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January is the month when we take stock of our healthy and unhealthy habits, including our diets and try to make some positive changes. Here are four healthy UK meal delivery services to help with that objective.

Detox Kitchen

A day of healthy protein based meals from Detox Kitchen

Detox Kitchen offers a choice of thirteen nutritionally balanced, healthy meal plans with complete meals delivered to your door each evening. They suggest that by removing foods that make you feel tired and bloated and replacing them with a diet rich in plant-based foods and lean protein, you will start to feel more energised, less stressed and lighter. Detox Kitchen was set up in 2012 from the founders kitchen table and today they deliver over a million meals a year to health conscious Londoners. Their success is no surprise as theyve really managed to offer an excellent variety of tasty, nutritional meals. They also have two Central London delis, situated in Soho and Fitzrovia. The Protein Maintain plan, available as a three day minimum package, is a great way to ensure you eat a healthy balanced diet. The 1800 calorie packages focus on plant-based meals with lean protein and grains plus tasty drinks and snacks. A daily package includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, plus a juice, nut pot, snack, ginger shot and a teabag. All meat is free-range and fish is sustainably sourced and vegan meal plans are also available.

Healthy meal deliveries from Detox Kitchen are 42/day.

Pure Package

Venison salad from Healthy meal delivery service Pure Package

As one of the UKs first healthy meal delivery services, Pure Package has an extremely loyal client base and after trialling it, its not difficult to understand why. This high quality meal service delivered direct to your door was launched by Jennifer Irvine from her own kitchen in 2003 and the concept is now a multi-million pound business. Jennifer grew up on her parents' farm in Ireland where they still make the award-winningMilleens cheeseand it was there she developed her passion for food, by cooking and growing fresh produce. Today she workswithteam of chefs and nutritionists, all experts in their fields. Ive tried both the paleo and fitness packages which include delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. The Pure Package useshigh-quality, grass-fed meat and free range poultry in all of its menus. There are nine packages to choose from including packages focusing on weight loss, paleo, fitness, longevity, pre and post natal and vegetarian/vegan. Creative and delicious daily meal selections include items like spinach and buffalo mozzarella frittata for breakfast, smoked chicken, mushroom and artichoke terrine and Nasi Goreng for dinner. The meals arrive in a sturdy freezer bag that can be returned and all packaging is recyclable.

Meal plans from Pure Package are 44.95/day.

Mindful Chef

Chilli con carne, one of the new healthy frozen meals from Mindful Chef

Mindful Chef claims to be the UKs highest rated recipe box delivery company and it now also offers ready made meals from 7 each or you can buy a bundle of three meals for two people. Mindful Chefwas launchedin2015 by three friends, Giles, Myles and Rob, on a mission to make healthy eating easy. They advisereducing your intake of gluten and that refined sugars while refined carbohydrates should be avoided.Like their recipe-kits, there are no stodgy carbs. Instead, they try to use fresh vegetables like butternut squash lasagne sheets, sweet potato mash and wild rice. Their plant-based offering is excellent with choices like pulled barbecue jackfruit with charred corn, veggie Shepherd's pie with chestnuts or lentil moussaka with creamy coconut bechamel.

A box of three meals to feed two people from Mindful Chef starts at 39.00

Love Yourself

Healthy ready meals from new food delivery service Love Yourself

New meal delivery weight-loss service Love Yourself was started last year by Polish-born chef Michal Snela whose career has included working with Masterchef judge and restaurateur Marcus Wareing. Love Yourselfs calorie controlled menus (around 1200 calories/day) change weekly, contain plenty of slow release carbs and vegetables and no meal contains processed meats, additives or preservatives. Each meal is freshly cooked daily and each meal box containing five meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks) is delivered overnight five meals in the box: breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks. There are five weight loss plans including Balanced Diet offering meat (all sourced from UK farms), fish and vegetables, the Gluten Free Diet, Vegetarian Diet, Keto Diet and Performance Diet focusing on protein meals aimed at gym attendees intent on muscle repair and growth.

A balanced box with five days of meals is 99 from Love Yourself

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