Diet Center Review (UPDATE: 2018) | 12 Things You Need to Know

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Diet Center is a program that focuses on weight loss for men and women. As with many other weight loss programs, Diet Center claims to have the most effective program. Aside from a few stock-looking before and after photos on their website, we did not find any clinical information that supported their claim.

Diet programs and supplements alike use unique and attention-grabbing language to engage prospective buyers. To help us sort through the real facts and determine the accuracy of Diet Centers claim, we signed up our research team to do some legwork. Here is what they found out.

Diet Center can be purchased through their Official Site.


Diet Center is a weight loss program that is intended for both men and women. Users of all genders are offered Diet Fast, 21-Day Diet, Exclusively You, and Shape Up diet plans.

The program is available across the United States so scheduling a consultation with an expert health representative nearby is relatively easy. Online consultations are also available.

To deliver optimum weight loss results, the experienced health coaches provide meal preparation tips, behavioral guidance, nutritional supplementation, and online support.

This is how much it costs to start on the respective program. We always recommend trying a product before making a large investment.

The program started in 1973. Aside from in-person coaching, there exists an online community that assists clients in achieving their weight loss goals.

To encourage people who dont already use the program, the Diet Center website also lists real success stories of users who have experienced tremendous weight loss or improved health.

Lastly, they have a store offering various supplements that are specially designed to prevent weight gain and promote weight loss.

To date, the company has already helped approximately 15 million people lose a significant amount of weight.

To deliver the best possible results, the companys team of researchers and dietitians continues to monitor the latest advancements and nutritional studies that could further optimize the quality of the products they offer.

The company promises to continue to deliver and create highly customized weight loss regimens. Each plan is tailored to each clients needs and desires.

Each product launched in the market was subjected to rigorous studies, taste tests, quality assurance, and nutritional analysis to ensure that they deliver expected results.

Being accessible at most times is perhaps one of the reasons why this product works. If clients are having difficulties in understanding or following their guides, the Diet Center health care professionals are just a phone call away.

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The Diet Center claimed that they have the most effective weight loss regimen. Unlike other weight loss products, Diet Center delivers results because each plan is specially customized to the bodys current condition and needs.

The company works under a premise that a diet plan may not work well for everyone. Researchers believe that human bodies have different needs and chemistries, thus, what works for one may not work for others.

This premise inspired them to create comprehensive diet plans that are customized to the clients specific needs, availability, and requirements.

In the spirit of helping every dieter, Diet Center offers carefully planned healthy meals to those who dont have the luxury of time to cook as well as exciting and enticing recipes and guides to those who love being in the kitchen preparing food.

Along with these food options are supplements that are formulated to boost the results of the clients weight loss efforts.


The Diet Center Fiber capsules consist of psyllium seed husks, citrus pectin, and artichoke.

Below are the details on how these ingredients promote weight loss:

Psyllium Seed Husks

Psyllium has profound positive effects on the human body. Research showed that it contains potent substances that are particularly useful in promoting weight loss.

Taken from the plant Plantago ovata, psyllium has rich fiber content, according to Fiber is known for its weight loss contributions.

Once ingested, this type of fiber draws water from the colon, and it immediately forms into a gel.

This process keeps people full for a period, which prevents them from taking in more calories.

When taken in high dosage, psyllium can help in reducing appetite.

Citrus Pectin

According to Dr Axe, pectin is a type of carbohydrate extracted from seeds, fruits, and vegetables. It is rich in fiber which is useful in treating or fighting some health conditions including constipation, diabetes, and other digestive issues.

Its soluble fiber content works by binding together all toxins, cholesterol, and other fatty substances found in the digestive tract. The substance will then trigger the elimination of this mass formation.

Thus, pectin plays a role in promoting detoxification and good gut health. This is why pectin works as a weight loss supplement.

Pectin is also believed to be effective at regulating the bodys blood sugar levels. When left unregulated, the spike in blood sugar will trigger constant food cravings which will ultimately lead to weight gain.

Pectin may also be useful in breaking down fats into fatty acids.


Artichoke is an herb that is also used in many weight loss products.

A study revealed that artichoke contains potent substances that are useful in suppressing appetite as well as in boosting ones metabolism.

Aside from promoting weight loss, artichokes may also have profound effects on lowering the bodys cholesterol, improving digestion, and regulating the blood. All of these may contribute to weight gain when left untreated.

Artichoke may also regulate weight management due to its natural diuretic properties. It improves kidney function and removes water retention, writes

Studies revealed that the use of natural anti-diuretics might enable the patient to lose 5-10 pounds within just a week.

Meanwhile, its ability to flush out toxins may also result in weight loss.

Does It Work?

Diet Center offers four different diet plans which include the Instant Shape Up, Diet Fast, Exclusively You, and the 21-Day Diet.

Below are details of each diet plan.

This program is ideal for men and women who love preparing their meals.

Users have to go through an enrollment process. In this process, they learn the about the right amount of calories they would need in each meal.

Once the caloric level is determined, the client will receive meal planners, diet resources, recipe guides, and other useful materials.

This program follows the four phases of losing weight which include maintenance, stabilization, reducing and conditioning.

The main focus of the program is to provide exercise tips, behavioral guidance, as well as lessons on better food choices and healthier eating habits.

The program does not require consumers to purchase food products from their stores only. They can buy food supplies from the local grocery stores near them, but there are some Diet Center products which they can incorporate into their daily diet and lifestyle.

Diet Center offers protein snacks, entre options, meal replacements, and fat-burning products, among others.

When youre on a diet, it is very likely that your body will lack various nutrients that are essential to keep it at the optimum.

With the Diet Center program , your body still gets an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals through their chewable supplements.

The Diet Center Chewable supplements come with ample amount of ingredients that are necessary to keep the body sugar at the optimum level.

Also, the supplements are designed to curb hunger or appetite and to help metabolize carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

With Diet Center, your body still achieves nutritional balance despite being on a diet. Your diet counselor will give you personalized tips to overcome various obstacles that hinder you from achieving your weight loss goals.

Tips on how to achieve and maintain your weight loss goals will also be given.

However, the program doesnt stop at giving supplements and helping clients achieve their desired body weight and size. Your local weight loss counselor will also recommend exercise or workout plans are tailored to your daily activities and needs.

Diet Center also aims to help clients sustain and maintain their desired weight level for a lifetime. Thus, the company will be sending out healthy lifestyle tips on a weekly basis.

Also, they make sure that you get customized one-on-one consultations with your counselors to discuss more effective lifestyle changes and adjustments for better results.

If you cant find the time to prepare your own healthy and nutritious meals, then this program is right for you. It offers an aggressive meal plan that contains high protein and low carbohydrates.

Instant Shape Up involves the intake of three shakes or replacement bars followed by a meal comprised of ingredients purchased from the local grocery store.

The program is relatively easy to follow. The replacement products are available in 9 different flavors, but all contain lots of vitamins and minerals to achieve nutritional balance.

In this program, the Diet Center Chewable Supplements will be used with the addition of the Diet Center Fiber Capsules or Fulfill Drinks. Once enrolled, users are entitled to a two-week supply of Diet Center fiber capsules and chewable supplements.

Fibers are widely known for their ability to promote weight loss. There are types of fibers which are not digested by the body. This type of fiber will pass through your stomach and colon without being digested. In effect, your sugar level will not spike, states WebMD.

When blood sugar levels rise, food cravings usually follow. But in this case, the fibers ingested will make the user feel full and satiated for a long period. In effect, hunger is suppressed.

Just like Exclusively You, Instant Shape Up is designed to help clients eliminate their poor eating habits that only result in weight gain. As the program progresses, the clients will learn to view food in a different perspective.

According to experts, peoples attitudes towards food should change significantly for them to obtain their weight loss goals and maintain them throughout their lifetimes.

Despite the massive efforts they exert in controlling their food intake, many people are still having difficulties in shedding pounds. This leads to frustrations and eventually, they give up on their goals.

With Diet Center Diet Fast program, consumers can get their bodys much-needed nutrients while achieving their weight loss goals. This is made possible through the companys comprehensive meal plans.

The program offers healthy replacement meals including shakes, puddings, drinks, and bars that are specially formulated to help burn fats, enhance metabolism, and curb hunger.

They offer food options with ingredients that are known for their fat burning, low glycemic, high satiety, and high fiber contents. All of these properties are known to play significant roles in achieving weight loss.

In addition to their replacement meals, Diet Center also offers diverse supplements and products that synergize with these meals in order to get optimum weight loss results.

Clients who opted for this program will receive a two-week diet kit which includes a supply of Diet Center Fiber Capsules, Diet Center Chewable supplements, as well as the Vitamin & Minerals and Cal-Mag.

These products are specially formulated to deliver significant results on your weight loss efforts.

The promise of immediate, satisfactory results is what draws people to try out every weight loss product out there. Experts say that there is no easy way to achieve a well-toned and sexy body, but trying this 21-Day Diet Plan might work for you.

This program is designed to turn your body into a fat-burning engine. It makes use of a water enhancer and protein supplements to stimulate the bodys natural thermogenic activities. Thermogenesis is the process in which the body burns down calories and turns them into heat.

The Maximum Strength 24 Hour Thermogenic Liquid Water Enhancer contains chromium polyinosine, which helps in reducing sugar cravings as well as in regulating ones appetite.

It also includes hoodia, which also suppresses the appetite and calcium pyruvate, which works best in increasing metabolism as well as in burning fats more efficiently.

The Diet Center gold premium protein supplements are specially formulated to prevent hunger and burn a significant amount of fat.

The users will also be required to take the Advanced Fat Burning 24-Hour Thermogenic Water Enhancer. This product will boost the bodys ability to metabolize fat.

Consumers will be required to take Diet Center chewable supplements to curb their hunger, stabilize blood sugar levels, and burn fat.


Since Diet Center diet plans are customized to the clients caloric need and lifestyle factors, incredible results are expected quickly.

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