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48-hour fast: Benefits, how-to, and tips – Medical News Today

Aug, 11th 2020 4:50 pm, Article Recommended by Dr. J. Smith

A 48-hour fast is a form of intermittent fasting that involves taking a 2-day pause on eating while drinking only calorie-free fluids. A 48-hour fast may not be suitable for everyone, as it carries certain risks for some groups of people.

Intermittent fasting as a whole has gained popularity recently due to the potential health benefits of the practice. A 48-hour fast is one of the longest fasting durations, with shorter fasting periods being more common.

In this article, we discuss how to perform a 48-hour fast and the potential risks and benefits. We also provide some tips that may help make the fasting period a smoother experience.

Intermittent fasting involves rotating between periods of eating and fasting to give the body in particular, the digestive system a rest.

During this time, the body creates energy from stored fuel sources.

A 48-hour fast is an extended form of intermittent fasting. It involves not consuming any calories for a full 2 days.

While the fast involves eliminating foods that contain calories, it is still important to drink plenty of noncaloric fluids, such as water, throughout the fast to keep the body hydrated.

Some people may use a 48-hour fast to reduce their calorie intake and help them lose weight. Others may use the fast to support digestive health.

While taking a 2-day break from eating seems daunting at first, this method typically makes use of the bodys natural rhythms to make the fast more manageable.

A simple 48-hour fast will use the bodys sleep schedule to cut into that time.

As an example, for a fast starting on Monday, the person would stop eating in the evening on that day. They would then start eating again in the evening on Wednesday.

Using this method, the person will give their body time to digest their last meal on Monday before they sleep. By the time they wake up on Tuesday, about 1012 hours of their fast has already passed.

The person then spends Tuesday and Wednesday drinking only calorie-free fluids, such as water, herbal tea, and black coffee.

When Wednesday evening comes, the person has a light, simple dinner. From Thursday onward, they can gradually reintroduce their regular diet.

Hydration is one of the most important aspects of any fast. Fluids keep the body and cells hydrated, as well as helping eliminate waste. It is important that people avoid dehydration during a fast by ensuring that they drink plenty of fluids.

It may also be advisable for people to try other, less extreme versions of intermittent fasting before attempting the 48-hour fast. One such version is the 16:8 method, which involves consuming all food within an 8-hour window and then consuming only calorie-free beverages for the next 16 hours.

Starting with shorter fasts will help a person prepare for longer ones and get an idea of how their body will respond.

A 48-hour fast can serve as a reset for the body, allowing it to take a break from digestion to focus on other tasks. This break may allow it to focus energy elsewhere, such as on repairing the body.

According to the authors of a 2014 article, fasting may reduce obesity, hypertension, asthma, and rheumatoid arthritis.

A study featuring in Obesity notes that regular intermittent fasting offers many benefits for the body, including:

The researchers suggest that many of these benefits are due to the influence of weight loss.

The concept of autophagy is also popular with proponents of intermittent fasting. In the simplest terms, this is the process of the body removing parts of cells that are no longer functioning as they should.

By recycling or disposing of damaged cell material, autophagy allows the tissues to regenerate. The depletion of energy stores, which occurs during extended fasting, activates certain pathways that trigger autophagy.

A 2018 review states that fasting and calorie restriction are both ways to trigger autophagy in the cells of the body. Slowing down the digestive process allows the cells to focus on self-regeneration.

A 48-hour fast represents a large chunk of calorie deficiency in the diet, which can aid long-term weight loss in some people. However, a person should not perform 48-hour fasts too often.

A review article in Behavioral Sciences reports that intermittent fasting produces similar short-term weight loss results as traditional continuous calorie restriction in people with overweight and obesity. Therefore, cutting excess calories from the diet may be just as effective as fasting for weight loss.

As part of a regular intermittent fasting program or healthful weight loss regimen, a 48-hour fast may help a person reach their long-term weight loss goals, as long as they do it in a safe way.

With that said, no fast will replace diet and lifestyle choices, such as regular exercise and a balanced, nutritious diet, to support a moderate weight.

Learn more about intermittent fasting and exercise.

Side effects are common with longer fasts, such as a 48-hour fast, which is why it is important to try a smaller fast first to see how the body responds. If a person feels unwell, they should stop fasting.

Common side effects during longer fasts may include:

Additionally, it is important to reintroduce foods slowly. Overstimulating the digestive system by eating a big or heavy meal after a fast may cause its own side effects, such as:

Fasting may also affect people with underlying conditions differently. People with diabetes who take insulin or are on blood sugar-lowering medications will need to check with their doctor before engaging in any type of fasting, as fasting can drastically change how some medicines and insulin work.

Additionally, some people should avoid fasting altogether. Pregnant or breastfeeding women and people who have underweight or an eating disorder should not fast.

People who take certain medications alongside food may also need to avoid fasting. These medications include nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), blood pressure medications, and blood thinners.

There are some general safety tips to keep in mind while fasting:

Intermittent fasting may provide the body with some benefits, such as giving the cells more time to repair and reducing inflammation. However, a 48-hour fast is a rather long fasting period, and it is not for everyone.

People who work long hours or have underlying conditions may have trouble with a 48-hour fasting period and should talk to a doctor before attempting it.

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48-hour fast: Benefits, how-to, and tips - Medical News Today

800 calorie diet: Is it healthy to lose a stone in 21 days? – Express

Aug, 11th 2020 4:50 pm, Article Recommended by Dr. J. Smith

Dr Michael Mosley's Fast 800 diet markets itself as a 'lifestyle plan' that can allegedly make you lose a stone in 21 days.

The doctor, who created the popular 5:2 diet, and his wife Dr Claire Bailey are behind the show which was made in lockdown.

The Fast 800 diet is explained on its official website, which says the diet works by 'flipping the metabolic switch'.

The site explains: "Your body is like a hybrid car; it runs on two different fuels sugar and fat.

"When your body needs a quick burst of energy, the first fuel source it turns to is the glucose in your blood.

"Next it will draw on the sugar stored in your liver and muscle. Only when this starts to run low does the body turn to its fat stores.

"Your body cant just burn fat. Instead it turns some of your fat stores into ketone bodies, which its uses as energy. The buildup of ketones in your blood is called ketosis.

"When you are on a low calorie diet (800 calories a day) you will begin to rapidly use up your fat stores.

"The first fat to go will be that around your gut, the visceral fat. This is also the most unhealthy fat.

"Because The Very Fast 800 plan is also moderately low in carbohydrates, this will add to the fat burning."

The Very Fast 800 plan uses Mediterranean-style ingredients to keep you feeling fuller for longer, but also recommends using multivitamins to ensure you are staying healthy - which may ring alarm bells for some.

While the evidence suggests that an intermittent fasting diet may be an effective way to lose weight, it is unlikely to be more effective for weight loss than traditional methods of dieting.

The NHS website stipulates that very low-calorie diets should only be used on those who are obese or severely obese and need to lose weight rapidly.

The website reads: "Very low calorie diets should only be followed under medical supervision for a maximum of 12 weeks.

"Do not follow a very low calorie diet unless a GP has suggested it to you.

"They are not the first option to manage obesity and should not be routinely used."

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800 calorie diet: Is it healthy to lose a stone in 21 days? - Express

How to Eat and Exercise for Weight Loss, According to Your Unique Body Type – The Sports Bank

Aug, 11th 2020 4:50 pm, Article Recommended by Dr. J. Smith

When you look good, you feel good,and when it comes to losing weight, many people aimtoshift those extra pounds to improve their health, as well as their appearance.The healthiest and most effective way of losing weight is by eating less and doing more. Losing and maintainingweight can be a long, draining,and continuous battle for some, whereas others find it a lot easier. We are all unique and different in our own way and our body type will play a huge part in finding the right diet and exercise plan in order to lose weightand keep it off. To help you understand more, here is how you should eat and exercise for weight loss, according to your unique body type.

UnderstandingDifferent Body Types

There are a number of characteristics that define the shape of the human body and these can help you figure out your body type. Generally speaking, three different body type categories exist. These are known as the ectomorph body type, the mesomorph body type and the endomorph body type. We will look into them more below, but once you know your body type, you will be able tofind the perfectnaturaldietand exercise routine for weight loss. When figuring out what your body typeis, you should keep in mind that people are often a combination of the two,orthey canevenbe a mix ofall three body types.

Best Options for an Ectomorph

Ectomorphs usually have lean, long limbs, a thin, delicate frame and find it difficult to put on weight and build muscle. This is due toa fast metabolism. The hips and shouldersalso tend to be the same width. Due to their fast metabolism, ectomorphs will be able to get away with eating a diet rich in carbohydrates. However, these should still be healthy complex carbs that are packed with fiber. This will maintain high energy levels and keep the person fuller for a longer period of time. A highcalorie diet will also provide them with many benefits. If an ectomorph is looking to build muscle, then they should consider taking supplements pre- and post- work out, such as BCAAs. The best exercise for muscle gain is to engage in a minimal amount of cardio and take part in endurance-type activities.

Best Options for a Mesomorph

Mesomorphs tend to have well-defined muscles and an athletic build. They will usually be muscular and lean simultaneously. Their hips and shoulders will be a similar width,and the waistline will be clearly defined, which creates an hourglass shape. Mesomorphs have the ability to lose and gain fat/muscle quite easily. Due to this, regular exercise and healthy eating habits tend to be a highly effective method of weight loss.Mesomorphs usually respond to alow-carb, high-protein diet. Protein-rich collagen and protein powders should be consumed if you have a mesomorph body type, as this will aid recovery after exercise. When it comes to exercise, cardio is essential for a mesomorph to remain lean. Combining this with HIIT will keep off those extra pounds.

Best Options for an Endomorph

Endomorphs are defined as curvy with a large frame, short limbs, a stocky build,and wide hips.People with this body type tend to have a slower metabolism than others and will have a higher percentage of body fat and more muscle. They will store their weight on their midsection and are generally strongpeople. If you are an endomorph, then you will most likely have some level of insulin or carbohydrate sensitivity. This means that people with this body type should have a diet consisting of low levels of sugar and carbohydrates and in order to lose weight, calories should also be restricted. Due to their slow metabolism, endomorphs should take CLA supplements to burn fat and suppress their appetite. They should combine this with an even distribution of weight training and cardio.

Maintain the Right Mind Frame

Losing weight requiresmotivation, determination, patience,and persistence. Maintaining the right frame of mind will play a huge part in losing weight. Setting yourself goals, sticking to them and taking notes on your progress is a great way tokeep your mind focusedand engaged with this new diet and lifestyle. Fortunately, when you incorporate healthy foods into your diet and exercise on a regular basis, you will become a happier and healthier person. This will reflect in your appearance and behavior, which will encourage you to keep to this new way of life.

The best way to lose weight and keep the weight off is by making permanent healthy changes to your diet and lifestyle. Changing your routine and breaking bad habitsisnteasy, but with time, patience,and the rightmentality, you will getthereand in return, you will benefit in many ways.

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How to Eat and Exercise for Weight Loss, According to Your Unique Body Type - The Sports Bank

I Went to Germany to Go on a 200-Calorie-A-Day Liquid Diet. Heres Why I Would Do It Again. – Robb Report

Aug, 11th 2020 4:50 pm, Article Recommended by Dr. J. Smith

I should be miserable Id been cautioned: Watch out for day three. Thats when the demons begin to rage. Im on a medically supervised 10-day fast that promises to help me shed some weight while also futureproofing that newly slimmed-down body against aging. Worth the odd demon or a pang or two, then.

Indeed, Im a bit hungrybut thats not surprising, given that Ive consumed little more than tea, juice and soup over the past 48 hours. But I had been anticipating far worse, as several friends, all veterans of the Buchinger Wilhelmi process I am undertaking, had warned me. The real challenges in forgoing food wouldnt be simple hunger, they said. Fasting isnt the hard part, said one. Its the emotional side. I usually spend the third day curled in a ball in my room, weeping. Everything you repress just comes out, all at once. A second moaned about the physical side effects on day three for her: throbbing headaches, a furry tongue and dry skin, all because the toxins her body was purging began to crest, she said, wide-eyed. The consensus was that Id feel, generally, dreadfulnot just hungry but also sad, aching and exhausted, likely confined to my bed, wakefully toggling between napping and fretting. Yet another confided that it was day three when the risk of cheating peaked. Shed heard that folks usually skulk out the clinics back gate and into the nearby town to scarf down a furtive frankfurter or two to offset the gnawing pains.

Instead, I feel fine.

The pool at the Buchinger Wilhelmi clinic.Winfried Heinze

More than fine. Remarkably, I feel absolutely dandy. Ive no physical problems whatsoever; in fact, Im swimming 50 laps in the pool here at the Buchinger Wilhelmi spa every afternoon, and the only reason my eyes are watering is the troublesome pollen. I miss chewing, for sure, and Im not partial to some of the broth recipes: The mere mention of turnip evokes Dickensian deprivation, though the watery tomato is bright-flavored and delicious. But I havent cheated, despite deliberately wandering into town yesterday morning to tempt myself with the smells of fresh-cooked sausages. I took a deep breathdelicious for sure, but I was happy to eat with my eyes.

Either Im too two-dimensional to be troubled by deep thoughts or Im one of the lucky ones, sailing straight from eating three meals daily to the Zen state of semi-starvation without detouring down a physical and emotional rabbit hole. Ive arrived, instead, at 200-calorie nirvana, where the body, now short on fuel, is forced into overdrive. With my metabolism working harder to produce energy, I experience a new level of strength and mental clarity. I am Superman without the blue tights. In fact, the only challenge for me is my sleep. Usually, I slumber deeply and soundly anywhere, so its strange to find myself so fitful, with bouts of deep rest punctuated by an unfamiliar alertness. Otherwise, I nod sympathetically as I try not to gloat when folks mournfully complain in the feeding salon, the lounge-like area where our non-meals are devoured.

A suite at the Buchinger Wilhelmi clinic.Winfried Heinze

Its inside the salon that I first meet my fellow fasters on day one, at what passes for a welcome party at Buchinger Wilhelmi, on the shores of Lake Constance in Germany, just across the border from Switzerland. My fellow fasters are a motley bunch, drawn from across the world. Im surprised the room is equally split between men and women. There are several first-timers like me: a Saudi couple, for instance, well-padded fiftysomethings who plan to stay for three weeks. Other newbies include a pair of friends, fit, middle-aged financiers who usually take an adventure vacation together each year, leaving their wives at home. Most of the room, though, consists of starvation pros, folks whove followed the Buchinger Wilhelmi method several times before. Typical is the French sculptor whos back for a seventh stay. He became a devotee when his first stint allowed him to permanently shed the 40 pounds hed gained after a car accident. Tall and gaunt, he looks to be in his late 60s or older; hes come again, he explains, as an anti-aging effort. More than the chance to shed pounds, its this elusive promise that underpins the work at Buchinger Wilhelmi.

For this is no conventional fat farm. Forget face-lifts and fitness classesits bouts of fasting that Buchinger Wilhelmi claims will offer a slimmed-down path to eternal youth, or something close to it, at least. Fasting, the staff preaches, will better safeguard your body against the forces of age. The focus here, though, is not only extending your life span but also improving the quality of whatever life you have, or whats now known as your health span. The clinics practice aims to address a conundrum: How do we ensure our brains and our bodies remain in peak condition for our entire lives, bringing both quantity and quality of life in sync? Slash our daily energy source, Buchinger Wilhelmi posits, and the bodys metabolic switch is triggered. Deprived of easy fuel, our bodys metabolism instead turns to ketones, compounds produced from fats by our liver in a state known as ketosis, achieved by fasting at least 10 to 12 hours. Theres more afoot, too: During ketosis, the body starts to repair and reboot, helping bat away looming bad health. Per the clinics owners, eating 200 to 300 daily calories for several days, any time from your 20s to your 60s, isnt just good for your waistline; its an investment in the well-being of seventy-something you.

The Buchinger Wilhelmi clinic.Winfried Heinze

Theres no hardship here, though. The clinic doesnt resemble a traditional sanatorium but rather a five-star hotel. Scattered among several buildings on a steep hill, the rooms are decorated in muted tones and filled with tasteful, vaguely modernist furniture. One of the front-of-house staff is an alum of the Ritz Carlton in New York and proudly wears the lapel pin of Les Clefs dOr, the elite cabal of concierges. Theres a hair salon but no conventional luxury hotel-style spa. Instead, the clinic offers two main medical complexes, where the doctors and nurses on staff perform their examinations, plus numerous treatment rooms discreetly tucked into various buildings, where guests can book everything from osteopathy and shiatsu massage to outre rituals like Chi Nei Tsang, a Chinese abdominal massage, to pass the time between non-meals.

And, yes, the food. Other than at the start and end of your stay, when youll receive delicious, low-calorie vegetarian meals to help ease your digestive system into and out of hibernation, theres little to eat. (Dont confuse fasting-induced ketosis with a ketogenic low-carb, high-fat diet.) Breakfast is herbal tea and a tiny saucer of honey; keep it for the day, the nurse advises, and eat it sparingly when you need some energy. Lunch is fresh-squeezed juice, cut with more herbal tea to reduce its calories. Dinner is the aforementioned broth. Such scrapsor dripsof food leave my digestive system effectively fallow, though there are regular enemas from the nurse just to make sure. She also checks my vitals each morning, reminds me to drink at least six liters of water a day (to stay hydrated and prevent gout) and comes to my room every afternoon to wrap my liver, one of the quirks of the Buchinger Wilhelmi process: After what passes for lunch, youll spend an hour or more in bed, swaddled like a baby with a hot water bottle pressed to your liver. Per the clinics theories, such cosseting helps boost the livers ketone production process.

Breakfast: Tea With Honey (65 calories)Jenny Huang

The woman who helped formalize many such theories is Francoise Wilhelmi de Toledo, M.D. Trained as a conventional physician, she visited the clinic as a guest in her 20sand never left. After marrying into the family, she became the medical director. Toledo is now the clinics head of medical research and lives in a sleek glass box of a house nearby; one of her two sons, Leo Wilhelmi, handsome with a mane of dark hair, handles day-to-day operations. At 66, she has a gamine energy and a feline intelligence, and could easily pass for a decade younger. Doubtless, shed attribute her youthful glow to her decades-long adherence to fasting, both daily (in 16-hour windows) and twice yearly, when she follows the clinics regimen for 10 days or more at a stretch.

She invites me over for teafresh herbs, thyme picked from her gardenso she can explain the work here in person. Like the clinics staff and entire operation, the Swiss-born Toledo slides fluently between French, English and German as she talks; she has an evangelists charisma. Think of fasting as metabolic training, she urges, teaching the body how to use different energy sources, much as a hybrid auto switches between electricity and gas for efficiency. Hunger isnt to be avoided but rather deployed, a forgotten reflex that we need to relearn. Toledo is pleased that the clientele here includes so many men as well as womenthat 50:50 ratio is a rarity for conventional spas. Fasting is not easy, as we take away everything you like at the beginning, so its more of a challenge. Men like that, she says.

Indeed, it was a man who founded the clinic, a hundred years ago. His reasons were personal: Otto Buchinger, a physician, was wheelchair-bound from severe rheumatoid arthritis, at least until he fasted for almost three weeks on the suggestion of another doctor. Buchinger followed the most extreme protocols, ingesting only water. As a result, he later claimed, he was able to walk again. Buchinger turned his belief in the healing power of calorie restriction into his lifes work, setting up this clinic, which his descendants, including his great-grandson Leo, still run. But it is only in the last two decades or so that conventional science has turned its attention to the potentials of calorie restriction, and men have increasingly embraced fasting as the final fitness toola way to put their insides through as punishing a training regimen as they follow at the gym. Broadly speaking, there are two common approaches that aim to leverage reduced food intake for health and weight benefits. The first, periodic fasting, is the approach followed by the clinic; cut calories for an extended period every year or so, for example. The second is intermittent fasting, which deprives the body of nutrition in a given pattern each day or week: 16 consecutive hours in every 24 is popular (often called 16:8). Proponents claim both systems allow the body to shift into that sought-after state of ketosis.

Lunch: Freshly Squeezed Juice (50 calories)Jenny Huang

Peter Bowes is a longtime BBC journalist who periodically fasts in his role as host of the podcast Live Long and Master Aging. During fasting, he says, the body undergoes autophagy, or spring-cleaning mode, meaning it recycles damaged or old cell machinery. Studies suggest that this processwhich derives from Greek words meaning self and to eatcan even result in new synapses forming in the brain. When your immune system is challenged like this, it throws out the cells its not using, that are maybe a little weather-worn, Bowes says, and builds a new immune system, re-growing white blood cells.

A prolonged state of autophagy, then, could be thought of as a real-life counterpart to the serum that transformed scrawny Steve Rogers into super-soldier Captain America. Indeed, the US government has explored how to use intermittent fasting to improve the performance of elite commandos, according to Mark Mattson, a world-renowned expert in fasting and adjunct professor of neuroscience at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Mattson says officials from NASA and the air force contacted him to discuss how to use his research in just this way. Its evolution, he says. If youre food-deprived, you need to be more alert and motivated to find foodthats why you often feel sleepy after a meal. He suggested using intermittent fasting as a training tool, spending two days per week, for example, drinking only water. Mattson has focused his studies on such intermittent fasts and has a hunch its more effective than the Buchinger Wilhelmi method of one long annual fast, though he recognizes the benefits of calorie-deprivation of any kind. His research includes clinical studies of individuals at risk of cognitive impairment from Alzheimers and similar diseases, in which he found that those on a diet that included fasting showed memory and learning improvements within two months. Mattson says intermittent fasting is also a promising component in cancer treatment. You should hit them in the fasting state with drugs or radiation because cancer cells cannot use ketones [as fuel], so if the glucose levels in the body are relatively low, it makes them more vulnerable, he explains.

Dinner: Broth (36 calories)Jenny Huang

Andrew Jenkinson, a London bariatric surgeon and author of Why We Eat (Too Much), does not recommend long-term fasting but is a proponent of the 16:8 approach. Ketogenesis is probably the best way to lose weight, but unfortunately, its difficult to sustain. Whatever diet you do for weight loss needs to be your new life, says Jenkinson, who recommends a low-carb diet. Fasting for a sustained period of time will improve the inflammatory response over the short term, and it will make you think faster and more clearlyit will give you a real buzz.

Experts differ on how long it takes for autophagy to kick in from intermittent fastingfrom right away to 12 weeksbut for optimal results, Toledo recommends practicing it five days a week. Jenkinson urges caution, too: Individual metabolisms and default weights vary. Veer from the program and youll likely rebound to where you started, he says. Though Toledo has led extensive in situ studies to determine the safety of the protocols used at the clinic, there are no records on the long-term efficacy of stays. The high ratio of repeat visitors could suggest that it is, indeed, hard to maintain such weight loss. Then again, it could be evidence of how effective her evangelical zeal proves in recruiting converts.

Im impressed, if not completely converted, by day 10. At my final morning check-in with the nurse, Ive lost close to 12 pounds and two inches from my waistline. More than anything, though, the stay here has changed the way I eat. I couldnt even finish the first meal of solids, post-fast, served up with a candle and certificate in celebration. Im just not as hungry as often anymore, and Ive adopted that 16:8 system most days. Three months later, even during lockdown with limited exercise, Ive remained slim. Would I come again? Absolutely. But perhaps the bigger question is: Why should I need to? Check back with me in a year.

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Tips To Bring Fun To Your Workout Sessions – Women Fitness

Aug, 11th 2020 4:50 pm, Article Recommended by Dr. J. Smith

Tips To Bring Fun To Your Workout Sessions :Choosing a workout practice to maintain a shaped figure and a healthy lifestyle is one of the best signs of self-care. However, exercise doesnt always mean joining a gym or a workout group. It also includes several healthy activities like home-based exercising, jogging, yoga, dancing, and sports. But to stay persistent with these sessions is somewhat exasperating.

There are many reasons why you can give up on your workout sessions. Sometimes you might feel tired, bored, or even demotivated. While on the other hand, your daily routine and work can also force you to be negligent towards your health-related goals. Hence, it would help if you planned a workout routine according to your interest and convenience.

Here are some useful tips you should know which can help you bring fun in your workout sessions

Do not hesitate to persuade a friend or a family member to do a combined exercise with you. If not, you can also join any local workout group or fitness community. This way, you can track each others progress; and keep each other motivated. A monotonous workout session can cause you to retire earlier than your fixed duration because of prevailing lethargy and apathy. To add more fun to your workout session, suggest your group of friends to schedule a hiking trip on weekends. Plan a swimming hour at the nearby pools, lake, or beach. You can also combine skiing and exercising together to make the exercise session fun. For instance, if you love skiing and dont know how to learn to ski at home, then there are a variety of gadgets available for that too.

Find out what keeps you active and engaged in a tedious activity. Learn to corporate your workout sessions with the music of your taste. If you like listening to podcasts or spiritual lectures, make them essential. You can also play your favorite tv show, vlog, ted talk, or movie while doing exercise or yoga. These ideas are also necessary for outdoor workouts like walking or jogging and can keep your mood light and spirits high.

Workout sessions possess limitless options, including sports, games, or even hectic house chores. To add fun and innovation in your workout routine, try bringing variations every once in a while. Engage yourself in outdoor sports like skiing, snowboarding, surfing, or skating. Or add sports like football, basketball, or volleyball. You can also prefer including VR games in your routine. Start skipping rope while staying indoors. Besides, dancing routines like Zumba, Tango, or belly dance are also fun workout ideas. Alongside having fun, you learn new things, meanwhile staying fit.

Along with efforts, motivation, and goals, workout sessions become fun when you invest in your healthy routine. First, invest in your workout outfits and accessories. Buy yourself proper tracksuits, swimsuits, yoga pants, sweatpants, or joggers. Buy items like fitness tracker watches or download such fitness apps on your cellphone. Buy roller-skates, surfing boards, and ski shoes. If you are a sports person, buy yourself badminton rackets and balls, etc. You can also buy dumbbells, yoga mats, or any other gym equipment for personal use. If your living place allows investing in one or two exercise machines, then go for it. Spending money on these fitness accessories and wardrobe work as a motivational force behind keeping your workouts steady.

Instead of random working out or playing sports randomly, try making a schedule. Note down every detail of your body and physical activity it involves daily. Make records of the exact amount of progress you have made and the target you urge to achieve. Track down the movements that keep you stay active and help at a fast pace. Also, note details like workout duration and covered distance (if you walk or go jogging). Tracking your progress can add great fun to your workout sessions. You can stay updated with your routines and can calculate the right results.

Working out is a severe job. It demands dedication, time, and motivation. Often it can be a burden to follow a strict fitness schedule every day. To keep yourself motivated for workouts, all you need is innovation and fun ideascorporate your workout sessions with music or any audiotapes you like to listen to. Learn new sports and involve yourself in outdoor activities. Ask your friends and family to start a fitness routine or games together. Find what activity suits your body and what matches your interest. Track your progress and invest in fitness and sports equipment.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle in a fun way can ease your stress about goal achieving and a sense of burden. Adding fun ways to your workout can also keep you motivated for a long time as you start considering these activities as a regular part of your lifestyle.

Tips How To Make Exercise Fun and Easy!

Top 10 Ways To Make Indoor Training More Interesting

5 Ways To Lose Weight FAST! Fun Workout Routines

4 Ways to Make Exercise Enjoyable

5 Tips to Make Cardio More Fun!


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Tips To Bring Fun To Your Workout Sessions - Women Fitness

A guide to postpartum weight loss | The New Times | Rwanda – The New Times

Aug, 11th 2020 4:50 pm, Article Recommended by Dr. J. Smith

After having a baby, many women wonder how long it takes to lose baby weight and bounce back to a pre-baby body.

There are lots of things you can do to get into shape again. But its really important to give yourself a break: Your body just birthed another being. Things moved around, stretched and grew to make that happen. Dont focus on getting your body back (it actually didnt go anywhere!) but on creating a healthy, happy, and possibly slightly differently shaped you, writes Maria Masters in her article Losing the Baby Weight: The Truth About Shedding Pounds After Birth.

Francis Kazungu, a general practitioner in Kigali, says the most important aspect is maintaining a healthy diet. In fact, this should be before, during, and after the pregnancy.

He says that in many cases, this has been an issue for women after giving birth.

For many women, maintaining healthy weight after pregnancy is a struggle, he says.

He explains that after giving birth, many women tend to concentrate on taking care of their new-borns, adjusting to the new routine and recovering from childbirth.

However, Kazungu says it is important to return to a healthy weight after delivery, whether you plan to have another baby or not.

How to go about it

Joseph Uwiragiye, the head of the nutrition department at University Teaching Hospital of Kigali (CHUK), says while the weight one loses after giving birth varies, the most important thing is to remain within a healthy weight range.

Studies show that many women appear to hold on to at least a couple of pounds postpartum, and a quarter of women retain 11 or more pounds (roughly five or more kilogrammes) a year after giving birth.

One thing that can help shed off some weight, Uwiragiye says, is exclusively breastfeeding, which is important for the mother and the child.

He says that studies have proven that breastfeeding helps reduce the size of the uterus, as it makes it contract and return to its normal size faster after birth.

Additionally, breastfeeding has been shown to support the mothers weight loss.

Uwiragiye says this is because the body uses fat stores and energy to nourish the baby.

He says women who breastfed their babies for at least the first few months tend to lose the weight they gained during pregnancy faster than those who dont.

However, he notes that women should mind what they eat as breastfeeding can make one hungry often.

He suggests eating vegetables and fruits and other nutritious choices.

Uwiragiye adds that drinking plenty of water and staying away from processed foods that are high in fat or sugar is essential as far as losing baby weight is concerned.


Kazungu says that reaching a healthy weight after a pregnancy reduces ones risks in future pregnancies, and boosts general health.

By eating well and exercising gradually, one is capable of losing weight in a short period of time. The most important thing is to take care of yourself, eat good food and exercise, he says.

He adds that depending on ones commitment and determination, it might take six months or more for one to get back to their pre-pregnancy weight.

Meanwhile, Uwiragiye says that gradual weight loss, about half a kilo per week, is enough, especially if one is breastfeeding.

He points out that one should be careful when trying to lose weight while breastfeeding.

He explains that losing weight rapidly through dieting might mean that one isnt passing on the nutrients required to the baby, which is risky.

Its not ideal to lose a lot of weight or lose it too quickly. One needs the energy to care for themselves and the baby, Uwiragiye adds.

Eat to lose weight

To be able to lose the weight gradually, Erick Musengimana, a nutritionist at Rwanda Diabetes Association in Kigali, says there are healthy eating tips that mothers should follow.

First and foremost, he says, do not try to skip meals, adding that with the new baby, one can forget to eat at some point.

This, he says, will lead to less energy, which will not aid weight loss.

He adds that one should aim at eating five to six small meals a day with healthy snacks in between (rather than three larger meals).

According to studies by MedlinePlus, an online health information resource, its important not to skip breakfast.

It states that even if one does not normally eat in the mornings, they should get into the habit of doing so. It will give them the energy to start the day and not feel tired later.

The study suggests that when you take your time eating, you will notice that it is easy to tell that you are full. It is tempting to multitask, but if you focus on your meal, it is unlikely to overeat.

Musengimana says that eating a variety of fresh foods, including vegetables, proteins and whole grains is important.

He adds that trying to incorporate food that is rich in fibre, such as vegetables, legumes, and grains, not only fills you up, it is good for your health.

He says its important to always eat smaller portions. He notes that this can be achieved by using a smaller plate.

He notes that choosing healthy options rather than processed snacks helps when it comes to shedding off extra weight.

Musengimana counsels that its important for one to consult a dietitian who can give tips on how to lose weight; they can recommend a nutritious eating plan that allows for gradual post-pregnancy weight loss.


Experts say holding on to pregnancy weight can lead to serious health consequences, putting one at risk of chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes.

And losing the pregnancy weight is important, not just for new moms, but for babies, too.

Going into a future pregnancy at a higher weight can put both the mother and the developing baby at risk of medical complications, such as gestational diabetes and hypertension or being overweight, Musengimana says.

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A guide to postpartum weight loss | The New Times | Rwanda - The New Times

Water Fasting: What it is and how it works? Everything you need to know –

Aug, 11th 2020 4:50 pm, Article Recommended by Dr. J. Smith

Weight loss is a universal concern among youths. People try various diet plans and fasting to curb their extra calories. Several diets have gained popularity in the past years for their weight loss benefits. Many of these diets focus on a particular nutrient or food or drink.

Water Fasting is making waves in the popular diet world once again. This is a type of fast that restricts everything except water. It has become more popular in recent years as a quick way to lose weight.

A water fast is true to its name: Its a fast during which all food and drink except water are restricted. That means no coffee, no tea, no alcohol, no zero-calorie sports drinks, or any other beverage. This also means no food. Water fasts typically last 24 to 72 hours. Medically supervised water fasts may last up to 40 days. For your safety, you should not try to fast for longer than 3 days without medical clearance and supervision.

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Water Fasting: What it is and how it works? Everything you need to know -

Adele weight loss: Singers royal-approved intense pilates workout that helped lose 7st – Express

Aug, 11th 2020 4:50 pm, Article Recommended by Dr. J. Smith

The dramatic change has wowed the singers fans, after she posted the photo in May following a break from social media.

Adele had last shared a photo at Christmas in 2019, looking notably slimmer - but five months later she revealed the results of her weight loss journey in a little black dress.

The star reportedly used the Sirtfood Diet to help shed the pounds, a diet which focuses on sirtfoods which help to activate the so-called skinny gene.

The specific list of foods contains sirtuins, a group of proteins which have been shown to regulate metabolism.

However, the diet, which was created by two celebrity nutritionists in the UK, also involves a lot of calorie restriction as part of a rapid weight loss plan over the course of three weeks.

READ MORE:Experts behind Adeles diet say pizza and champagne is on the menu

A source close to the two famous friends said: "Meghan and Adele have been having Pilates lessons. They are loving it.

"The instructor has also been giving lessons to Harry. It's a great stress-buster," they told the Mirror.

Pilates is a low-impact exercise which helps to build strength and flexibility, and is particularly good for recovering after injury.

Though similar to yoga, it tends to be at a slightly faster pace and has fewer spiritual connotations.

However, its thought to be a very specific type of pilates that the celebrity friends do in order to stay toned.

The Megaformer was designed by trainer and CEO of Lagree Fitness, Sebastien Legree, and aims to add cardio to the resistance exercise for a low intensity workout that really makes you sweat.

Meghan has commented before that the class is hands down the best thing you could do for your body, saying that youll notice a difference after just two classes.

As well as pilates, Adele has been working with a personal trainer to get fit - but he said its not just about weight loss for the star.

Pete Geracimo took to Instagram to talk about his work with the singer.

"When Adele and I started our journey together, it was never about getting super skinny, he said.

"It was about getting her healthy. Especially post pregnancy and post surgery.

He noted that they were getting her ready for a gruelling tour schedule after her album 25 was released.

"She embraced better eating habits and committed to her fitness and 'is sweating'! I could not be prouder or happier for her!

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Adele weight loss: Singers royal-approved intense pilates workout that helped lose 7st - Express

After Having Three Kids, This Woman Ran Off 90 Pounds – MSN Money

Aug, 11th 2020 4:50 pm, Article Recommended by Dr. J. Smith

Courtesy Elizabeth Coreas Elizabeth Coreas changed her diet and started running. She lost 90 pounds in the process.

Name: Elizabeth Coreas

Age: 36

Occupation: Language Arts Teacher

Hometown: Philadelphia

Start Weight: 233 pounds

End Weight: 143 pounds

Time Running: 11 months

After having three children (all born via cesarean section), I found myself incredibly uncomfortable in my own skin. I wasnt able to really enjoy playing with my kids due to my weight, and I was constantly told that my body was never really going to be able to bounce back to what it once wassadly, I accepted this, as most moms do.

Additionally, my weight was also causing me health problems. I was diagnosed with high cholesterol and was prediabetic. At my heaviest, I was 233 pounds.

In July 2012, when I was 27 years old, I lost my brother to colon cancer. His death hit me like a ton of bricks, because it was the first time I realized how fragile life really is. This was when I decided to get healthy and take my life back.

Change was a struggle. I started by paying attention to my food choices and working out daily, which was one of the hardest things Id ever done. Frustrations grew over and over again each time my health goals reset. I hated myself for it.

Through trial and error, I learned what worked and what didnt. But what I failed to understand was that consistency was the key, and that one cheat day or a missed workout did not automatically undo months of progress.

My mentality finally shifted when I started running in September 2019. A student of mine talked about running all the time, and her passion made me want to give it a try.

One day after class, we decided to run around the school to see how far I could go. I had never even run a mile before, but we kept running together. The more I ran, the more I thought about running a 5K.

I signed up for a small race in November 2019, and trained for two and a half months using the Couch to 5K app. Imagine the shock that came over me when I finished as the first place female. That was when I knew I was destined for this sport.

Running has definitely contributed to my weight loss, but it wasnt the only way. After that first 5K, I switched to the Pacer 5K app, hoping to run a faster time. Also, to keep myself motivated, I made a resolution to run 12 races in 12 months in 2020, all in the hopes of getting me ready for a half marathon next year through the Half Marathon Trainer: 21K Run app.

However, I also credit a big part of my success to my diet. I now have lots of green tea, grapefruit, Greek yogurt, rice cakes, and protein. I even find myself eating more plant-based these days, eating lots of fruits and veggies.

I still eat cheat meals, but Ive progressed to be better about how often I have them; one doesnt make me feel like Ive undone all of my progress anymore.

[Discover how to run 10, 50, or even 100 pounds off with Run to Lose.]

After three years of shifting to a healthier lifestyle, Ive lost 90 pounds since shifting to a healthier lifestyle. The weight is great to have off, but it has also helped me with my mental health.

If your heart is heavy, your feet will often feel heavy, too. Listening to positive music, podcasts, or even audiobooks are great ways to keep your mind engaged as you run. Ive also learned not to compare my runs to others workouts. Its easy to fall into that trap, so I remind myself that I am my only competition, and I strive to best the person I was yesterday.

When I look back, losing weight and getting healthier almost seem like a bonus to what Ive accomplished and learned. Thinking about the power I gained as a person when I endured and pushed through the hardest moments, I learned to love myself and and give my body the much needed patience and forgiveness it needed along the way.

We want to hear how running changed you! Send your story and submit your photos to us via this web form. Well pick one each week to highlight on the site.

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After Having Three Kids, This Woman Ran Off 90 Pounds - MSN Money

This Is The Worst Thing To Order At Burger King If You Want To Lose WeightIts Over 1,000 Calories! – SheFinds

Aug, 11th 2020 4:47 pm, Article Recommended by Dr. J. Smith

Burger King is known for its burgers, and the fast food chain is a great spot to stop if you want to indulge in a cheeseburger and fries. However, some of Burger Kings menu items are so bad for you, you might want to avoid them at all costs (even on a cheat day).

One burger in particular packs in the calories, saturated fat, and sodium, which could wreak havoc on your diet and lead to other more serious health problems if you arent careful (or order this on the regular).

With that in mind, keep reading for the worst thing to order at Burger King!

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According to Eat This, Not That!, the one Burger King menu item you should definitely steer clear of is the triple whopper with cheese. This burger has 1,220 calories, 82 g fat, and 1,470 mg sodium--all of which means trouble for your diet and your overall health.

If we compare these stats to your recommended daily intake, it becomes evident that you should never be ordering this burger. According to Healthline, the average woman should be eating 2,000 calories per day while the average man should be eating 2,500 calories per day. (Note, these numbers are to maintain your weight, weight loss would require a calorie deficit.)

That means that this burger would account for over half of your daily calorie intake for women, and a little less than half for men. Either way, it's a lot of calories to consume in one menu item.


The sodium in this burger is also an issue.Eat This explains, "The American Heart Association recommendsa healthy person should consumeno more than 2,300 milligrams a day of sodium, with hopes of moving toward an ideal limit of no more than 1,500 milligrams per day."

This burger will almost completely meet that 1,500 mg goal.


As for the 82 grams of fat in this burger (with 32 grams of saturated fat), this can also lead to issues.

According to Mayo Clinic, "[I]f you're following a 2,000-calorie-a-daydiet, your target range for totalfatis 44 to 78 grams aday. Of that, saturatedfat should make up no more than 22 grams."


Plus, these stats do not even factor in fries or a drink, which will put these numbers even higher, and could potentially lead to more problems.

With this in mind, avoiding this burger is a good idea--especially if you want to order a side of fried. Next time, if you want to indulge in a burger, try to stick to a single patty option and keep an eye on its nutrition facts.

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This Is The Worst Thing To Order At Burger King If You Want To Lose WeightIts Over 1,000 Calories! - SheFinds