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This page is a collection of effective programs that are commonly recommended by experienced users on r/Fitness.

Above all else, your primary considerations should be what you can fit into your schedule (number of days and time each day) and what equipment you have access to. Mismatches between your life and the routine you choose in these two areas will be among the biggest hurdles to sustaining your training over a long enough time to see results.

All of the programs recommended on this page are effective and reliable, so don’t over-think it. If you work hard at whatever routine you choose, you can absolutely see good results from any of them. Keep this in mind – There are tens of thousands of people who have achieved great results in performance and aesthetics with some of the dumbest routines imaginable because consistent hard work is the most important driver of results in fitness by light years more than having a “fine tuned” routine. Always keep this adage in mind – A good routine you stick with is always better than a “perfect” routine you half-ass.

Some additional reading on choosing the right program, courtesy of r/Weightroom’s Training Tuesday.

If you’ve never done any strength training or have not done any strength training for many years, and are having difficulty choosing a program, r/Fitness recommends the following training path:

Programs that will hit the major muscle groups of the body in a single day. If you are a novice, you should generally start with one of these, but this does not mean these programs are exclusively for novices.

Programs that split up the major muscle groups of the body into different days throughout the week.

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