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Human Growth Hormones, also known as HGH, has been a topic of discussion among various groups. The people who typically buy HGH include athletes, workout enthusiasts and even patients with medical conditions caused by insufficient growth hormones.

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What is HGH?

Scientifically speaking, HGH is a peptide hormone that consists of 191 amino acids. These are the small building blocks that make up proteins. Your pituitary gland, which can be found in your brain, is responsible for secreting this hormone.

When the body becomes stressed, your pituitary glands releases hormones. It is also responsible for regulating your metabolism. Since HGH is an anabolic hormone, it helps to grow your muscles and bones. This is significant for those who have sustained injuries or perform intense workouts.

The human body naturally produces HGH up until you reach your 30s. As a child, HGH is responsible for helping your body to grow at a normal pace. Children that lack HG tend to have a short stature and issues with growth.

On the contrary, when theres too much growth hormones, it can lead to health conditions. HGH deficiencies can be regulated using synthetic HGH injections.

Today, people buy HGH for various reasons. Heres a quick overview of the different benefits of human growth hormone injections.

Increase Your Muscle Mass and Strength

Some people choose to lift weights to build strength and/or for aesthetic purposes. With growth hormone injections, collagen synthesis is stimulated within your tendons and skeletal muscles. This in turn grows your muscle strength and enhances your workout performance.

According to the International Journal of Endocrinology, lower body strength was increased after growth hormones were administered to seven healthy men. During the study, the seven men took the hormones for six months, while doing leg presses.

Those who took it for longer periods seen:

Enhances Healing After Fractures

One of the roles of GH is the ability to regulate mineral and bone metabolism, as well as heal fractures. When this is administered to individuals, it shows bone regeneration hastens. Growth factors, such as IGF-1 is known to stimulate bone metabolism.

One study was published inside of BONE, which used growth hormone applications on rats. It revealed the group with local injections of growth factors had stronger fracture healing capabilities. This was compared to systemic human growth hormone injections.

In a nutshell, HG hormones can expedite the healing process and repair normal wear and tear.

Enhance Your Weight Loss

Its found that obese individuals have problems with responding to the the release of growth hormones. Weight loss allows the body to better respond to growth hormones, either partially or completely. When growth hormones are present, it allows lipolysis to accelerate, which causes lipids to break down. During this process, triglycerides are transformed into free fatty acids and glycerol.

The impaired secretion of growth hormones causes the lipolytic effect to not occur. In a study published in Hormone Research, it was found that obese participants who were given growth hormone treatment and placed on a hypocaloric diet saw 1.6x the weight loss.

Build Stronger Bones

Your pituitary glands are responsible for releasing growth hormones in order to regulate the growth of your bones. This is especially so during puberty. IGF-1 is also regulated by growth hormones, which is secreted by your liver and flows into your bloodstream.

As you grow older, GH isnt produced as much, which leads to your bones growing weaker due to its inability to replace bone loss fast enough. By taking HG injections, you can increase your bone mass.

Reduce Your Chances of Cardiovascular Disease

According to the American Heart Association, 2,200 Americans die from cardiovascular disease each day. That equates to one person dying every 40 seconds from this horrible illness. However, there are measures you can take to lower your chances of becoming another statistic.

For one, you can lead a healthier lifestyle, which should include eating cleaner foods and working out. Theres also proof that taking GH shots can help lower your risks of getting cardiovascular disease.

In a Swedish study, 104 GH-deficient patients were analyzed. It showed that lipoprotein metabolism is changed by this deficiency, which increases the chances of getting cardiovascular disease.

Are You HG Deficient?

There are Different ways to tell whether youre deficient in human growth hormones. As an adult its bound to happen, since your diet alone cant make up for the lack in production of growth hormones once you reach your 30s.

In adults, HG deficiency shows the following signs:

Combining Exercise with HGH

If youre trying to improve your appearance, strength and endurance, then combining human growth hormones with HIIT workouts and weight lifting is recommended. High-intensity interval training enhances your workouts and takes less time to perform.

During your workout, your HGH secretion is increased. Together with HG injections, it will maximize your results.

If youre looking to improve your health and strength, then HG injections are right for you. Browse around HGHMeds.com.mx to find HGH products to buy.

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