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HCG Diet and Weight Loss

HCG Diet and HCG Weight Loss Programs: Amazing Human Chorionic Gonadotropin treatments!

Conscious Evolution Institute of Hormone Replacement Therapy brings you the most efficient way to diet. We know that obesity is an epidemic facing the entire United States and Western world. Are you struggling with your weight right now, and no matter how much you try to control your diet or exercise, you can't seem to find the motivation to get real meaningful results. Do you feel like you become agonizingly hungry when you diet? Congratulations you just figured out why 99% of diets fail: Hunger pangs.

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Research shows that those who utilize injectable HCG find that they will lose an average of a pound every single day. Many new comers find this hard to believe. The most exciting thing is that you don't even need to engage in intense exercise to make this claim a reality! HCG helps stop the hunger pangs that plague most adult men and women struggling with their weight. Add exercise to this diet, and the weight drops even faster.

It is abundantly clear by clinical research studies that HCG Injections are a successful medical treatment for weight management and a proven diet aid with literally more than a million patients who have gotten the results they sought. For this reason, it's the best possible solution to help you eat less, lose weight safely, and feel better. At a minimum, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) wards off hunger, making it easier for you to lose weight. The HCG diet is very affordable for those who are budget conscious and can not afford the $350 to $700 a month cost of HGH injection treatment or $1500 a on year testosterone injection treatment programs might cost.

Make your life better with our proven HCG Weight Loss program if you are struggling with weight management issues today. Forget all the fad diets, that all fail, the central problem is hunger pangs, which causes people to gorge themselves. Is this you? Do you find yourself at times unable to control your eating? An HCG diet will help you shrink your stomach fat, love handle fat, buttocks fat and hips fat over time, so you will notice that even when you go off the HCG diet, you still get full easily, because now your stomach has shrunk to a reasonable size that will help you manage portion control. Another key is eating slowly, and spreading out 6 small meals over the course of the day. Add exercise and nutritional supplements to your HCG diet and the fat will literally melt off your body. Take a look at the simple Conscious Evolution Diet that people are raving about when they go on an HCG Diet.

We will discuss how HCG has been scientifically studied in the clinical environment for the past decades and why physicians and diet scientists are excited about it. It has been proven over time to be an obesity cure, because it goes to the root of weight management problems and why diets fail - plain and simple: hunger. This HCG info resource that we are giving you applies to both men and women, because hunger suppression applies to both genders in the same way. The best thing about Human Chorionic Gonadotropin treatment is that your reduction in hunger is controlled by the release of hormones, which cancel that desire for junk food, sweets, over eating and other problems causing unnecessary weight gain right now. It's not because of some dangerous, flashy, complicated new chemical that causes more harm than good, like so many other weight loss pills in this day and age. This treatment is amazingly effective since it is a natural hormone being introduced into your body that goes to the source and constricts the desire for food - it's that simple. HCG is naturally found in the body already, so there is not a cumbersome list of probable problems and side effects that you will face as a result of taking Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. If you have a question about HCG pick up the phone and call us at the Conscious Evolution Institute of Hormone Replacement Therapy, our clinical staff would be more than happy to spend time speaking with you about how you can lose weight effectively with HCG or other hormone therapy programs.

Change your figure with HCG! Change your life with HCG! Welcome to HCG Therapy and Treatment!

Kevin Trudeau says that the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin regimen is an amazing weight management treatment plan to lose weight quickly. You don't get hungry, desire fatty food, you still have energy, you aren't irritable, you don't feel like you're missing out by eating less. And last but not least the body composition - the figure of your body - begins to change because HCG kills the fat in all those embarrassing areas of accumulation. Your body will begin utilizing the fat in your problem areas first, because that is where the greatest amount of adipose (fat tissue) is stored.

The HCG weight loss diet can help you achieve your optimal weight.

As we mentioned, this fantastic treatment for obesity was found out about many decades ago - fifty years back by a physician in Britain. He was in the process of researching what HCG injections does to the human body and how it benefited those who were quite obese - it took a long time for it to finally catch on and work its way through research, case studies and clinical trials. This style of weight loss program was creates by Doctor A. Simeon M.D. It revolves around the concept that there are 3 kinds of fat. One kind of fat is absolutely needed because it helps the kidneys function and protects the arteries, among other things. A second kind of fat is used for energy by the body, and is located in various places all over the body. A third kind of fat is the extra fat that builds around the stomach, midsection, thys, buttocks, and hips, which is the root of obesity when the accumulation of fat gets out of hand. These types of fatty areas can be corrected through our Human Chorionic Gonadotropin weight loss regimen and if you are ready to take the first step, fill out our online confidential medical history form.

What is the goal of HCG treatment? To lose weight safely, and keep it off for the long term.

Our bodies want to hold on to fat for evolutionary reasons, in our genetic history, every person has ancestors who went through periods of famine. The body wants to hold on to this fat in case another famine arises. HCG causes hunger and desire for food to be greatly reduced without it feeling drug-induced because the hormone is natural, not artificial - artificial in the sense the body has never seen it before, as in the case with other artificial compounds purported to help people lose weight. HCG Improves your get up and go, power, and the ability to maintain energy because the body gets fired up. It will even just make you feel better too, because you won't be invisible anymore when you regain your youthful figure as a women, or your physic as a man. HCG also increases your metabolism, which is why it removes fat from places where it accumulates first. You will likely lose around one pound every day with this treatment if you follow the program carefully, some people lose slightly more or slightly less depending on whether they also include exercise in their weight loss treatment program. HCG has been successfully implemented over the last decade, and is becoming more popular by word of mouth, and doctors recommendation than anything else. HCG is not a fad, but a proven medical solution for obesity.

Women who suffer from obesity and weight management issues and do not want to get bariatric surgery or liposuction should try HCG injections.

Females who face issues because of problems arising from obesity and cellulite, who want to fix their midsection problem today, should look to HCG, so that they do not face life-changing problems and diseases in the future, because of weight problems now. The biggest source of health problems arises from being overweight, it overworks the heart, causes problems in the cardiovascular system and causes diseases to rapidly accumulate. Many people do not know that HCG - Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a substance your body already naturally creates, so it is perfectly safe if taken correctly. This is your chance to actually undergo a therapy that will actually live up to the hype! And there are no issues or possibly dangerous side effects that you will face as a result of gimmicky drugs and compounds that other companies try to sell you. You will actually find that something entirely different happens with HCG. After only a brief period of use, you will find yourself calmer and more happy. It's such a nice feeling when people tell you that you look thinner or you lost weight! What's your secret? HCG injections and reduced caloric intake. Many women and men have found their sex life improves when they are on HCG, because their sex appeal and energy levels improves.

Males who are thinking about using HCG to drop the pounds should be even more motivated by these facts that have to do with HCG Therapy:

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin will cause your own endocrine system to create more testosterone. Testosterone helps build strong, lean muscle mass, and melt fat. As males age, the amount of testosterone that they make within the testes begins to drop considerably with each year and decade. There's no getting around it. In recent years, a change in male physiology has been identified that correlates with menopause in females. The male version of menopause is known as andropause, and this causes a change in testosterone levels to decline, which is known as hypogonadism, when not enough testosterone is released by the body. It is undeniably a huge change in a man's life. HCG Therapy offered by Conscious Evolution Institute of Hormone Replacement Medical will resolve a plethora of issues of the mind, body, and cognitive faculties that occur as testosterone flags. And this is in addition to the weight loss benefits!

Some scientific research shows evidence that the testes stop functioning at capacity after the 30's, being the root of testosterone decline. This is also something that has been noted regarding the pituitary gland that is found in the human brain when HGH levels decline in adults after their 20's. The pituitary gland does not create the same amount of hormones that tell the testes to keep making testosterone. Hormone decline is an unfortunate part of the aging process, and mostly responsible for the accumulation of age related diseases. We believe this is the reason why the testes no longer are manufacturing near their top capacity.

Brand new research shows that using human chorionic gonadotropin every day under a doctor's supervision for a set amount of days, weeks and months causes the body to produce more testosterone. Human chorionic gonadotropin treatment is a useful kind of therapy for those who are lacking testosterone too as described above. It's a wonderful opportunity, more effective than ointments, testosterone booster pills, patches, or lotions. The only way to increase testosterone is to either inject HCG or testosterone itself (cream, gel or injections).

Use HCG to Boost Testosterone Decline and Low T

Testosterone therapy should not be used except under doctors supervision.

If the doctor who is providing hormone therapy does not guide the patient closely, or if the treatment guidelines are not heeded, problems can occur. The most common reason is that people think they need to inject more to get better results, but this is not the case, the goal should be to stay in the ranges physicians recommend when administering hormones. This is the zone where you get the best results.

Luckily, HCG Therapies provided by our physician specialists at the Conscious Evolution Institute of Hormone Replacement Therapy will cause your body to actually make more of its own testosterone rather than relying on outside sources! But if you need a testosterone boost, we can also provide you with testosterone treatment in the form of testosterone injections or cream, a testosterone blood test is required first to determine the level of Low T. We can write a prescription for you to go locally in your city to get a simple hormone blood panel.

Before taking testosterone directly through a testosterone replacement treatment, HCG is another affordable option and is used in the place of testosterone replacement for many strong justifications:
HCG assists grown males suffering from maladies such as Sarconpenia, Andropause, and Hypogonism (due to pituitary and testes issues) HCG can be used in the place of testosterone replacement therapy for those whose blood-work produces evidence that Free and Total T-levels are baseline or below. HCG treatment is more along the lines of the bodies natural pattern of testosterone creation, stimulating the bodies natural production of testosterone. Keeping the testicles full and healthy. HCG makes controlling testosterone and keeping it at healthy levels much easier when the regimen is followed correctly. HCG causes the body to produce its own testosterone, which inhibits issues resulting from a higher level of produced estrogen due to aromatization. HCG keeps the testicles the same size and prevents them from shrinking (If TRT is given when it is not needed or in the wrong manner, than shrinkage is a real possibility) HCG causes sperm to be created, so it makes males more fertile and increases sperm counts (If given when not completely needed, TRT can result in a decrease in the fertility of a male). HCG treatment by Conscious Evolution Institute Hormone Replacement Therapy has often brought the testicles back to full working order.

What is the HCG Diet and How to Get Started

Physicians at Conscious Evolution Institute Hormone Replacement Therapy Medical specialize in hormone therapy and are instructed in HCG and numerous other Hormone Replacement Therapy regimens that are useful and beneficial. You will know that the changes in your life were directly attributable to your decision to combat the aging process and taking control of your vitality. Give us a call at the Conscious Evolution Institute of Hormone Replacement Therapy.