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Diets That Work for Women Over 50 –

Jan, 2nd 2018 9:44 am, Article Recommended by Dr. J. Smith

Women over 50 often find it difficult to lose weight due in part to hormonal/metabolic changes, decreases lean muscle mass and other age-related factors. Its not just a hopeless downward-spiral, though. With a few dietary and lifestyle changes, you can recapture your youth, boost your energy and vitality keep your mind & body in tip-top shape for the rest of your life.

Better yet, you can get started right now. Its called the 7-day jumpstart. Its a proven 7-day program to give you outrageous results in the shortest time possible. Follow it and you will instantly melt fat, boost your metabolism and look and feel more youthful and energetic. Unlike many other programs which leave you grumpy and hungry or require you to resort to powdery shakes, pills and expensive equipment. This is radically different!

NO counting calories, carbs and fat grams. NO impossible exercises. NO crazy foods or starvation. Just results you can see and feel in a matter of days.

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Diets That Work for Women Over 50 –

Long Term WLS / VSG – Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Tijuana Mexico

Dec, 30th 2017 7:42 am, Article Recommended by Dr. J. Smith

Bariatric Surgery in Tijuana Mexico with Long Term WLS/VSG and Dr. Jorge Maytorena, specializing in Gastric Sleeve Surgery.”Long Term WLS/VSG” Mexico’s premium bariatric group providing affordable weight loss surgery to cost conscious American and Canadian bariatric patients.

In Long Term WLS/VSG we specialize in laparoscopic bariatric procedures, our bariatric Surgeon Dr. Jorge Maytorena with over 4000 successful bariatric procedures performed has become the best choice for gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana Mexico. Our team of professional and certified surgeons Dr. Ary Zarate joined our bariatric program along side our chief bariatric surgeon Dr. Jorge Maytorena.

Our team is a very skillful and knowledgeable, here are some of the bariatric procedures we offer:

Gastric Sleeve Surgery, Gastric Bypass Surgery , Gastric Sleeve SADI- S , Revision Surgery, Duodenal Switch Surgery , Mini Gastric Bypass.

In LTWLS/VSG we understand our patients needs, besides offering and guaranteeing high quality health care, we modified some of our bariatric procedures cost to an amazing affordable price according to every one of our patients budget.

Long Term WLS/VSG and Dr. Maytorena are able to provide an affordable weight loss surgery price by the fact that we have a genuine approach to the wellness of our patients, and therefore we decided to become the most accessible and affordable option for bariatric surgery in the city.

By designing many advertisement strategies that allow us to approach patients through lower prices and broader reach LTWLS/VSG has become the leading choice for bariatric surgery in Tijuana Mexico.

Gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico with Long Term WLS/VSG and Dr. Jorge Maytorena starts at $2,999 Dlls. With time and certain factors surgery costs will gradually return to its regular price of $4,500 USD.

In Long Term WLS/VSG , we always offer the best quality in our medical services, equipment and supplies. The security of our weight loss surgery patients is our main objective so by providing premium medications from the best and most recommended pharmaceutical brands we can guarantee quality and safety to our patients.

Can you picture yourself wearing the clothes you like? Can you imagine going to the beach and just enjoy the day, the sun and friends, feeling sexy and gorgeous, and showing the real you? What about recovering that intimacy we all so deeply care bout? Retrieve the confidence in yourself! Smile and get ready for your new you, the person you deserve to be.

If you or someone you know is struggling with severe obesity and suffering from related health conditions, we can help!! Read more…

We are leaded by bariatric surgeon Dr. Jorge Maytorena, the best weight loss surgery in Tijuana. Our staff is genuinely dedicated to helping you make long-lasting life changes with our variety of weight loss surgical procedures. From advanced minimally invasive surgery techniques to realistic after-care programs, we help our patients walk an enduring path of healthy weight management to lead a healthier, fuller life.

If you or someone you know is struggling with severe obesity and suffering from related health conditions, we can help!! Read more…

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Long Term WLS / VSG – Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Tijuana Mexico

HCG Medical Weight Loss Olympia Compounding Pharmacy

Dec, 29th 2017 11:44 am, Article Recommended by Dr. J. Smith

What is it?

Human Chorionic Gonadatropin, commonly referred to as HCG is a hormone produced in women during pregnancy. HCGs primary function is to provide nourishment to the fetus by burning the fat stores from the mothers body.

Research has suggested that HCG may be beneficial on tackling obesity, which has become a serious problem in the United States. Currently, about 1 in 3 adults are considered obese in the U.S.

Real HCG can only be obtained with a prescription from a licensed physician. HCG is available as an injectable, a sublingual tablet or as a cream.

The recommended daily caloric intake for the HCG diet is 500 800 calories. Normally, with this very low number of calories, the body goes into what is referred to as starvation mode and begins to store more fat.However, advocates of the HCG diet contend that with the daily use of HCG, the Hypothalamus, which is located in the brain, is made to burn the excess fat instead of storing it.

This effect on the Hypothalamus is also believed to help the body maintain its muscle mass throughout the low calorie diet. The use of HCG is also believed to curb hunger.

Using HCG together with a low calorie diet has resulted in weight loss of 1-2 pounds per day for many patients.

The HCG diet must be administered and supervised by a physician who is knowledgeable on the program. While the specifics may vary slightly from physician to physician, the basic fundamentals include maintaining a low calorie diet, while administering HCG daily for 30-45 days.

The diet is normally in the range of 500-800 calories per day while the dose of HCG is usually 125iu to 200iu daily. The time period is 30-45 days only. The body builds up a resistance to HCG and must be allowed 3-6 months before starting the diet again.

Using HCG together with a low calorie diet has resulted in weight loss of 1-2 pounds per day for many patients.

The most common way to administer HCG is through a daily subcutaneous injection. This is an injection just under the skin in the abdominal area with a very small needle (usually 30 gauge).

HCG can also be administered as a daily sublingual tablet (dissolves under the tongue) or through a daily application of transdermal cream. The dosage form is usually based on the discretion of the physician prescribing the program.

Olympia can compound HCG in any dosage form prescribed.

The process by which injectable HCG is produced in the lab is called lyophilization. Olympia Pharmacy maintains the largest lyophilization facility in the Eastern United States which allows the highest quality HCG and most affordable prices.

Olympia offers a full HCG weight loss program for medical practices. Please call 888-323-7788 for more information.

Download HCG RX form HERE

HCG must be obtained with a prescription from a licensed physician. Following the procedures on this page will simplify the process.

Please fill out the contact form to the right or call 407-673-2222 for more information.

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HCG Medical Weight Loss Olympia Compounding Pharmacy

Hickory Weight Loss Medical Weight Loss using HCG …

Dec, 29th 2017 11:44 am, Article Recommended by Dr. J. Smith

Medical HCG Injections

Our medical weight loss program has been developed by doctors and nutritionists through research and clinical experience. Our Medical HCG Injections help reduce fat deposits and convert them into usable energy while sparing important muscle mass. *Results may vary with each patient.

KETO QUEST is a ketogenic diet that has proven successful in helping people lose weight and keep it off. Our program has three areas of focus. 1. DIET – low carb and QUEST protein products, 2. INJECTIONS – LIPO-B12 to help keep you in ketosis, and 3. EXERCISE – with 9ROUND partnership.

Ideal Protein is a medically developed ketogenic-based diet program that focuses on weight loss, followed by a smarter eating education to support better lifestyle changes. Ideal Protein has over 60 different delicious protein products to choose from. Results may vary with each patient.

Hickory Weight Loss puts your well-being first. We offer a quick weight loss program using HCG injection and an Ideal Protein program which is a medically developed ketogenic-based diet program. We truly want you to live happier, healthier. Results may vary with each patient.

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Hickory Weight Loss Medical Weight Loss using HCG …

HCG Miami Weight Loss Injection Shots & Diet – Cost $5/Day

Dec, 27th 2017 1:44 am, Article Recommended by Dr. J. Smith

HCG Weight Loss Diet and Injection Shots in Miami

The use of treatments like HCG weight loss injections have become a very fashionable statement as of lately. The HCG diet gained a massive surge of popularity for its effective use in stimulating the loss of body fat in both male and female patients. But many dont understand the basic principles behind HCG Weight Loss Treatment. HCG is used to kick start the hormone gland of our patients, effectively promoting production of our bodies natural hormones. These hormones are responsible for our bodys production of testosterone, by receiving regular HCG injections patients are able to drop pounds like never before, all while staying healthy and lowering their overall calorie count.

Speaking on average, patients undergoing HCG injection treatment in Miami, experience a loss of one to two pound on a daily basis. This is caused largely by an increased metabolism that begins to work harder than ever once production of testosterone begins again. However, patients who consider getting HCG Injection Shots in Miami, need to remember that HCG Injections should be thought of as a tool to start an overall weight loss goal. HCG treatment should be backed by regular exercise and a focus on health eating habits to ensure long-term success.

With the number of overweight and obese members of the population steadily rising, weight loss has become a serious goal for many people, and as we age it becomes harder and harder for our body to shed those extra pounds, no matter how motivated we are. When looking for weight loss options it can be difficult to discern between viable treatment options and trendy diets or treatments that are without merit. Luckily, the numbers are heavily in HCG Treatments favor.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, HCG for short, is a hormone that is naturally produced in the human body. This hormone has been used to treat things like infertility for a long-time, but today, many focus on the weight loss benefits. HCG helps revitalize our bodys metabolism, reviving our bodys natural fat burning mechanisms. By taking HCG regularly, we are encouraging your body to burn fat faster and more effectively. The validity of this treatment is shown greatly by our patients ability to lose their most stubborn portions of body fat with relative ease. Best of all this natural treatment helps patients lose an average of a pound a day without leaving them with feelings of fatigue or hunger!

HCGs benefits do not end there, HCG Weight loss in Miami can reduce the risk of health problems that arise due to obesity and excessive weight, it helps improve patients self-esteem, reduce blood pressure, and even lower levels of blood glucose and cholesterol.

If you are struggling with your weight, do not miss out on this amazing opportunity. Set up a consultation with one of our on-site specialists, and begin taking the steps you need to regain that youthful feeling and appearance.

Our on-site physicians will care for you by giving you the individualized treatment you deserve. We perform a complete analysis on all of our patients before beginning treatment. This way we can understand your bodys natural chemistry, designing a treatment plan specifically for your needs. And it doesnt end there, our staff will help create a personalized diet for you to follow after treatment, this will help ensure long-lasting results.

Spectrum HRT

Phone: +1 866-306-8139

cash, check, credit card, invoice, paypal

51 SW 42nd Ave #104

Miami, Florida 33134




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compound pharmacy

Anti Aging

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Florida Medical License

Spectrum HRT

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HCG Miami Weight Loss Injection Shots & Diet – Cost $5/Day

Lose Weight Fast Incinerate Belly Fat in as Little as 7 …

Dec, 27th 2017 1:44 am, Article Recommended by Dr. J. Smith

When trying to lose weight fast, we will, at times, procrastinate about almost anything. Paying bills, making dinner, or even painting the garage will get put off until the very last minute. So, why would your weight loss goals for this year be any different?

There are only a few months left in the year and youre still quite a few pounds away from the goal that you set. You really only have two options at this point. You can just throw in the towel and start all over next year; or you can get cracking, lose the weight, and accomplish your goals!

If youre still reading this and havent walked away, that must mean youve decided to lose the weight before you run out of time. The clock is running, so follow these tips to lose weight fast.

Lets just get the bad news out of the way first. In order to lose weight, your body needs to be running on a calorie deficit. If youre following all of the other tips to a tee, but arent burning more calories than youre consuming, youll end up living in weight loss purgatory.

Now that we got the bad news out of the way, there is some good news pertaining to calorie restriction. Technology has made it easier than ever to determine how many calories you should be trying to get in order to achieve your desired weight.

Online calorie counters, as well as apps on your mobile device, will eliminate the outdated process of writing down everything you eat per day and then looking up its caloric value.

Okay, the first two tips probably made you think that trying to drop weight fast is going to be an extremely unpleasant task. What if I told you that packing on some lean muscle mass is also an important factor in dropping pounds quickly? Things are sounding better, right?

Think about this, 10 pounds of lean muscle can burn 50 calories at rest, while the same weight in fat only burns about 20 calories at rest. This is a pretty significant difference if you consider that theres absolutely no effort that goes into this. You just sit there and burn more calories when you have more muscle.

If your goal is to lose weight as fast as possible, then youre going to need to know what the fastest way to build muscle is then, wont you? When youre in the weight room, stick to compound movements that target more than one muscle group at a time.

Spending too much time on isolation exercises isnt very time efficient because they only target one specific muscle group at a time. The more muscle groups and joints you can hit in an exercise, the better. You cant go wrong with squats, presses, and deadliftsthe basics.

As we stated previously, cutting some calories out will be imperative, but what calories will you need to cut? Although carbohydrates have received some undeserved criticism over the last decade, they will be something to watch out for right now.

If your priority was endurance or performance, then you would not be able to successfully operate without them. However, since our goal is losing weight quickly, there wont be a reason to carb up right now. The number of carbs that you will need to drop will depend on:

With all of the factors that determine the amount of carbs you should be consuming, its clearly not an exact science. The best way to start out is by simply removing refined wheats and foods with added sugars from your diet.

Then you can begin to remove other carbohydrate sources as well. Here is a pretty basic sample of good and bad foods for a typical low-carb diet:



Testosterones role on body fat has been receiving a lot of attention over the last few years. It plays a crucial part in the way our body balances glucose, insulin, and the metabolism of fat. Unfortunately, men will gradually decrease their testosterone production during middle age.

Basically, if youre over the age of 30, declining, testosterone levels could make you feel like youre fighting an uphill battle when it comes to weight loss. This doesnt mean that you have to hang your head in defeat.

There are several ways that you can naturally boost your testosterone levels and some of them we have already covered.

Possibly the easiest tip on this list, drinking a cup of black coffee between meals can help you burn some calories ASAP. Coffee speeds up your metabolism and can increase your daily energy expenditure.

The caffeine in the coffee is really what does all the work. Caffeine is a stimulant that causes an effect called thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is induced what happens when your body heat rises due to calorie burning.

Ever drink a cup of coffee or eat a large meal and start sweating? If so, then youve experienced the power of the thermogenic effect firsthand. Just be sure that your coffee is black; no added sweeteners.

You still have some time to reach that target bodyweight that you promised yourself. It will take hard work, discipline, and consistency; but the compliments you receive, combined with the pride of your accomplishment, will make it all worth it.

Lose Weight Fast Incinerate Belly Fat in as Little as 7 …

organic food – WebMD

Dec, 21st 2017 1:43 am, Article Recommended by Dr. J. Smith


1) Thinkstock

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organic food – WebMD


Dec, 18th 2017 11:41 pm, Article Recommended by Dr. J. Smith

Weight that’s resistant toloss.Despite following the advice of the “diet dictocrats” with initials and associations behind their names.

Weight that keeps coming back.How many people do we know that joined a weight loss program more than once?

Hunger and the feeling of deprivation.Feeling resentful because it seems that others can enjoy life withoutthese problems.

An epidemic of high blood sugar (A1C). Among differentbody sizes and ages.

An epidemic of hypertension.”Essential hypertension” refers to high blood pressure that the physician has no inclination to find the source for.It is easier and quicker to prescribe for symptoms.Oh, they might go through the cursory exam for the liver but that most often reveals nothing unusual and it stops there.

Together, the symptoms of elevated weight, blood sugar and blood pressure aretoday known as “Metabolic Syndrome” or “Syndrome X.”

Yet, in the 1950s a European doctor identified a natural substance thatlowers weight,blood sugar andblood pressure.Long before this triad was to acquirepandemic syndrome status.

We’ll let you in on the Secret Solution some have found.

Why don’t people know about it?It was only affordable to the wealthy because they could afford the time to be his inpatientand they had the money to pay for it.

Well, now it doesn’t require that you leave your daily life and go retreat somewhere.

Now you can keep your daily life with no disruption. It’s convenient.

And you don’t need to sign over your retirement money. It’s affordable.

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HGH injections for sale , buy human growth hormone from …

Dec, 18th 2017 11:40 pm, Article Recommended by Dr. J. Smith

Human growth hormone it is secreted by the pituitary gland, and is responsible for most of the processes in the body. It helps the human body recover from exercising, can prevent infections and the process of aging.

We have to note that human growth hormone does not directly affects our organs. In process of secretion it simply acts like a messenger, after the blood stream passes into the liver, where it is start to move throughout the body, affecting cells and tissues.

But as we know secretion of growth hormone after the age of 21 relies on smaller and smaller amounts. Scientists have noted that in 10 years the amount of growth hormone reduces between 10-15%. That is why most of the people after age 30 start to experience the first symptoms of aging: weakness, apathy, general decreasing of health, etc.

Scientists have found a way to maximize life span for those people who want to stay beautiful and healthy for a long time and its injection of human growth hormone. Compared to the 1980s human growth hormone, it is made synthetically and is safe for our health. In addition, modern technology has allowed creation of such a hormone that stimulates the pituitary gland to release of additional portion of growth hormone.

Some HGH injections for sale as well as steroids are illegal. Any distribution of growth hormone on the black market, especially for non-medical purposes, is illegal by law. No matter whats on todays market there are many places that sell HGH injections for low prices but they are selling non-certified medications which cannot guarantee safety.All that does not stop athletes, who want to achieve better results in a short period of time, to buy such drugs and put their health and lives under risk. Due to high levels of testosterone and growth hormone, they cannot be eligible to receive a prescription and purchase high quality medications.

In fact, the process of buying takes time but its worth it:

As you can see, the process of obtaining a prescription for HGH injections is not as complicated as it seems at the beginning. Especially when you can get an injection of growth hormone at prices significantly below the market average, and by purchasing 3 month program you can save a lot.

We have to notice the fact that the HGH injections cost will go down every year, and all because scientists are inventing new and easier ways to synthesize medications. For example, in 1980s the cost of human growth hormone injections was $1000 for one injection, because it was emitted from the pituitary gland of dead animals and humans. In that time it was a medicine for the rich only but now the prices are pretty reasonable, which allows absolutely everyone to feel the effects of this miraculous drug.

The market is filled with a variety of human growth hormone injections for sale. Our company offers a fast and easy way to get a prescription for growth hormone. As mentioned above, all you need to do is to fill out the form and submit the appropriate tests, after which the doctor will determine if you need these injections or not.

You can be sure by getting a prescription from our company that you will receive high quality injections that have been certified, and meet all the standards. It will minimize the chance of side effects that may occur while taking low quality HGH injections.

So, where to get growth hormone injection? As a controlled medication, human growth hormone cannot be purchased anywhere. Not even every pharmacy offers HGH injectable for sale, as this is not a common over-the-counter drug. Many patients wonder how come they see HGH products in pharmacies, available without any prescription. The truth is these products do not contain any real growth hormone, they just (supposedly) stimulate the body to produce more of its own HGH.

A real HGH injection for sale, containing actual growth hormone, can be available in pharmacies or can be purchased from some doctors, who have expertise in hormone replacement therapy. If you need a faster and easier way to buy your HGH injections, online retailers are another option.

How can I get HGH injections online, you may wonder. The procedure is similar to purchasing any other product online, except that you will need a prescription to buy HGH. Most suppliers offer this service as well: their staff doctors can analyze your blood test data and your medical history to determine whether you need HGH replacement therapy and what dosage will work for you.

HGH injection price is relatively high, but the overall cost will depend on your individual needs and the brand you choose to purchase. Various manufacturers offer HGH injections for sale at a price anywhere between $8 and $25 per IU. How many IUs per injection and how many injections per week you need will be stated in your prescription (the dosage is determined based on the patients current HGH level and weight). You can get better HGH injection price if you order the medication online and go for a less expensive brand.

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HGH injections for sale , buy human growth hormone from …

Best Weight Loss Programs and Diets That Work

Dec, 18th 2017 2:41 am, Article Recommended by Dr. J. Smith

The best weight loss programs (Editor’s picks – subject to change).

Weight Watchers is regarded as one of the most successful diets for many. The new plans make it even easier.

Suitable if you: Are looking for something with a proven track record.Not suitable if you: aren’t prepared to spend a little extra.

Read more…

A comprehensive weight loss program from the most respected health clinic in the country.

Suitable if you: You want something well-balanced without any major restrictions.

Read more…

Nutrisystem has both fans and critics. The food is definitely not to everyone’s taste, but it is the most affordable of all meal delivery services.

Suitable if you: Are looking for a cheap option for delivered food.Not suitable if you: can’t stand the taste of packaged foods.

Read more…

Paleo has become very popular, and adopted by hundreds of thousands. TIP: To get started, join up with an online program.

Suitable if you: want to get healthier while losing fat…Not suitable if you: aren’t willing to make significant adjustments to the foods you eat.

Read more…

The South Beach has stood the test of time, with hundreds of thousands finding success over the last 8 years.

Suitable if you: Want a balanced diet that doesn’t obsess about low-fat content or counting points.

Read more…

Suitable if you: Are overwhelmed by your weight – or are more than 75 pounds overweight.Not suitable if you: are only a little overweight.

Read more…

“I just wanted to say how great this site is. The Macro-Nutrient and Daily Calorie Needs calculators I use all the time. Thank you!”

– Terra

Some links are affiliate links, so if you decide to purchase a book or plan listed, you will be helping us. 2017

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Best Weight Loss Programs and Diets That Work