete reach their full potential, and have fun in the process. My philosophy is, if you train like an athlete, the result will be looking and performing like one. I also work with St Albans RFC doing their Strength and Conditioning.

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Gym in St Albans | Free Guest Pass | DW Fitness First

15 Simple Ways to Lose Weight In 2 Weeks

Oct, 14th 2019 11:45 pm, Article Recommended by Dr. J. Smith

Old Town Athletic Campus – Voted Best Health Club in …

Oct, 14th 2019 9:41 am, Article Recommended by Dr. J. Smith

Old Town Athletic Campus (OTAC) is dedicated to providing a holistic approach to health and wellness, for every person,...

Old Town Athletic Campus (OTAC) is dedicated to providing a holistic approach to health and wellness, for every person, at any fitness level. Our promise to our members is to be more than just a health club in Warrenton, VA. By combining passion, an aptitude for fitness, and a focus on family, we have fostered a sense of community that will support you in your journey to becoming the best version of you.

Old Town Athletic Campus, enhancing health and happiness since 1996. Voted Best Health Club in Warrenton, Virginia 14 years in a row!

SERVICES OTAC features: a group fitness and group cycling studio, dedicated gym, personal, small group, and semi-private training studio; dedicated (hot and regular) yoga and Pilates studios; and a youth athletic performance training academy facility.

PERKSNO INITIATION FEES. NO PROCESSING/EQUIPMENT FEES. NO MAINTENANCE FEES. Also featuring, luxurious locker rooms with saunas*, free Wi-Fi, an organic coffee bar and (2) juice bars with all-natural recovery and performance shakes. In our main building, we have a dedicated kid care studio, Kids Club*, so our members can enjoy an hour or two of YOU time, whether you spend it with a certified trainer, a registered yoga instructor, a treadmill or a punching bag.

**Included based on membership type


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Old Town Athletic Campus - Voted Best Health Club in ...

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) – Kaiser Permanente

Oct, 12th 2019 10:40 pm, Article Recommended by Dr. J. Smith

Test Overview

The human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) test is done to check for the hormone hCG in blood or urine. Some hCG tests measure the exact amount. Some just check to see if the hormone is present. HCG is made by the placenta during pregnancy. The test can be used to see if a woman is pregnant. Or it can be done as part of a screening test for birth defects.

HCG may also be made by certain tumors, especially those that come from an egg or sperm. (These are called germ cell tumors.) HCG levels are often tested in a woman who may have tissue that is not normal growing in her uterus. The test also may be done to look for molar pregnancy or a cancer inside the uterus. Several hCG tests may be done after a miscarriage to be sure a molar pregnancy is not present. In a man, hCG levels may be measured to help see if he has cancer of the testicles.

An egg is normally fertilized by a sperm cell in a fallopian tube. Within 9 days the fertilized egg moves down the fallopian tube into the uterus. It then attaches (implants) to the wall of the uterus. After the fertilized egg implants, the growing placenta starts releasing hCG into your blood. Some hCG also gets passed in your urine. HCG can be found in the blood before the first missed menstrual period. This can be as early as 6 days after the egg implants.

HCG helps to keep your pregnancy going. It also affects the development of your baby (fetus). Levels of hCG go up fast in the first 14 to 16 weeks after your last menstrual period. They are the highest around the 14th week following your last period. They then go down gradually. The amount that hCG goes up early in pregnancy can give information about your pregnancy and the health of your baby. Soon after delivery, hCG can no longer be found in your blood.

More hCG is released in a multiple pregnancy, such as twins or triplets, than in a single pregnancy. Less hCG is released if the fertilized egg implants in a place other than the uterus, such as in a fallopian tube. This is called an ectopic pregnancy.

The level of hCG in the blood is often used as part of a screening for birth defects in a maternal serum triple or quadruple screening test. These tests are usually done between 15 and 20 weeks of pregnancy to check the levels of three or four substances in a pregnant woman's blood. The triple screen checks hCG, alpha-fetoprotein (AFP), and a type of estrogen (unconjugated estriol, or uE3). The quad screen checks these substances and the level of the hormone inhibin A. The levels of these substancesalong with a woman's age and other factorshelp the doctor figure out the chance that the baby may have certain problems or birth defects.

In some cases, screening tests are combined in the first trimester to look for Down syndrome. This screening test uses an ultrasound to measure the thickness of the skin at the back of the fetus's neck (nuchal translucency). It also includes a blood test for the levels hCG and a protein called pregnancy-associated plasma protein A (PAPP-A). This test works about as well as the second-trimester maternal serum quad screening.footnote 1

HCG urine tests are usually used for regular pregnancy testing. The test does not measure the exact amount of hCG, but it shows if hCG is present. Home versions of this test are easy to find and buy.

A test for human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is done to:

If a blood sample is collected, you do not need to do anything before you have this test.

If a urine test is done, the first urine of the day is generally the best to use because it has the highest level of hCG. A urine sample collected at least 4 hours after you last urinated will also have high amounts of hCG.

Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) may be measured in a sample of blood or urine.

The health professional drawing blood will:

If possible, collect a sample from the first urine of the day.

The blood sample is taken from a vein in your arm. An elastic band is wrapped around your upper arm. It may feel tight. You may feel nothing at all from the needle, or you may feel a quick sting or pinch.

You may feel anxious while you wait for results of an hCG test done to check the health of your baby.

In most cases, there is no pain with collecting a urine sample.

There is very little chance of a problem from having a blood sample taken from a vein.

Collecting a urine sample does not cause problems.

The human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) test is done to measure the amount of the hormone hCG in blood or urine to see if a woman is pregnant. HCG may also be measured to see if cancer of the ovaries or testicles is present.

These numbers are just a guide. The range for "normal" varies from lab to lab. Your lab may have a different range. Your lab report should show what range your lab uses for "normal." Also, your doctor will evaluate your results based on your health and other factors. So a number that is outside the normal range here may still be normal for you.

Men and nonpregnant women:

Less than 5 international units per liter (IU/L)

Pregnant women, 1 week of gestation (about 3 weeks after the last menstrual period):

550 IU/L

Pregnant women, 2 weeks of gestation (about 4 weeks after the LMP):

50500 IU/L

Pregnant women, 3 weeks of gestation (about 5 weeks after the LMP):

10010,000 IU/L

Pregnant women, 4 weeks of gestation (about 6 weeks after the LMP):

108030,000 IU/L

Pregnant women, 68 weeks of gestation (about 810 weeks after the LMP):

3500115,000 IU/L

Pregnant women, 12 weeks of gestation (about 14 weeks after the LMP):

12,000270,000 IU/L

Pregnant women, 1316 weeks of gestation (about 1518 weeks after the LMP):

Up to 200,000 IU/L


None (negative test)

Nonpregnant women:

None (negative test)

Pregnant women:

Detectable (positive test)

You may not be able to have the test, or the results may not be helpful, if:

Current as ofSeptember 5, 2018

Author: Healthwise StaffMedical Review: Sarah A. Marshall, MD - Family Medicine E. Gregory Thompson, MD - Internal Medicine Adam Husney, MD - Family Medicine Kathleen Romito, MD - Family Medicine Siobhan M. Dolan, MD, MPH - Reproductive Genetics Rebecca Sue Uranga, MD - Obstetrics and Gynecology

Current as of: September 5, 2018

Author: Healthwise Staff

Medical Review:Sarah A. Marshall, MD - Family Medicine & E. Gregory Thompson, MD - Internal Medicine & Adam Husney, MD - Family Medicine & Kathleen Romito, MD - Family Medicine & Siobhan M. Dolan, MD, MPH - Reproductive Genetics & Rebecca Sue Uranga, MD - Obstetrics and Gynecology

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (2007, reaffirmed 2008). Screening for fetal chromosomal abnormalities. ACOG Practice Bulletin No. 77. Obstetrics and Gynecology, 109(1): 217-227.

Fischbach FT, Dunning MB III, eds. (2009). Manual of Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests, 8th ed. Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins.

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Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) - Kaiser Permanente

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin –

Oct, 12th 2019 10:40 pm, Article Recommended by Dr. J. Smith

Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is a hormone produced during pregnancy by the placenta. It provides nourishment to the egg after it has been fertilized and attached to the uterine wall.

HCG is used to detect pregnancy as well as to monitor it. It is also elevated in certain cancers, hence is used as a tumor marker for their diagnosis.

HCG receptorshave been found in sperm and fallopian tubes suggesting pre-pregnancy communication.

HCG receptors have been found in the brain too.

During pregnancy, hCG levels have been related to morning sickness. Higher thehCG levels, greater the severity of nausea and vomiting during pregnancy.

Gestational and nongestational trophoblasts are by far the most common sources of hCG. A small amount of the hormone may also be produced by the pituitary gland and nontrophoblastic malignancies.

Human chorionic gonadotropin is a member of the glycoprotein hormone family that includes the pituitary hormones luteinizing hormone (LH), follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), and thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH).

It is composed of 237 amino acids and has a molecular weight of 36.7 kDa.

It is a heterodimer composed of two dissimilar subunits, and which are joined together by noncovalent bonds. The two subunits are arranged in such a manner that a small hydrophobic core is formed in the center while the majority of the outer amino acids are hydrophilic.

The -subunit is similar to the pituitary glycoprotein hormones. It is composed of 92 amino acids linked by five disulfide bridges.

The -subunit is unique to hCG and distinguishes it from the other glycoprotein hormones. It is composed of 145 amino acids linked by six disulfide bridges. These amino acids are encoded by six highly homologous genes that are arranged in tandem and inverted pairs on chromosome 19q13.3

There are different forms of endogenous hCG which can be measured separately. These include total hCG, C-terminal peptide total hCG, intact hCG, free -subunit hCG, -core fragment hCG, hyperglycosylated hCG, nicked hCG, alpha hCG and pituitary hCG

The primary function of hCG is to help in the maintenance of the corpus luteum during early pregnancy. The corpus luteum secretes the hormone progesterone which in turn maintains the endometrial lining and sustains the growing fetus.

Maintenance of the uterine lining provides a place for embryonic development. The embryo is totally dependent on the uterine lining until the placenta is fully formed, usually during the fourth month of pregnancy.

By maintaining the corpus luteum that surrounds the egg, hCG helps to sustain a pregnancy if an egg is fertilized. In a non pregnant person, when the corpus luteum surrounding an unfertilized egg dies, levels of progesterone fall causing the uterine lining to slough, which results in a menstrual period.

HCG repels the immune cells of the mother and promotes maternal immunotolerance, thereby protecting the fetus during the early months of pregnancy.

Pediatric males

Pediatric females are

HCG can first be detected in a blood sample about 11 days after conception or 3 weeks after the first day of last menstrual period. Levels continue to double every 48 to 72 hours to reach their peak at around 8 to 12 weeks. After that, the values start declining and level off, remaining steady for the rest of the pregnancy.

Here are the weekly levels inmIU/mL

Presence of twins approximately doubles hCG concentration.

Since hCG levels start rising immediately after successful conception, its level in blood and urine can be used to diagnose and confirm pregnancy. Women can test positive for pregnancy owing to hCG production several days before a missed period. Detection of hCG in urine forms the basis of home pregnancy detection kits.

Serum level of hCG < 5 mIU/ml indicates no pregnancy.

Levels > 25 mIU/ml indicate a positive test result for pregnancy while levels between 5 25 mIU/ml indicate an indeterminate result and need to be repeated again.

A slow increase in hCG (<66% in 48 hours during first 40 days of pregnancy) indicates ectopic pregnancy in the majority of cases.Ectopic pregnancy is suspected when hCG levels are in the range of 1500-2000 mIU/mL but no gestational sac is seen on transvaginal sonography. It is also to be considered If the level is about 6500 mIU/mL and no gestational sac is visible on abdominal ultrasonography. High or rising level of hCG post endometrial curettage is also indicative of ectopic pregnancy.

Since, hCG levels keep on rising in early pregnancy, serial monitoring of this hormone is used to assess whether the pregnancy is viable or not. In case, the levels start decreasing or do not rise in proportion to the gestational age, it indicates a non-viable fetus.

More than the level at any gestational age, it is the change in the level over a period of time that is more relevant. HCG doubling time over two to three days can give a strong indication of whether or not the pregnancy is progressing.

It can be used as a tumor marker in following malignancies for screening, diagnosis, disease monitoring and to assess response to treatment.

Levels of hCG can identify women having increased risk of fetal abnormalities. Usually done at 15-20 weeks of gestation, the test is called triple marker as levels of human chorionic gonadotropin are tested along with levels ofAFPand free estriol.

Wheninhibin Ais also used along with, the term quadruple marker is used.

Increased level of hCG is associated with increased risk of Down Syndrome while reduced level indicates increased risk of Trisomy 18.

Very high unexplained levels are associated with fetal chromosomal abnormalities, molar pregnancy, multiple gestation orchorangiosisof the placenta.

Human chorionic gonadotropin is administered to patients for reducing the risk of miscarriage. It is given in cases of impending miscarriage or in patients having a history of repeated abortions.

HCG mimics some of the effects of luteinizing hormone (LH) due to similarities between the two.

Luteinizing hormone normally stimulates ovulation, but if LH levels are low, injections of hCG have similar stimulatory effects.

Thus in women whose ovaries form eggs but fail to release, human chorionic gonadotropin can stimulate ovulation and help improve fertility.

The ovulation usually occurs between 38 and 40 hours after a single hCG injection. Therefore, the procedures such as intrauterine insemination or IVF need to be planned in accordance.

Human chorionic gonadotropin is used to increase sperm production in men having low testosterone levels. hCG stimulates the Leydig cells of the testes to synthesize testosterone.

HCG is also used in

[HCG is included in some sports illegal drug lists.]

HCG was proposed as an adjunct to an ultra-low-calorie weight-loss diet based on assumption that it causes body fat to burn rather than muscles. However, the research has not substantiated this further.

HCG can be measured both in blood as well as in urine. A positive result usually indicates an implanted blastocyst and embryogenesis.

Most hCG immunoassays are based on the sandwich principle whichusesa monoclonal antibody, specific to the -subunit of hCG (-hCG). The antibodies to hCG are labeled with an enzyme or a conventional or luminescent dye. This procedure prevents false positive results as it avoids confusion of hCG with luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH).

The urine test employs chromatographic immunoassay and is based on lateral flow technique. It is a qualitative test. Pregnancy urine dipstick tests [Commmon Pregnancy Test Kit] are based on this method. It is very convenient and can be performed at home, physicians office or at a laboratory.

The detection thresholds range from 20 to 100 mIU/ml, depending on the brand of test.

In early pregnancy, when the levels of hCG are low, a positiveresult may be obtained by using the first urine of the morning (whichis most concentrated).

The blood test employs a chemiluminescent or fluorimetric immunoassay technique. It is a quantitative test that can detect hCG levels as low as 5 mIU/ml. It requires about 2-4ml of venous blood.

An elevated hCG level may be physiologic, pathophysiologic from a tumor or an artifact from a false-positive hCG test.

Clinical correlation helps to identify the significance.

A negative result usually indicates that the patient is not pregnant. However if performed in early pregnancy, the hCG level may be quite low and not detectable by conventional tests. In such cases, it is advised to repeat the test after 48-72 hours.

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HGH Therapy vs Testosterone Therapy

Oct, 11th 2019 10:46 am, Article Recommended by Dr. J. Smith

Report after report can be found online about the benefits, risks, side effects, and reasons for use of hormone replacement treatment. A prime debate raging today is HGH therapy vs testosterone therapy and which does the most good for the body. Depending upon the changes taking place and the deficiency that is present, both of these treatments are equally beneficial for use.

There are unfortunate reports of athletes and body builders who embark upon a path of usage of these powerful medications for sports enhancement purposes. Not only is this practice illegal, but it is dangerous to the body, as well. The many benefits of HGH and testosterone therapy have been widely discussed and documented, with numerous clinical studies proving their worth in adults over the age of thirty who have experienced a decrease in either or both of these vital chemical compounds.

There has also been a lot of research done on the pros and cons of usage for sports enhancement, and all results have come back negative, due in part to the risks that are associated with using these medications when they are not needed by the body. That need is only present when chemical levels drop lower than what the body needs for proper functioning. Too high a dosage of either drug interferes with the bodys own ability to produce these chemicals. However, for those who have been diagnosed by a knowledgeable doctor who understands how to maintain hormonal balance in the body, these medications can have life-changing effects.

Many times, people think that these two medications can be used interchangeably since they seem to accomplish a lot of the same results when used under a doctors guidance. What is the difference between growth hormone and testosterone, and how does a person know which one they should be using, or if they should be using both types of treatment? While many of the symptoms of growth hormone deficiency and Low T, as a testosterone deficiency is known as, are the same, there are some key differences that might single out the ultimate cause of changes taking place.

There is a misnomer that testosterone is strictly a male hormone, when in actuality it is just as crucial for women to maintain an adequate supply as it is for men. It is also true that testosterone is considered one of the sex hormones, responsible for desire and pleasure receptors in both males and females. GH also plays a role in this area, as well, so a lack of sexual desire, performance abilities, or pleasure is not a deciding factor. What has been noticed in response to questions about testosterone replacement therapy vs HGH injections is that, for serious issues of erectile dysfunction in men, or women in the middle of menopause symptoms, testosterone may be a key component of the adverse changes taking place.

That is not to say that growth hormone deficiencies may not also be present. Ultimately, the only way to know for sure what they actual state of chemical production in the body is currently at is by taking a blood test to determine these specific levels. Other areas that are examined before embarking upon a course of testosterone and HGH injections include changes to muscle size, skin tone, hair quality, energy levels, endurance, brain functions, and mood. Depending upon what symptoms are present, this can be an indicator for the doctor when determining the best plan of action after reviewing physical examination and blood testing results.

Assuming that a diagnosis is made, what is the difference between HGH and testosterone treatment? HGH human growth hormone treatment will always be in the form of an injection taken on a daily basis. The doctor will prescribe the correct dosage to stabilize the level of this crucial chemical in the body to where it was during its prime, which is traditionally viewed as appropriate levels for someone in their twenties. Raising GH to this point brings the maximum benefits to an individual.

Low Testosterone treatment or therapy for men is usually also in the form of an injection, and for women it is usually a cream. Part of the reason for this is that men normally have much higher levels of this hormone in their bodies, and require a higher dosage than women. The best way to accomplish that is with testosterone injections. There are times when a person may have reached a point where their body requires a dual approach to the replenishing of these chemical levels. For instances such as this, taking HGH and testosterone together may be prescribed. The duration of treatment with both medications may or may not last the same period of time.

A person will be monitored by our medical advisors to determine how their body is responding to these therapies, in order to achieve the maximum benefits available. Can you take HGH and testosterone at the same time to speed up the recovery period when you begin treatment? The only time to take both of these methods of hormone replacement is if the body is deficient in both chemicals. Remember, increasing a hormone level that does not need increasing may result in the body ceasing its own vital production of that substance, and that is never advisable.

What can be expected for HGH and testosterone therapy results once treatment has begun? In many instances, the benefits mirror each other with both types of medications. Increased energy, improved endurance levels, weight loss, increased muscle mass and tone, improved memory and mental functions, and, yes, increased libido can be expected from either type of therapy. Physical enhancements such as smoother, tighter skin, thicker hair, stronger nails, and reduced cellulite are traditionally viewed as benefits associated with growth hormone replacement. Since either deficiency may dramatically affect mood, disposition, and outlook; both HGH and testosterone replacement therapy can provide a powerful boost that will improve the overall well-being of an individual. Both forms of treatments will result in the achievement of deeper, more satisfying sleep. This, of course, results in more productivity during the day. The only way to be specific in determining what is better, HGH or testosterone therapy for an individual, is by reviewing the findings of a blood test, to determine what is required by the body to improve overall function and abilities.

One thing to be certain of is that when the time comes, only the best HGH Therapy and testosterone on the market is used. It seems that nowadays almost anything can be knocked off by manufacturing plants in places such as China. A powerful medication should not be purchased in the same way one might view buying a fake designer handbag. Buying either item could land the purchaser in legal trouble, but only one runs the risk of landing someone in the hospital. Tainted, unsafe, and expired medications may be shipped in from foreign lands.

There are no safeguards in place when dealing with companies that are not located in the US. Even some local websites will offer to illegally ship you this medication without a doctors prescription, but they do so with warnings that they cannot be held responsible if the injections are searched or confiscated. Why run either type of risk? When it is time to buy HGH and testosterone injections, ensure that an experienced hormone replacement doctor is prescribing these medications after reviewing the results of blood testing and examination. Our professional staff at Kingsberg Medical will ensure that all necessary steps are completed quickly and securely to provide you with the best possible care and service anywhere.

How much does HGH and testosterone therapy cost? The final cost will be determined by the dosage prescribed for each person, the length of their overall treatment plan, and the brand and type of injectable chosen. Many options will be provided to ensure the best decision for any budget. Before purchasing hormone replacement treatments anywhere else, speak with our professional staff to ensure the right decision is made.

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10 Steps How to Use HGH Injections | 2018 Guide From …

Oct, 11th 2019 10:46 am, Article Recommended by Dr. J. Smith

How to Use HGH Injections

Learning how to use HGH injections the first time is not difficult. The instructions provided here are for the human growth hormones that come in a freeze-dried (lyophilized) powder form. If one of the many injector style pen units was purchased instead, other instructions will be provided.

The only true form of HGH is provided as an injection that will be administered either subcutaneously or intramuscularly. Human growth hormones are extremely delicate and must be kept away from heat and light. Refrigeration is always required (never freezing) unless one of the few types that do not need this cooler temperature are purchased. Also do not shake or drop the HGH vial.

By following the directions for how to use HGH injections provided below, most adults will have no problem self-administering this treatment at home.National HRT medical advisors are here to assist with this process and answer any questions about preparing or administering this therapy.

Before learning how to inject human growth hormone, some basic preparation of the medication must first take place.

The lyophilized powder must first be reconstituted as shown below:

See step one in the instructions below for how to proceed.

The actual growth hormone injection dosage will be prescribed by the doctor following a careful review of the results of blood testing, physical examination, and the medical history that is provided by the client on the comprehensive questionnaire that will be completed as part of the diagnostic process.

Determining the HGH injections dosage uses calculations that include the level of deficiency as shown in the blood analysis results, a persons overall health, his or her age, weight, gender, and height, and finally the severity of the symptoms that are present to ensure that the proper amount of medication is prescribed.

This dosage of HGH will most likely stay the same through the entire course of treatment, with the following exceptions:

Some people are concerned about overdosing on their medication, and there is no extreme danger if this was to occur. In order to avoid any undue side effects, it is essential to stick to the HGH injection dosage that has been prescribed by the doctor.

Following all of the instructions in the section below should reduce that risk. For those who need them, putting on a pair of reading glasses might make it easier to see what is being done and how much medication is being drawn into the syringe.

If any adverse side effects are noticed, contact the hormone replacement clinic right away to discuss lowering the dosage that has been prescribed.

Here are the step by step instructions for how to administer HGH injections:

Remove the cap off of the vial containing bacteriostatic water, wipe the rubber top of the bottle with one of the included alcohol prep wipes, insert the mixing syringe needle into the vial, carefully turn the vial upside down, and slowly pull back on the syringe until the amount of fluid that the medical advisor has instructed for use is extracted.

Remove the colored plastic cap from the HGH vial and discard it. Insert the mixing syringe containing bacteriostatic solution into the vial containing the human growth hormone powder. Turn the vial sideways so that the fluid will slide slowly down the side of the bottle.

Remove the syringe and slowly rotate the vial in your hand in a circular motion to mix the solution until all the powder dissolves. DO NOT SHAKE!

Prepare for the first injection take a smaller insulin syringe and remove the cap and set it aside do not throw it away.

Insert the insulin syringe into the mixed HGH solution, tip the vial upside down, and withdraw the prescribed dosage of medication slowly into the syringe.

Place the inner cap back onto the needle while you prep the skin for the injection.

Clean the injection site with an alcohol prep wipe. Use an area above and off to the side of the belly button for subcutaneous injections or on the thigh for intramuscular injections. Discuss the preference for where to inject HGH with the medical advisor before the first treatment.

Insert the needle into the prepped area on the thigh or belly. Slowly push down on the stopper as the medication exits the syringe and enters the body. Withdraw the needle from the skin.

Place the cap back on the needle and throw it away into the supplied Sharps container.

Put the HGH medication away in the refrigerator in a safe place. Some people choose to use a small dish or container to keep the bottle secure from falling over.

These simple instructions make it easy for most anyone to learn how to take HGH injections. If there are any questions or concerns, or having an advisor on the phone during this initial process would be beneficial, please contact National HRT for help.

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10 Steps How to Use HGH Injections | 2018 Guide From ...

HGH Therapy | HGH Doctor | HGH for Men – Ehormones

Oct, 11th 2019 10:46 am, Article Recommended by Dr. J. Smith

What is HGH therapy?

HGH therapy is much more than simply taking an injection. When a patient experiences specific symptoms, their physician may run a numberof direct and indirect tests to measure growth hormone. These tests will help the physician determine the origin of the symptoms. If HGH is deemed to be low the physician may prescribe HGH therapy.

HGH therapy is generally administered via an injection by the patient at home. Some clinics will utilize injections that containrecombinant HGH (rHGH) and/or growth hormone releasing peptides (GHRP). rHGH is molecularly similar, or biosimilar, to endogenously produced HGH in the body. A GHRP is a substance that stimulates the secretion of HGH from the pituitary gland. Now, because HGH has a short half-life, injections must be administered daily. Most patients will either perform injections in the the evening, prior to sleeping. Biologically speaking, the pituitary gland secretes HGH in a pulsatile manner throughout the day. However, the largest pulse of HGH release occurs at night around bedtime.

While on HGH therapy, it is important the physician closely monitors a variety of biomarkers. Biomarkers, are measurable substances in yourbody that can indicate potential problems or damage if not addressed appropriately. HGH can impact a variety of biomarkers. So, depending on the patient, it may be vital for the prescribing physician to closely monitor thingslike:

For this reason, it is important patients follow up with their physician regularly. It will typically take 4-6 months to notice significant changes. Follow up labs are drawn to improve outcomes as well as reduce the risk of side-effects. Based on the results of these labs and any reported symptoms from the patient, the dose or time of the injection may need to be adjusted. The goal of HGH therapy should be to correct any HGHdeficiency/insufficiency indicated in the patients lab work as well as improve their quality of life.

HGH is a driving factor in stimulating the rapid growth that occurs in adolescence. At about the age of 15 HGH production declines. It continues to decline throughout adulthood.

There are also a variety of genetic, dietary, and lifestyle factors that can impact HGH production. A number of genetic diseases like Turner syndrome and Prader-Willi Syndrome can result in HGH deficiency (GHD) in children. As for diet, one study in particular assessed carbohydrate intake, defined as 80% carbohydrate. Results indicated carbohydrate intake was inversely associated with HGH production in adult men. This means a high carbohydrate diet produced low HGH specifically for men in the study. Additionally, poor sleep has been linked to low HGH production. Subjects with a normal sleep time had peak of up to 6 times more HGH than those subjects with a delayed sleep time. Sleep is directly related to the amount of HGH secreted by the pituitary. Emerging research has also indicated traumatic brain injury (TBI) as a potential disruptor of HGH production. Data suggests those that have experienced head trauma and suffering from chronic symptoms may have damaged the pituitary gland which secrets HGH and controls a number of other hormones.

HGH influences a wide variety of biological processes. Both low and high levels of HGH can produce an array of abnormal findings.

The most apparent effect of GHD (in adolescence) produces individuals with a short stature. However, low levels of HGH can also cause:

HGH plays the role of a master signaling hormone because not only does it directly influence cell metabolism but it also influences theproduction of other hormones and protein synthesis. As a result, low levels of HGH can cause many of the issues listed above.

Youth may often times be used to describe the appearance or spirit of someone who is young. While vitality is considered a state ofstrength and energy. Whenever the body is lacking or deficient in critical components, like HGH, serious problems can arise. Without correcting these deficiencies, no amount of exercise or dieting will provide optimal benefits. It is only when the root issues are resolved that optimal health may be achieved.

One of the detriments of aging is a loss of strength compounded by the loss of skeletal muscle mass and increase in body fat accumulation. It is common that GHD adults suffer from this fate more profoundly than those with normal HGH levels. However, reports indicate these effects of GHD are reversible with the administration of HGH therapy. In a meta-analysis involving nearly 1200 patients, those receiving HGH therapy saw over a 5% reduction in body fat. At the same time, their lean body mass (i.e. muscle, fluid, etc) increased by more than 5%.

Loss of strength can also be exacerbated by the chronic fatigue associated with aging. It may become difficult just making it up anddown the stairs as an example. Restoration of HGH in children with GHD resulted in dramatic results. Subjects receiving HGH therapy had approximately a 20% improvement in their VO2 peak compared to baseline. What this means is after receiving HGHtherapy to correct their low levels of HGH the subjects were capable of a greater exercise capacity.

Elevated cholesterol is an enormous contributing factor for cardiovascular disease. Older men are more likely than young men or women tosuffer from high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease. When men with GHD and a median age of 48.5 years old were given HGH therapy there was a statistically significant effect on total cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol. The patients receiving HGH show their total cholesterol drop 6.3% and their LDL-cholesterol drop 11.3%. Reducing cholesterol can play a pivotal role in staving offcardiovascular disease in the future.

When HGH is low and results in GHD, health can start to deteriorate. By utilizing HGH Therapy to correct this deficiency, the rootcause is directly being addressed. The correction of HGH levels can help to normalize body composition, reduce fatigue, and improve cholesterol. As one can imagine, these improvements can make a dramatic impact on youth and vitality.

There will always be some level of risk associated with any medication. While the risks of HGH therapy cannot be extirpated completely,they can be mitigated under the watchful eye of knowledgeable medical staff. It is important that those considering HGH disclose all health information to the prescribing doctor no matter how irrelevant it may seem.

If any of these side effects are present, it is vital that the medical staff is alerted so the proper adjustments can be made.

Certain conditions may also be contraindicated for HGH Therapy. This means that those who have or have a history of the followingconditions may not be a good candidate for HGH Therapy:

It is important to routinely follow up with a physician to find the right therapeutic protocol. This will also help to reduce the risk ofside effects.

There are a number of different methods purported to boost HGH levels. Not all of them have gone through the same level of scrutiny to claimsafety or efficacy. The most common, and widely accepted, form of HGH Therapy involves daily injections. That can further be broken down to include rHGH and different types of GHRP.

One form of HGH therapy utilizes injecting rHGH daily. Simply put, rHGH is molecularly identical to the 191 amino acid HGH that is secreted by the anterior pituitary. Due to the fact that rHGH is the same as HGH produced endogenously once injected, the hormone can start interacting with cells immediately. However, rHGH can interact with a variety of medications. For thisreason, it requires greater scrutiny from the watchful eye of a physician.

Another common therapy option involves the use of substances that trigger the pituitary to release HGH into circulation. There are a varietyof GHRP available such as Sermorelin, Ipamorelin, Ibutamoren, GHRP2, and GHRP6. These options have a very robust safety profile and offer additional benefits that rHGH cannot produce. GHRP can help to reduce inflammation further by quenching reactive oxygen species andimprove antioxidant levels.

With so many different options available for HGH Therapy, it is important to know what is best for you. Each option has subtle differencesthat may work better depending on the patient. A trained physician will be able to determine the appropriate course of action and therapy that is best suited for each patient.

There are a myriad of products that are available over the counter which claim to boost HGH. However, none of these claims have beentested or verified by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) or Federal Trade Commission (FTC). In fact, both the FDA and FTChave proactively put out safety warnings for the public on this topic. Additionally, when HGH is taken orally the acid and enzymes in the stomach will break it down before it can be absorbed into the blood stream. Another problem with thesupplement market is the safety and efficacy. While supplements are not approved by the FDA there is also very little regulation on the manufacturing practice of supplements. It is difficult to assess whether or not labels accurately reflect the contents of the product. The only safe and efficacious way to provide HGH Therapy is under the guise of a trained physician that can prescribe injectable HGH or HGH peptide therapy.

The most common interactions with rHGH include:

A comprehensive list of medications that interact with rHGH Therapy can be found at:

The only known interaction with Sermorelin (GHRP) is macimorelin.

Let your doctor know about any and all medications/supplements you are taking to reduce the risk of adverse events.

Ehormones MD is one of the largest networks of full-service, anti-aging and preventative medicine clinics that specialize in hormone replacement therapy. This includes testosterone and HGH therapies. The doctors at Ehormones MD are highly trained and

experienced to address each persons unique biology. It is the goal of Ehormones MD to help both men and women find relief from their hormone-related imbalances.

All patients at Ehormones MD are required to undergo comprehensive lab work and physical examination to identify their individual needs. Following lab work, every patient will meet with their physician to revue lab findings. During this consultation you and your physician will work together to develop your ideal hormone protocol. After your consultation, the physician will then take into consideration your medical history, symptoms, and labs to finalize the treatment recommendations. Medications and supplies are shipped overnight directly to the patients door.

With over 3,000 satisfied patients, many consider Ehormones MD the premier clinic for HGH Therapy and Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Give us a call to see how to get started.

First, it is important to understand that our bodies can only produce so much HGH on their own. This leads us to Human Growth Hormone Therapy, also known as HGH therapy. For adults diagnosed with Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency (more commonly known as AGHD), there are a couple different options for HGH Therapy for Men. HGH injections may be prescribed by an Endocrinologist or a sub-specialized HGH doctor at a specialized HGH Clinic. It is important to speak with a qualified physician to understand your options. Injectable HGH for Men has been approved by the FDA for diagnoses including AGHD, short stature in children as a result of insufficient pituitary function, short stature as a result of Turner syndrome, adult HGH deficiency due to pituitary tumors or their treatment, adult short bowel syndrome and muscle-wasting as a result of HIV / AIDS. Consequently, many adults are not candidates for HGH injections. The good news is there are other options.

While HGH injections have important benefits, as stated on the FDAs website, HGH is not always medically indicated. Furthermore, many people confuse this hormone with HCG or Testosterone. HCG,which stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, has a completely different purpose. Many of the signs and symptoms of HGH deficiency can be similar to those of Testosterone deficiency. For this reason, it is important to speak with a specialized HGH doctor with experience in treating adult growth hormone deficiency, also known as AGHD. For more information on HGH and human growth hormone injections, request a free information guide in the form at the bottom of this page.*Please note: Ehormones MD does not prescribe Recombinant Human Growth Hormone, also known as rHGH

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