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Feb, 8th 2019 10:44 am, Article Recommended by Dr. J. Smith

Non-Invasive Weight Loss Management!

Probably 75% of people are trying to lose weight right now. Ninety percent of dieters who lose weight, no matter how its acheived, will gain the weight back in three years or less; ninety-five percent gain it back within five years. After treating thousands of patients, I know this program really works to take it off and keep it off

I developed four core treatment prongs for my program: NUTRITION, MOVEMENT, MEDICATION and MOTIVATION. Imagine yourself sitting on a table. In this position, high off the floor, you find yourself supported by four strong legs. With all four legs in place, you dont worry much about crashing to the floor. The table will remain upright. However, you can only balance on top of it if all four legs continue working.

For example, many patients say they are simply too tired to exercise. The medications solve this problem by boosting energy and metabolism, which can then be directed right into an exercise program. The exercise in turn makes the medications work much more efficiently, the results of which fire motivation. This increased confidence and motivation reinforce the desire to maintain good nutrition. The good nutrition provides natural energy, which makes exercising that much more enjoyable while the medications curb cravings for sweets and fried foods making good nutrition easy to manage. So when used together, these four legs form a powerful bond, guaranteeing success.

Obesity is a disease like asthma or diabetes. It is not caused by laziness, a lack of will power, or bad eating habits as once thought. Obesity is principally genetic in origin, inducing a chemical imbalance in the brain. It has been well documented that low levels of brain neurotransmitters (such as serotonin andnorepinephrine) are at the heart of this imbalance, distorting appetite, mood and body fat regulation.

One in three people are obese. It is the fastest growing epidemic in the United States. Indianasconcentration exceeds the national average, being recently ranked number one for obese population. This has prompted others to refer to our area as The Fat Belt. In the Indianapolis metropolitan area alone there are over 400,000 obese individuals.

Obesity has become a dangerous health issue.It is the second leading cause of preventable deathin this country, outranked only by cigarette smoking. Its been estimated that nearly 1,000 people die every day from obesity and its complications. Obesity is associated with such diseases as hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, pulmonary emboli, gallstones, arthritis, and sleep apnea.

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