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Aug, 23rd 2017 5:47 am, Article Recommended by Dr. J. Smith

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. An insurance agency in California has been leveled with a$200,000 administrative penalty for declining to cover cosmetic procedures and other gender transition-related services for seven patients in the state who identify as transgender.

TheCalifornia Department of Managed Health Care recently sent a letter to Health Net to outline its findings following an investigation in regard to the companys policies and practices surrounding gender reassignment surgeries.

Between December 2013 and February 2015, the plan and/or its delegated medicalgroups denied requests from seven enrollees for medical services in relation to genderreassignment on the basis that the services were not covered benefits, in violation ofthe Insurance Gender Nondiscrimination Act of 2006, the department wrote.

The cited state law prohibits insurance agencies from denying benefits to patients because of their gender identity.

As a result of the plan and/or its delegated medical groups denial, seven enrolleeswere denied health care services such as consultation, testosterone injections, genderreassignment surgery, bilateral mastectomy, and facial feminization surgery, the letter noted.

In three of the seven cases, the plan denied on the basis that the requested serviceswere cosmetic in nature, and therefore not covered, it further explained. In two of these cases, the planrelied on a categorical limitation in the EOC (evidence of coverage) that limited covered services to thetransgender surgery, and excluded all other services beyond the actual surgery.

Health Nets policies prohibit coverage of procedures meant to change ones physical characteristics to be like those of the opposite gender.

But regulators state that this violates state law, and has determined that Health Net must pay a $200,000 administrative penalty. The company must also provide written confirmation that it has reviewed and revised its policies topreventany further coverage denials to those obtaining gender transition-related procedures. Those who were denied coverage in the past must either have their cases reevaluatedand/or be paid for out-of-pocket expenses.

Health Net has agreed to comply with the requested terms.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, theCalifornia Department of Managed Health Care has taken action against three other healthcare plans in the past in regard to their handling of those with gender dysphoria.

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California Insurance Agency Penalized for Not Covering ‘Cosmetic Procedures’ for ‘Gender Transitions’ – Christian News Network