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Signature Fitness: Elite Gym Memberships & Personal Training

Apr, 17th 2019 11:47 am, Article Recommended by Dr. J. Smith

Ive been a proud member of Signature Fitness for 5 years and I must say it has been a wonderful experience.

Such a great gym with so much to offer! The staff is very accommodating and friendly.

I live in NYC and this gym is so amazing that I travel to it despite the distance!

Best gym in town! I go early in the mornings before work. The staff is very friendly. I have no issues with anything.

Best gym in the area hands down! Friendly staff, very clean and you never have to wait for any equipment.

The equipment at Signature Fitness is a level above most gyms.

Love, Love, Love the Group Fitness classes.

This is a beautiful gym and its open 24/7 which is great for my work schedule.

Theres so much equipment. Youll never get bored here. Its like a playground for adults.

I love having a supplement store right on site. The prices are very affordable and now it makes getting my supplements a breeze.

Fabulous gym with all you could ask for

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Signature Fitness: Elite Gym Memberships & Personal Training

POPSUGAR Fitness – YouTube

Apr, 16th 2019 7:47 am, Article Recommended by Dr. J. Smith

Celebrity trainer Megan Roup has a cardio dance workout designed to rid the body and mind of worry, build a positive outlook, and help you feel ready to take on the day with a radiant internal glow! Inspired by Yogi Mango Ginger Tea, this sweet and spicy dance will have you feeling good from the inside out.

POPSUGAR Fitness offers fresh fitness tutorials, workouts, and exercises that will help you on your road to healthy living, weight loss, and stress relief. Check out Class FitSugar, our do-it-along-with-us real-time workout show hosted by Anna Renderer who will inspire you to sweat alongside fitness experts and Hollywoods hottest celebrity trainers. Class FitSugar regularly covers the most buzzed-about workout classes and trends, including the Victoria's Secret workout, Tabata, P90X, Bar Method, and more.

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Eat Clean with POPSUGARGet a full 2-week clean-eating plan with our brand-new app! 70 recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and treats, simple shopping lists, and more! Get the app here:

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POPSUGAR Fitness - YouTube

What is balance training? | Types Of Exercise Programs …

Apr, 16th 2019 7:46 am, Article Recommended by Dr. J. Smith

Traditional balance training was always tested and addressed in a static environment. An example is the individual was asked to stand on one foot, and see how long they could hold it. The results then one indicate their level of balance. Over the years though, experts began looking at balance through a different lense. Identifying balance as the ability an individual can move away from their body's base of support through various movements patterns, and return efficiently to the starting position. Balance training can be incorporated by utilizing authentic drivers (arms, legs, head, eyes) or balance tools. As always balance training needs to be individualized to the person/task/goal. A general progressive balance training program might look like this:

Balance Leg Reaches: Standing on one foot (ensuring safe environment) reach opposite leg away from starting position to various angles of motion returning to balance start position each repetition.

Balance Arm Reaches:Standing on one foot (ensuring safe environment) reach arms away from your hips to various heights and angles of motion returning to balance start position each repetition. The individual could reach arms from hips to knees, hips to shoulders, shoulder to overhead for examples.

Lunges: Perform lunges at various angles of motion (forward/backwards - laterals - right&left rotations) and return to start position after each rep. Challenges can include how far away you can lunge, adding arm reaches with lunges, starting from a 1 leg balance position-lunging-and returning to balance position.

Hopping: Perform hopping patterns similiar to lunging patterns, The individual can hop 1 foot to the other foot or same foot to same foot, returning to start position each time.

* It is important to work within your thresholds with the above movements. Meaning you move as far away, fast or slow, how high by your ability to control the motion and return safely to the starting position each rep. Once you can control your own body, the individual can progress to adding equipment to the balance program.

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What is balance training? | Types Of Exercise Programs ...

NJ Diet – 23 Photos & 73 Reviews – Weight Loss Centers …

Apr, 13th 2019 2:53 pm, Article Recommended by Dr. J. Smith


I have been obese for more than 10 years and, well, no diet was useful for me. Some time ago I learned about NJ Diet and it all changed. I learned about their Fat Loss program and the result was fantastic. I lost 25 pounds and I continue losing weight now. The best thing is that you don't feel hungry at all, so it's surely not like any other diet where you have to basically starve to lose some weight. It doesn't harm you and you lose weight in a healthy manner!

I started this program with great skepticism and have finished it with unabashed joy. I was 293 lbs in the beginning. I did Round 1 and lost 65 lbs in 59 days. I then went over a full year without gaining a pound. Unfortunately, I didn't follow the caloric intake and put back on 25lbs. I just completed Round 2 and now weigh 206lbs. The second round loss was 51 lbs in 43 days!!!I no longer take Hypertensive medications and was prediabetic. I am now totally normal there. I suffered from I.B.S. for over 40 years. It has totally disappeared. I am giving you all before and after pictures. Feel free to contact me for any information you might want. Thanks to Dr. Turovets, I have my life back and smile every minute of every day!!!

All i can say is DO NOT DO IT. Save yourself a couple of hours. I went. Was assessed. And was ready to whip out my checkbook. Until they wanted me to sign a document stating i will not give a negative review if I'm not happy. If i did give a negative review i would have to pay the 3 times the $2142.45 in restitution to them. If i didn't sign they wouldn't accept me. This is a ridiculous scam. I am beside myself. Wow.

They were great! It absolutely works! I lost the guaranteed 25 pounds extremely fast in two weeks. However, I felt I wasn't paid attention to after that, so I felt discouraged by the end of the program. My second weigh in happened after the program was supposed to be over (they couldn't fit me into their jam-packed schedule) and the girls didn't seem to know what to do with me. Finally, at my "final" weigh in, they gave me my instructions on how to gradually start eating again and sent me on my way. The supplements and drops they provide seem to be key as without them I've gained back double what I lost with no signs of slowing down, but it's probably my fault. It was good while it lasted!

I'm 41 and I've already lost hope of losing extra weight I gained over the last decade. I tried doing sports and eating healthy but I just don't have enough time to cook for myself and go to the gym. Luckily this center came around. Their diet is just great. Kirsten explained how it works and I was fascinated by how easy it is. I've already lost 30 pounds and I'm still losing weight. SOME extra products are allowed, you can still eat a slice of pizza at the weekend ๐Ÿ˜‰

I am mixed about NJdiet. On the result front: Very happy I got great results. I lost over 40 lbs So this is very important. The results I hoped for I achieved. But. I find the caloric and food combo rules far too restictive and unneeded. I modified many rules and it worked out fine. What i did not like was the expense of the program and customer service. I also do not care for Dr T seemingly confronting honest people for their reviews. That alone makes me lose confidence. If customers can't feel free to comment, that raises a red flag as does. the frequent thinly veiled legal threats I see menltioned in other comments . Once I paid the substantial fee and finished the intro visit and weigh-in visit. (Eg actually started the diet) , I was not contacted by NJDiet. I initiated contact a few times about food items by texting and did get helpful replies. But NJ diet did not check in with me to find out how I was doing. They do not even know I finished and had great success. They also did not return my phone call asking for some information. So, I did get the results I wanted, but the courtesies I would expect for that level of money were lacking.

I finished my program in or about the end of May 2018. At the completion of the program - Day 43, I was down 30 lbs from Day 1 I have now lost a few more pounds but have definitely added muscle. I am working out 5-6 days a week and am training for a half marathon in September. My long run presently is at 8 miles at and I have been able to run 4 miles at an average pace of 8 min and 40 seconds. Before starting this program, I could not run more than 2 miles and had an average pace of approximately 10 minutes and 30 seconds per mile. My cholesterol is at 160 and my triglycerides are at 47. All of my numbers after my last physical exam in June 2018 are fantastic. I look and feel great and have gone from a pants size of 40 to below a 36. My 36s are a little big on me at this point. I have also gone from wearing XL shirts to large and even a medium in certain instances.Admittedly, this is not a cheap program but you get what you pay for. This was well worth it for me.Nothing else was working. This plan really jump started my metabolism and put me back on the road to good health.I have continued to slowly drop weight while adding muscle and have laid off all processed foods, diet sodas and artificial sweeteners, added sugars, bread, potatoes and fried food and really feel fantastic. Thank you NJ Diet!

Very effective program. Lost 20 pounds in a couple of weeks.Structured, quick, straightforward, etc. Highly recommended!

I am forever grateful for hearing the NJ diet segment on the radio about a year ago. I'm a 24 year old female with severe endocrine imbalances and diseases that caused me to gain a tremendous amount of weight. I've tried everything from pre packaged foods, nutritionists, bariatric procedures and tons of exercise and I just couldn't lose the weight. I decided to try nj diet because it was a money back guarantee and I had literally nothing to lose. I've been to both NYC and Long Island locations and both offices are great. The staff is super friendly, knowledgable and answered all my questions. When I was told what I would be eating for 40 days, I knew it was going to be manageable, but hard work. I must say that the 40 days went by so fast and I was able to live my life while dieting and not feel deprived because the results are incredible. I lost 28 pounds in 40 days. I defeated the odds of my endocrine problems and diseases and for once, I was able to lose weight. A special shout out to Dr. T who has literally saved my life for giving me these life long tools to succeed. He replies to all questions I ask in minutes. I can be in the supermarket and ask him a question and I will know right then if I am making the right choice with what I buy. He has been my cheerleader and has been super motivating and helps me calm down when I needed more support The greatest thing about this plan, after your 40 days are done; you have a specific plan of how to keep the weight off. I've completed one round and have another one or two rounds to go I highly recommend this diet and it is WORTH EVERY SINGLE PENNY!

Today I received a letter in the mail from an attorney on behalf of NJ Diet. The letter threatened to sue me for posting a less than stellar review. My review was nothing malicious. It was factual and unbiased. The Idea that NJ Diet would hire an attorney to SUE ME for posting an honest opinion is UNCONSCIONABLE. This makes me really sad.

This is a stringent and, for me, an expensive diet. At age 72, with my metabolism tanked, I am pleased to say that I lost close to 20 pounds. However, I want to lose more. The diet that I paid for is only 40 days' duration. There is support afterward. I don't know how long that's available, nor have I really asked. I do know that, for the money spent (a HUGE motivator for me), I'm continuing on my own and am confident that I'll lose even more weight. I'm realistic about not regaining my smaller size as a much younger woman. I feel well; my arthritis is less painful than before I began Nuvo; and I truly believe that the new eating habits I've learned are far healthier than my old way of eating. Again, staff is available and is gracious, but more on an as-needed basis than your being urged to come in.... say as often as weekly. I only had two follow up visits after my initial consultations. My final opinion is that ANY SIGNIFICANT WEIGHT LOSS RESTS WITH THE INDIVIDUAL DIETER'S DETERMINATION.Good luck.

Update: I hit my goal of 175 lbs. in July 2017 and have been maintaining it since. I lost 100 lbs. in approximately 120 days. I went from a size 42 waist to a size 32 waist and went from an X-large shirt size to a Medium. I needed to buy a whole new wardrobe of clothes. My joints don't hurt and I have so much energy. I got my life back, I'm so much healthier and am happier than I have been in years! Look for me in the NJ Diet TV commercial. Just get started and good luck to you!

Dr Turvonet read by plea for help and met with me last Tuesday. He will work with me and I will be continuing.

How much does the program cost in total? Do you need to buy proteins, Vitamins and any special equipment?I am schedule for my fist appointment next week. I will like to know how much does a person spend for the first 40 days on the diet

I lost 45 lb and was never hungry ! I followed the plan to the letter. My back and hip pain are gone! I still enjoy food but now I have learned the correct way to eat. I used to be ashamed of the way I looked now people can't believe it's me ! 59 and feeling like I did when I was 30 the only drawback is I need new clothes ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you N.J. Diet !!!

I've been on the program for a week now, and I'm down 17.2 lbs, simply by eating tasty (portion controlled) meals I cook myself and taking very mild supplements which they tailored to my body chemistry!It really works!

I started the NJDiet, 18 days ago at the White Plains, NY office. After my cardiologist warned me that I need to lose weight or my future is bleak, I joined Weight Watchers. After 3 months and a lose of 5 lbs I recently decided to try NJDiet. The process is scientific, professional, safe and natural and I'm happy to report that in 18 days, I lost 19 lbs. My goal is lose around 35 lbs. The cleanse/diet is easy but you must stick to it and not cheat. So nearly halfway through my diet, I'm on track to get to my goal weight. Want to thank Kirsten at NJDiet and Steve K from Long Island for their continued support. Another thing, they are available and will get back to you. I'm at a point where I don't eat when I'm feeling full.To get through the diet because I never met a meal I didn't like, I look to the future when I'll look and feel better. Also looking forward to getting rid of my meds for cholesterol and blood pressure. Thank you Dr. T.

This is the best diet center in New Jersey. The staff is all very knowledgeable and super friendly. It has changed my life. The diet is easy and very effective. I highly recommend this establishment. I am still loosing weight and feel great.

I recently visited one of their clinics and met a Dr. Turovets ("Dr. T") and my gut told me he was a quack. Still, I was eager to discover if there was any truth to his methods and intrigued by his reported use of DNA and customization of programs that would among other things normalize my hormones. I am a 52 year old woman and have noticed its harder to lose weight due to hormones changing. At the free consultation I was weighed on a body composition scale and shown a colorful printout by the good doctor who explained my results indicated that I have the metabolism of a 64 year old and am 'clinically obese'. HOGWASH. I work out 3 days a week and am more fit than most of my friends and neighbors. I would only want to lose 10-15 lbs max and was looking for help after entering peri-menopause. Further I was told I was 'clinically obese'. As the daughter of two physicians (Medical Doctors), I know about a bit about obesity from learning about it from them, and there is no way I fit the clinical criteria. I started to suspect 'fear tactics' at play in his sales pitch for his program. Further afterwards, on purchasing my own body comp scale the results indicated that I was well within normal range for all markers, with lower than average body fat 22% (not the 39.5% reported by Dr T using his scale). I did some additional research as I had begun to suspect that the doctor was also 'doctoring' his web-image and found this link on Quora, a must read if you are planning on trying this program out. Also, turns out 'Dr.' T a chiropractor (not a medical doctor or MD) and therefore seems to me hardly qualified to run a weight loss program. Further, I noticed at the consultation, that his scale was perched on a flat piece of wood just larger than the bottom of the scale, which sat atop the office carpet. Reading about these scales it's clear they only work if they are on a flat surface unimpeded by any other substrate, and that either way the software varies from scale to scale and readings can be misleading. That day I was so upset about what he had said and decided to research more. I found no scientific study that backs up his program by any reputable authority and I also found Mr. Henderson's note on Quora and read the info in its links to additional info about previous incarnations of this program under different names. Always be skeptical about a firm that changes its name for now apparent reason! I believe the reason his clients lose so much weight fast is the extremely low-carb diet he puts them on, which is neither healthy nor reasonable to expect someone to adhere to long-term. Scientifically though this well known diet is based on legitimate facts, that the body burns the following for energy in this order, carbohydrates-fat-protein, and if you significantly limit your carbs your body will then burn its own body fat before burning protein (or muscle), it is not practical for long term healthy weight loss and maintenance. 'Dr. T's' program is alas, just another adaptation of the low-carb diet we all know so well. Ultimately you will put the weight back on unless you change your diet and exercise habits to achieve healthy long term results. Obesity is big business. Don't be fooled. Do NOT fall prey to this phony program that feeds on the fears and insecurities of folks who have struggled with their weight (most of us!), and women especially who are going through peri-menopause or menopause and experience other natural hormonal changes caused by aging that may effect weight but can be counter-acted by exercise and good nutrition. Instead seek the help of a competent nutritionist and and experienced personal trainer.Read more here:

This is an update on my previous review. I have only a few days left of my restricted calorie segment of the diet. I have reached my goal and surpassed it by losing 32 pounds so far. This is an amazing system that definitely works. I feel and look great. I will update during the adjustment phase of the program.

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NJ Diet - 23 Photos & 73 Reviews - Weight Loss Centers ...

HGH Injections from Pharmacy Rx Solutions

Apr, 12th 2019 7:46 pm, Article Recommended by Dr. J. Smith

HGH, or human growth hormone, is a polypeptide natural hormone excreted by the pituitary gland responsible for fueling growth and maintaining tissue and organs throughout the body. As we get older, our bodies levels of this important hormone naturally decrease, which can result in a number of age-related issues. However, with an HGH injections therpay program from Pharmacy Rx Solutions via Suncoast Radiopharmacy Services, you can help restore your bodys reserves of this hormone and take advantage of some potential health benefits.

Following a therapy program involving HGH injections has been shown to offer a number of benefits, including:

Contact us today to begin the process of determining whether you might be helped by an HGH injections program. After completing the necessary forms, blood tests, and a doctors physical assessment, we can then determine whether you may be a good candidate. And dont be fooled by other HGH programs out there. The only FDA-approved method for obtaining HGH is by an injection, and we utilize a licensed U.S. pharmacy able to dispense HGH in this form.

To learn more about how an HGH supplement program may be able to help you replenish your bodys levels of this important hormone, contact Pharmacy Rx Solutions today at 1.866.662.0693.

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HGH Injections from Pharmacy Rx Solutions

Orangeburg, SC Hospital | EMS | Regional Medical Center

Apr, 11th 2019 9:57 am, Article Recommended by Dr. J. Smith

First established as a private hospital in 1919, the Regional Medical Center (RMC) has grown into a regional healthcare system with a 286-bed acute care hospital and 23 primary care and specialty care practices. Owned by Orangeburg and Calhoun counties, the non-profit hospital has more than 100 physicians on staff, over 1,200 employees and 150 volunteers. RMC is clinically affiliated with MUSC Health, South Carolinas most nationally recognized and comprehensive academic medical center, to further enhance select healthcare services for patients in the region.

Accredited byThe Joint Commission with Advanced Certification as a Primary Stroke Center, RMC is also designated as a Level III Trauma Center. RMCs full range of medical services include 24-Hour Emergency Care, Breast Health, Cancer Care, Cardiology, General and Vascular Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Occupational Medicine, Orthopaedics, Physical Therapy, Psychiatric Care, Rehabilitation, Wound Care, Employer Relations, Community Outreach and Wellness. RMCs Healthy Living Center helps patients manage diabetes while the RMC Dialysis Access Institute, led by renowned surgeon Dr. John Ross, provides kidney disease patients with life-saving access procedures.

The RMC healthcare system includesseven Primary Care practices in Orangeburg, Calhoun and Bamberg counties; two Urgent Care practices with physician, lab and X-Ray; specialty practices in Cardiology, Orthopaedics, General Surgery, Urology, Pathways to Behavioral Health, Obstetrics and Gynecology, as well as Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology; and five HEALTHPLEX Wellness and Fitness Centers. RMCs Home Care delivers a variety of home health care in Orangeburg, Calhoun and Bamberg counties.

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Orangeburg, SC Hospital | EMS | Regional Medical Center

Weight Management | Cleveland Clinic

Apr, 11th 2019 9:57 am, Article Recommended by Dr. J. Smith

Here are seven tips to successfully manage your weight.

Cut down on portions

Portion your meals in a calorie-conscious manner. One quarter of your plate should comprise a palm-size portion of lean protein, such as salmon or chicken breast; another quarter should comprise a fist-size portion of unrefined grain, such as brown rice; and one-half of your plate should be filled with a variety of colorful vegetables.

See the example below:

If you are still hungry after eating your meal, try waiting about 20 minutes to allow your food to digest. If you are still hungry, eat a tossed salad, extra vegetables, or a small piece of fruit.

Do not skip meals

Eating three meals a day plus snacks is essential in weight management. Dont forget breakfast! Eating breakfast in the morning jump-starts your metabolism. Remember that food is your bodys fuel: without it, your body cannot work as efficiently.

Front-load your calories

Eat the majority of your calories in the first half of your day. Enjoy portion-controlled snacks during the day to keep hunger under control at night. After all, youre generally most active during the day. Choose lighter dinners to coincide with evenings when you are less active.

Double up on fiber

Most women do not receive the 25-30 grams of fiber recommended each day. To help you boost your fiber intake, choose whole-grain, high-fiber breads and cereals; choose whole-wheat pasta and rice instead of white; and include more dried beans in your meals. Fiber helps fill you up faster, which can cause you to eat less and curb hunger. Most importantly, soluble fiber can help lower your cholesterol.

Good Food Sources of Fiber

Insoluble Fiber: whole-wheat products like breads, pastas, cereals, wheat and corn bran, the skins of fruit and root vegetables, and most vegetables (like broccoli, potatoes and green beans).

Soluble Fiber: oats, oat bran, barley, psyllium, legumes like dried beans and split peas, most fruits and vegetables.

Exercise daily

Participate in physical activity daily as recommended by your physician or exercise physiologist.

Include 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day

Fruits and vegetables are a great source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. They are naturally low in calories and fat.

Drink plenty of water

Include 6 to 8 glasses of fluid each day. Itll help keep you adequately hydrated and often helps prevent overeating.

Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit academic medical center. Advertising on our site helps support our mission. We do not endorse non-Cleveland Clinic products or services. Policy

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Weight Management | Cleveland Clinic

Obesity Management – ICER

Apr, 11th 2019 9:55 am, Article Recommended by Dr. J. Smith

CTAF, Washington State

It is estimated that more than one-third of American adults and about 17% of adolescents are obese. The health effects of obesity are myriad and include the development of type 2 diabetes,hypertension, cardiovascular disease, cancer, high blood pressure, and sleep apnea. Obesity and itssequelae are estimated to generate $147 billion in health care costs in the US alone. The complexity involved in managing obesity may affect both patient candidacy for certain treatmentoptions as well as adherence to lifestyle changes necessary to sustain weight loss and improve healthoutcomes. Clinical interest is therefore high in treatments that may be used for patients atmultiple levels of obesity, as well as in interventions that promote better adherence to lifestyle change.

Interventions of interest:

Devices Temporary intragastric balloon systems (e.g., Silimed, ReShape) Vagus nerve block devices (e.g., Maestro system) Duodenal-jejunal bypass liner (EndoBarrier)Medications Naltrexone/bupropion sustained-release (Contrave) Phentermine/topiramate extended-release (Qsymia) Lorcaserin (Belviq) Liraglutide (Saxenda)

Date of review: May 2015

Intervention of interest:

Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) Biliopancreatic diversion/duodenal switch (BPD/DS) Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding (LAGB) Vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG)

Date of review: April2015

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Obesity Management - ICER

Advanced Medical Weight Loss & Wellness Center in Las …

Apr, 10th 2019 5:45 pm, Article Recommended by Dr. J. Smith

Thank you Advanced Medical Weight Loss for helping my husband and me reach our weight goal. We started your program in July, I reached my 46 lb. weight loss goal in December, and Steve reached his 40 lb. weight loss goal in January. Not only did you help us in our weight loss, but helped us to maintain our weight by teaching us how to eat per our bodies system.

We have referred our friends and family and they have started going to you because they cant believe the change in us. Your staff is polite and professional! We love coming to your office. If anyone wants to contact us and ask how your program is, please by all means, give them our numbers. Again, thank you from both Steve and me. *

Sincerely, S.W. & G.W.

*Individual Results May Vary

This place is great! Ive been going here for s few months and all the staff has been very helpful and Ive never had to wait for my appointment! I love the vitamin therapy injections they give me so much energy and overall great sense of well being! I totally recommend this place for all your weight loss and energy boost needs!

Laura C.Arlington, VA

The first time I went to advanced medical was 18 years ago and lost 70 lbs. I kept it off for years. After getting married and having 2 kids I found I needed help losing weight again. I absolutely loved my experience the first time so decided to try it again. Still love the help I get there and how much information I can get to chose a healthier option and putting together the right foods for meals. They r all so great and helpful. Cant imagine going anywhere else when it comes to help losing weight.

Sarah T.Las Vegas, NV

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Advanced Medical Weight Loss & Wellness Center in Las ...

Weight Management – Fort HealthCare

Apr, 10th 2019 5:44 pm, Article Recommended by Dr. J. Smith


We understand the journey of weight loss. Whether you need a significant change in your life or are looking to drop 10 pounds, the Weight Management Program at Fort HealthCare can help you! The Weight Management Program at Fort HealthCare has put together a list of resources that we recommend and offer when it comes to health improvement and weight loss. These resources range from handouts and book recommendations, to exercise classes/programs that focus on nutrition or physical activity, to a more dedicated Medically Supervised Weight Loss program. Here, you will find a list of readily available resources regarding support for health and wellness. While we cant do the work for you, we are happy to help guide you towards a program that you feel will benefit your health.

Whether you learn best with self direction, technology, group settings, or prefer one on one attention, we have something for you!Are you Ready to Change? Take the Diet Readiness Questionnaire to see if you areready to start making lifestyle changes.Diet Readiness Questionnaire

Not sure how to go about choosing a weight loss program? Click here for some guidance and questions you can ask.

Please feel free to contact a Weight Management Specialist at 920-568-5489 for a free phone consultation to assist and guide you towards a program that will fit your needs. If you would like the Weight Management Specialist to call you, fill out the Weight Management Program Information Request form located here.

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Weight Management - Fort HealthCare