HCG PROTOCOL hCG Diet Injections Prescribed by Doctor

Jan, 7th 2018 4:41 pm, Article Recommended by Dr. J. Smith

in just 3 weeks

*Individual results vary, but typical weight loss is between 2-3kgs per week

^HCGPROTOCOL provide pharmaceutical grade hCG by prescription from our doctor.

(available by either hCG injections or hCG sub-lingual spray)

We are located in Melbourne with 3 clinic locations: Port Melbourne, Oakleigh & St Kilda Road and offer our program to patients Australia wide with consultations viaSkype.

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What is hCG? hCG (human Chorionic Gonadotrophin) is a biologically natural hormone that is produced in abundance in women during pregnancy, at which time its purpose is to use stored fat to nourish the developing fetuswhilst preserving the mothers muscle tone. When used in weight loss, hCG allows the body to mimic these effects on the bodyallowing you to readily access your fat stores. What many of us find so frustrating about stubborn fat deposits is that no amount of dieting or exercise seems to have an impact. The body seems to hold on to the fat no matter what you do. But they are accessible with hCG! It is also just as effective in males as it is in female; infact men tend to lose more weight, more quickly!

The hCG diet was originally developed by Dr. A.T.W. Simeonsa British endocrinologist who established a clinic in Italy in the 1950s, specialising in the treatment of clinically obese patients. Dr Simeons spent 40 years of his life in research and clinical observation of thousands of cases, leading to the concept of the hCG diet, which he documented in his manuscript Pounds and Inches.

In this manuscript Dr Simeons outlines his clinical observationsamongst them the discovery that hCG is effective in the treatment of fat loss when combined with a VLCD (very low calorie diet) as the body gets all of the nutrition it needs from stored fat reserves. Acting in this way, whilst undergoing an hCG diet weight loss cycle your appetite reduces, with no experience of hunger; such as would be certain without its effect in your system. It was further observed that hCG seemed to work to reset the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is a master gland that regulates most of your bodys hormones, including metabolism and fat storage. The active hCG diet protocol cycle gets the weight to drop off quickly (average fatloss is 7kg in 3 weeksbut some lose even more); then with the hypothalamus set on the right trackand with guidance for some simple lifestyle strategies we can assist you tokeep the weight off permanently!!!

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No more worrying about exercising those abs or thighs like crazy, in hope of some miracle spot reductionhCG looks after this for you, resulting in more even fat distribution and more desirable overall shape.

For those who need to lose up to 7kg a 3 week hCG diet program is recommendedor those with more than 7kg to lose can opt to undergo a 6 week course. Alternatively, you may chose to undertake 2 separate 3 week programs, to give you a break in-between.

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HCG PROTOCOL hCG Diet Injections Prescribed by Doctor