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HCG Diet Drops For Weight Loss : Everything You Should …

24-06-2017 3:44 am

Imagine taking a natural hormone produced by the pregnant women and losing a lot of weight as a result, without any major side effects? Eat right, exercise and drink a lot of water a day and you will have a great body. A healthy body will just come from your hard work. Still even after exercising excessively and counting the calories you eat, all that seems to happen is you putting on a pound too many every week. That flat tummy seems like a dream, a vision or a kind of Photoshop people can pull off after all. However, it can really get frustrating and get to you if you always end up having to fight a battle you are losing miserably. There are easier ways to do the weight loss thing and ways that are less tiring and that help you prevent the frustrations and discouragement. Diet pills such as hcg diet drps are also time saving as now you do not have to waste time every day at the gym trying to work out this or that part of your body going to the gym, is not bad, it is just that with pills you wont have to go daily, twice a week will be sufficient.

Fortunately, this has been made possible, thanks to the HCG drops (named after the pregnancy hormone, HCG- Human Chorionic Gonadotropin).

Our main goal is to help you reach your weight loss goals. We have, therefore, compiled a detailed review below to help you discover important information before taking the HCG diet for weight loss.

In the simplest terms possible, HCG diet requires you to maintain a low-calorie diet, consuming calories that do not exceed 500 every day while take the HCG oral drops, injection, spray or pellets (in this case, we will focus on the drops diet).

As we hinted earlier on, HCG is a natural hormone produced by pregnant women to aid in successfully breaking down the body fats, thus aiding in the nutritional support of the unborn as well as maintaining the health of the mother. In other terms, the hormone regulates the body metabolism- the secret behind this diet as discovered in 1954 by Dr. Simeons (he published it in his renown manuscript, Pounds and Inches).

The health benefits of taking HCG go beyond shedding weight. Additional benefits reported by dieters after successfully losing weight with this diet include:

Does Hcg Drops Really Work?

Yes, HCG drops for weight loss actually works. The hundreds of thousands of HCG dieters expressing their satisfaction and successful weight loss after taking this diet is just enough evidence.

Once in the body, the hormone works tirelessly to reduce your appetite, maintain you normal energy levels, and ease the negative effects related to the low-calorie diet (e.g. mood swings and headaches). The hormone achieves all this by making your body process all the fat stores in your body effectively.

To enjoy the best results with HCG diet, you must follow the most effective weight loss protocol for HCG- the multiphase protocol. The protocol starts with the colon cleanse (optional), loading phase 1 (mandatory), phase 2 (longest and the most important), and phases 3 and 4 (involves tapering off the HCG hormone and re-acclimatizing the body to a less restrictive high-calorie diet). Well discuss the protocol shortly.

Following this protocol successfully not only helps you lose weight and burn fats, but it also alters your metabolism such that you maintain the weight loss for longer.

But in general, the effectiveness of the HCG drops diet you take heavily depends on the quality of the HCG drops you buy, and your determination to stick to the strict diet provided.

Decades after the publishing of Dr. Simeons Pounds and Inches, his HCG diet is still helping people lose a significant amount of weight in a short time.

The weight loss guru recommends the HCG drops in low doses per day. These are to be taken alongside a customized, extremely low-calorie diet. This diet comprises of consuming low amounts of carbohydrates and fats, high proteins, and 500 calories per day- with the goal of eliminating the adipose tissue without loss of any muscle tissue.The diet is implemented in stages/phases

4 HCG Diet Phases for HCG Drops Dieters:

Though Dr. Simeon’s does not recommend the use of phases in his protocol for effective weight and fats loss with HCG drops, many people have found it easier to understand and beneficial. The phases were developed by Kevin Trudeau, who re-introduced the HCG drops diet to the planet with his book-The Weight Loss Cure They Dont Want You to Know About.

HCG Phase 1:

This is the preparatory stage for the HCG weight loss diet, though many people tend to ignore it (probably because it was not part of the original diet protocol by Simeons). What should you do to prepare for the weight loss journey ahead? Here, we recommend you to read the Pounds and Inches and take the necessary measurements as you wait for your shipment to arrive. Additionally, Kevin Trudeau recommends cleansing your body, colon cleanses in particular, in order to maximize the effectiveness of the results you will get from the hormone.

HCG Phase 2:

HCG phase two is where your weight journey kicks off. Originally, the phase was designed to last for around 26 to 43 days, but some recent HCG diet drops allow you to reduce it to 15-45 days.

This part has been the most confusing of all because it contains three parts. Even Simeons found it awkward when trying to explain it in his book. Trudeau later lumped them into one part. It is much better to look at the three parts separately:

How to take the HCG drops? Simply hold them under the tongue for over 2 minutes to help absorb the HCG sublingually.

HCG Phase 3:

Commonly known as stabilization stage, this is the most important stage in your weight loss journey. It basically involves stabilizing your new weight for a period of 21 days. You stop taking the HCG drops completely and you are free to eat everything EXCEPT sugar and starch.

You dont want to gain or lose weight during this 3-week period following the last dosage weight. This explains why this phase is useful.

In his book Pounds and Inches Dr. Simeons explains that youre resetting your hypothalamus to the new body weight so that your body remembers it and prevents any possible weight gain in the future.After fully stabilizing the new weight, move on the fourth and the final stage:

HCG Phase 4:

Congratulations! You have successfully gone through all the above stages and your dreams of losing weight have become a reality. This means that you qualify for the final stage- the Maintenance stage.

Remember that you dont have any dietary restrictions at this stage. You also do not need to take the HCG drops anymore. What you simply need to do here is maintain what you have already acquired. This will last for up to three weeks.

NOTE: If you have a lot of weight to lose, you can go through the above HCG drops diet phases multiple times. Each time you complete the phases successfully, you have undergone a course or a round.

HCG Diet Food List

Drinks: Coffee, green tea.

Fruits: Apples, lemons, strawberries, orange, grapefruits.

Vegetables: Lettuce, asparagus, cucumbers, cabbage, fresh garlic, tomatoes, green onions, spinach, broccoli. Meat: fish (white), lean ground beef, chicken breast.

Snacks: Breadsticks, Melba toast.

Spices: Sea salt, basil, cumin, parsley, rosemary, onion powder, chili powder, cayenne, garlic powder, coriander.

Remember the following rules as well (in relation to the above food list):

For the drinks, they should only contain artificial sugar. Never add sugar, even to your coffee or tea. A bit of milk is safe to add in these drinks (but keep the limit to a spoonful, every 24 hours). ALWAYS keep this list on hand. It contains the only foods approved for the HCG drops main diet phase (Phase 2 or Core Phase). Stick to this list if you dont want to frustrate the HCG diet drops efforts to help you lose weight.

We have seen how best HCG drops helps you lose that extra weight. But a handful of side effects have been reported by HCG dieters which include:

Headaches: This is the most common side effect. During the first week of HCG drops diet, you are likely to experience headaches. Consider taking over the counter pain killer to relieve the pain. Taking a lot of water is also recommended. If the pain persists for over 10 days, visit your health care provider.

Dizziness: This one is fairly common (but temporary) and is associated with low carb, low-calorie HCG drops diet plan. It usually fades after the first week.

Constipation: This is expected given that youll be changing your eating habits- reducing the amount of food you eat. Thus, there will be less to excrete. Luckily, drinking a lot of water or taking mild sugar-free laxative can solve your troubles.

Rash: Though rare, skin rash is another possible side effect of HCG drops diet. Remember that your body is burning and consuming fats at an incredibly high rate when on HCG diet. The more fat cells your body consumes, the more normal toxins will build up in your body, causing the skin rash. Drink a lot of water to help flush out these toxins.

Other possible side effects include hair thinning, restlessness, fatigue, irritability, depression, etc.Its a good idea to note that the above negative effects of HCG drops diet carry from one individual to another. Most of these problems can be easily treated with common medications. Always consult your physician before settling on the HCG diet.

hCG Drops FAQs (Questions and Answers)

Frequently Asked Questions About HCG Drops

Q: Is HCG safe?

A: HCG droplets are completely safe for humans. HCG is hormone naturally produced by pregnant women and has no adverse effects on them. Thus, the introduction of HCG diet in your body only helps you shed a significant amount of weight, for a short period, and without any serious side effects.

Q: Who can use HCG drops diet?

A: Almost everyone can use this diet to lose weight- from males, females, young and old. However, some people who should avoid taking this diet include people whose BMI is less than 20, pregnant/nursing women, children below 18 years of age, and anyone with a serious health issue. Always consult with your doctor before taking the diet to see if you can use it.

Q: Will HCG hormone make men feminized?

A: No. The amount of HCG used for weight loss is extremely small to have such effects on men. Surprisingly, this hormone is used to improve sexual development in boys with underdeveloped gonads.

Q: What about the hunger while on the 500-calorie diet?

A: many people experience hunger while taking the HCG drops. The experience normally lasts for the first one or two weeks. Afterward, even taking pretty small portions makes you feel full due to the huge amounts of calories your body is enjoying from its fat reserves. The hunger that occurs during the first week of this diet can be eliminated by following the 2 loading days correctly.

Q: Will taking the low-calorie diet without the HCG diet help me lose weight?

A: The reason you are advised to take the 500-calorie diet plus HCG drops is that latter helps decrease hunger experience in addition to preventing the common symptoms associated with extremely low-calorie diets. If you wish, you can also take the low-calorie diet alone. But bearing in mind that it will be starving yourself, and you will feel miserable as a result, it is not worth the effort.

Q: Will eating all types of food while on HCG diet affect the weight loss results?

A: The creator of this diet, Dr. Simeons came up with a list of foods that you should follow if you want to lose weight. For more information on these foods, including how you should prepare them, refer to the List of Foods to Eat While on HCG Diet section on this post.

Q: What should I look for when buying the HCG drops diet?

A: Many brands have popped up, claiming to offer quality best hcg products that help you shed a lot of weight in not time. However, only a few of these products are genuine. Others might subject you to serious health complications, so always ensure you buy from a reputable brand. Consulting your friends, doctor, or looking for online reviews will help you land on top-quality HCG products.

The Bottom Line:

HCG drops diet continues to help overweight people shed significant pounds of weight in a short period. We recommend you to invest in this wonderful and all-natural diet and experience the benefits it comes with, firsthand.

Our full review above clearly explains each and every bit of information you need to know before you start taking the HCG drops for weight loss. You will get to know how the diet works, the benefits it comes with, how to implement it successfully, side effects (and how to treat/prevent them), and the list of foods you should take while under this diet.

We cant fail to recognize the efforts of Dr. Simeons, the creator of the HCG diets that has helped a lot of people combat the obesity beast. Pregnant or nursing women, kids below 18 years of age, and people with serious health problems are advised against taking this diet. Always consult your physician before taking this diet.

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HCG Diet Drops For Weight Loss : Everything You Should …

Celebrate Independence by Not Gaining Weight on the 4th and Start Dieting on the 5th – The Suburban Times

24-06-2017 3:44 am

Submitted by Don Doman

It is estimated that the average person puts on 10 pounds during the holiday season. We eat more often and we eat much richer foods during the holidays, so it is easy to put on pounds without realizing it. Most people think that they dont have to worry about gaining weight on the 4th of July, because its only one day. But so are Thanksgiving and the other big bird stuffing days. This year with the 4th being on Tuesday, we have Saturday, Sunday, and possibly Monday to get through before we ever arrive at the day of celebration.

Most of us could benefit by dieting. Different people have different reasons in going on a diet. Some people need to do it to improve their health conditions, while others simply want to fit into their small sized clothing. Whatever your reasons are, you should always remind yourself of them, so that you become more motivated in going through your diet.

A Ball Park frank with bun and condiments is 260 calories.

A Ball Park All Beef Hot Dog (With Bun, Ketchup, & Mustard) has 260 calories. 459 calories is the count for a 1/4 pound burger with a bun. Who eats just one of these backyard delicacies? Add in potato salad, deviled eggs, green bean casserole, ambrosia whip cream fruit salad, various pies, ice cream with toppings and you have a mountain of calories to overcome. Thats just part of the problem.

Lets say youre going to Aunt Amys house for the gathering of family and friends. Youve already sampled your own items to share. You know she always serves late, so you stop in at Arbys for a Smokehouse Pork Belly sandwich on the way to fortify yourself with 860 calories (550 from fat alone). If you add fries and a coke, youve already had more than some people in the world eat in a day . . . or several days. So, what should you have done?

The object of celebrating is to enjoy yourself, your family, and your friends.

First of all, you need a good nights sleep and a decent breakfast. When you eat your breakfast, it is best if you include eggs in it. This is because eggs are filled with quality protein called albumin. Aside from that, it can also provide you with energy giving nutrients. Thus, it can help you attain higher metabolism, and could make you more energetic throughout the day.

Youre going to bring a dish or two to share of course. Forget the canned Bushs baked beans to which you always add maple syrup, brown sugar, Grey Poupon Dijon, and half a pound of cooked bacon from Metro Market.

I recommend sliced cucumbers and apples soaking in rice vinegar with a touch of sea salt and ground pepper. Make plenty, so you can snack on them yourself. Food/salad dressings that contain vinegar actually help you in burning more fats. This is because they contain acetic acid, which can speed up your bodys ability of processing calories and fats.

You might also create a little fresh fruit salad. Chunks of cantaloupe, melon, and pineapple are fairly cheap currently. Throw them in a large bowl. With a little more rice vinegar and a couple tablespoons of frozen orange juice you can make a healthy dressing. Top off your mixture with a small container of blackberries for color and tartness and you are ready to go.

Eating fruits and vegetables is one of the best things to do to lose weight since they are filled with vitamins and minerals, as well as enzymes. However, it is best if you consume them in their raw form. This is because processing or cooking them would kill the essential nutrients and enzymes. After snacking on your own preparations you can still stop in at Arbys and even order the Smokehouse Pork Belly sandwich by itself. Eat the two or three strips of pork belly and throw the rest away. The pork belly has all the flavor anyway.

The 4th of July is a major holiday, but you dont have to overeat!

At the party go ahead an have a lite beer or two, or a glass of red wine, but nurse them. Dont bother with drinking lots of water unless the weather is really, really hot. Water can bloat you and make you feel uncomfortable. The object of a celebration is to enjoy yourself. Snack on your own items, enjoy a hot dog or two and a hamburger, but forget the buns and you might be able to have a piece of pie and still feel like you earned it. Consider that youre really just combining lunch and dinner.

If you have two or three parties like this from the first through the fourth, you should be able to walk away without much gain . . . if at all. Whenever Im confronted by a buffet meal, I always ask myself, Do I really like this food? Often the answer is, No. If the answer is no for you, then your decision to eat sparingly should be easily swallowed. Enjoying the food and the company should be your goal. Enjoying your food does not necessarily mean that you eat it as fast as you can. It means that you should savor it. Try to appreciate its looks, smell, taste, and texture. When you do that, you will have a more pleasant experience in eating. I have no solutions for annoying cousins and friends.

On the fifth of July you might even start thinking about a weight loss plan. If you need a little help, we have local author Dana Luchini who supervises diet plans. She says, Our Healthy-Aging Diet HCG Weight Loss Program is safe, effective and it offers consistent weight loss. Patients will also experience a reduction of risk factors for chronic health conditions. You can also visit the website, which has approximately one hundred articles on food and nutrition. Each article is vetted by the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University. With excellent local produce and fresh seafood almost at our doorsteps, the prospect of eating well and enjoying it more, while celebrating a holiday and a wonderful summer in Western Washington is a great possibility.

Follow this link:
Celebrate Independence by Not Gaining Weight on the 4th and Start Dieting on the 5th – The Suburban Times

Clique Media’s Hillary Kerr Feasts on Red Sauce in LA – Grub Street

24-06-2017 3:43 am

At Jon & Vinnys in Los Angeles. Photo: Bradley Meinz

As the co-founder of Clique Media Group the parent company behind WhoWhat Wear, Byrdie, MyDomaine, Obsessee, and College Fashionista Hillary Kerr has been on a mission to democratize and modernize the fashion industry since starting her company in 2006. (She just launched a mobile shopping app and a clubhouse for College Fashionistas members.) Kerr, who lives in West Hollywood, has a very Los Angeles diet, filled with kale salads and vegan chocolate mousse, but she mixes it up with vodka-sauce pizza and Russ & Daughters spreads (shipped in from New York, natch). Read all about it in this weeks Grub Street Diet.

Thursday, June 15 Im in Ojai at the Ojai Valley Inn for the last day of our annual executive retreat, which means my last day of quasi-decent resort food. I get up at 7 a.m. and head to the gym for 30 minutes. Before our day of meetings starts, I grab a turkey sausage, egg, and cheese on an English muffin, a small cup of blueberries, and a black, unsweetened iced tea at the hotel coffee shop.

We break at 12:30 p.m. for lunch, which is an assortment of salads, sandwiches, and a huge basket of fries. Naturally, I only want the fries, but Im an adult, so I load up my plate with an arugula salad; a mini caprese salad with cherry tomatoes and cherry bocconcini; half a bacon, turkey, and lettuce sandwich; and some fries. I dont love the turkey, so I take it out, add in the cherry tomatoes, and have a semi-BLT. Theres some sort of brownie situation for dessert that I try a bite of, but its not great, and I know Im going to feast tonight, so I leave it alone.

After a couple of brutal hours in traffic, I get home from Ojai and get ready for an earlyish dinner at one of my favorite places in Los Angeles: Jon & Vinnys. Its right by our house, and its definitely my go-to spot for work breakfasts and indulgent dinners. Tonight, Im particularly excited because my husband, Jonathan, and I are having dinner with one of my oldest, dearest friends from college and his new fiance. Theyve never been before.

Jon & Vinnys is truly special; the chef, Courtney Storer, is a wonderful human who makes the most insanely delicious pastas, pizzas, salads, and desserts, and the wine list is just gem after gem. I also love Helens, the tiny jewel box of a wine store in the back of Jon & Vinnys, which is my favorite place to buy bottles. We end up getting a chilled bottle of Il Poggione Brunello di Montalcino.

Aside from the wine, we order a feast: a gem-lettuce salad with Calabrian-chili dressing and bread crumbs; mozzarella sticks (the best Ive had since I was a kid); the El Chaparrito pizza with homemade chorizo; the Ham & Yeezy pizza with ham, vodka sauce, smoked mozzarella, and pickled fresno chilis; ranch dip for the crusts; the brilliant spicy fusilli; the cacio e pepe bucatini; meatballs with ricotta and garlic bread; and the chicken cutlet with a chicory side salad. Oh, and a chocolate-vanilla soft-serve twist. We make it through almost everything, but I send both pizza halves home with my friends. Cold pizza is my favorite breakfast, but it seems like the generous move, since its their first time.

My husband and I pass out almost immediately upon returning home, and sleep the good sleep of a thousand carbs.

Friday, June 16 My alarm goes off a little before 7 a.m., and I rush around trying to get ready before an 8 a.m. doctors appointment. I dont have time for a proper breakfast, but my husband makes me a to-go cup of tea and I eat a handful of raw almonds in the car on my way.

Im meeting a dear friend who works for Valentino for lunch, and we end up at one of our comfort spots: Du-pars in the Farmers Market on Third and Fairfax. Its an old-school diner thats been there since 1938, and we always get the same thing: a short stack of pancakes (possibly my favorite in L.A.) and a patty melt, both of which we share. Its a working lunch, and the bad thing is, we have so much to discuss; we end up leaving half the pancakes on the table, which makes me feel weirdly guilty. Im also drinking a ton of water, as per usual.

Ive decided to cook tonight, since Ive been on the road all week and am heading to New York in a couple of days, so I start searching for something thats heavy on greens and light on delicious carbs.

I crack open Melissa Clarks new cookbook, Dinner, and pick something almost at random before heading to the grocery store. Shes such an amazing recipe writer, and her recipes work practically perfectly for us 95 percent of the time. (I allow that the 5 percent error might be in my execution, rather than her skills.) Since my husband tends to work late on Fridays, I pick something that I will enjoy knocking out on my own: speedy roasted chicken with garlic, rosemary, and mustard. Im also making a big dinosaur-kale salad to go with it, also one of Clarks recipes and probably the thing I make the most. Because Im not a monster, and also have no willpower, I pick up a pretzel-bread baguette at the store, and use part of it to make croutons for the salad. Best of all: Jonathan gets home early enough to cook with me, which just makes everything better, as hes great at it. This dinner, plus the finale of House of Cards, is exactly what we need after a long week.

Saturday, June 17 Alarm goes off at 8 a.m. because I have a workout class that morning. I have the usual: a small handful of almonds and a cup of breakfast tea. I take a liter of water to class with me, and its gone by the time I get home. Im lightly starving at this point, but I must get ready for my business partners baby shower, so I dont have much time. I throw half of a container of Fage Greek yogurt into a bowl and wash a big handful of blueberries, which also go into the bowl, along with some leftover toasted coconut flakes. Ive never liked the flavor of coconut, but when its toasted, I am quite into it.

After getting ready and finishing wrapping presents, I head to Katherines baby shower, ready for lunch. Im in luck! The shower has made-to-order street tacos, so I get a chicken and a steak taco with onions, cilantro, and radishes, along with some grilled veggies and a little rice and beans. Its hot as hell, and Im driving, so I opt for fizzy water over the fruit-and-tequila drink. There are all kinds of gluten-free desserts, and I end up eating an oatmeal-chocolate-chip cookie (which is a little healthy-adjacent for my taste; if youre a cookie, be a cookie, you know?) and some strawberries, blackberries, and pineapple (perfect). Its the ideal baby shower: no games, no balloons, no presents, just good people and good food. I approve. I spend the rest of the afternoon being lazy (translation: reading magazines on the couch) and purging my closet, as you do. Lots more water along the way, as you do.

We have dinner plans with two of Jonathans friends. They are a Taurus-Virgo couple, just like us, but the real reason we get along is that they are just exceptional humans. They are the easiest semi-vegans in the world, and have taken us to some amazing places that youd never know are vegan, which is apparently the highest compliment. Normally, that phrase makes me roll my eyes, but in this case, its true. The destination tonight is Elf in Echo Park for veggie-forward food with a slight Moroccan vibe.

We start with their special watermelon, mint, and Feta salad, and then eat market greens with grilled halloumi, with oranges and cumin almonds. We have salt-cured potatoes that come with a mojo-verde sauce, which is kind of like the perfect mash-up of pesto and chimichurri. We order roasted oyster mushrooms with eggplant pure; fresh pasta carbonara; risotto with grilled pimento and smoked vegetables; and a khachapuri with muhammara and fresh greens, which is some sort of pastry-tart situation with marinated Feta, smoked mozzarella, roasted tomatoes, and red peppers. Its a lot, and truthfully, theres probably more Im missing. We end with a vegan chocolate mousse thats deliriously good, though Im admittedly a sucker for anything chocolate.

Jonathan and I had secret plans to visit one of our favorite taco trucks Taco Zone for late-night mulitas (theyre like small quesadilla sandwiches, if you havent had one), but were so stuffed, we cant muster the strength. We are sad, but resigned.

Sunday, June 18 Sunday is normally our farmers market day, but I wake up dreaming about the tortillas from Burritos La Palmas, which are Jonathan Golds favorite flour tortillas in L.A., if one Pulitzer Prizewinning mans opinion matters to you. While Burritos La Palmas is an hours drive from our place, sometimes the tortillas are sold downtown at Grand Central Market, at the Chiles Secos stand. This seems like a more reasonable food journey, so after my husband makes us coffee, we set off, day-dreaming of tortilla (or at least I am).

Disaster strikes: The women manning the stand tells me that theyre not selling tortillas right now. Fortunately, I am consoled by pupusas at Saritas Pupuseria. Id never had a pupusa until I started dating my husband, and now Im moderately obsessed with them. He orders us a handmade bean, cheese, and pork pupusa, with extra pickled cabbage and hot sauce on top. It is heaven, and makes up for the lack of tortillas.

On our way out, we stop by Clark Street Beard, which makes my favorite bread in the city. One of Jonathans colleagues is having a pool party, and I decide to bring one of the beautiful seeded loaves as a hostess gift (along with a bottle of Champagne, because manners). I also end up buying a pain au chocolat, a loaf of Danish rye, and a baguette for no real reason other than gluttony and desire, both of which I have in spades. Before heading to the party, I eat some more blueberries and share the pain au chocolat with Jonathan, and by that, I mean he gets two bites.

At the pool party, there is a full-on spread from Russ & Daughters: tons of bagels, lox for days, and like nine kinds of cream cheese. Jenni, our hostess with the mostess, loves food the way we do, and has a huge pitcher of Bloody Marias waiting on the kitchen counter, along with a big bowl of cold ros and white wine. Theres also a box of apple fritters and old-fashioned cake doughnuts from Bobs Coffee & Doughnuts from the farmers market, not that I notice.

After a couple of hours, we head home for a productive afternoon. Well, productive for Jonathan, who is working on the theme music for my upcoming podcast for, which is called Second Life. I spend the afternoon on the couch, catching up on magazines and a Veep binge. As for dinner, Ive been dying to try Fat Dragon, which is a new Chinese place in Silver Lake. I end up eating a boatload of their Persian-cucumber salad, which is spicy and fresh and fabulous, some honey-walnut shrimp, and noodles with mixed veggies and chicken. Its delicious; well definitely eat here again.

Monday, June 19 Back to regularly scheduled programming! I like routine, so as per usual, I get up at 7 a.m., eat a few almonds, grab a bottle of water, hop into my car, and head out for a tiny-trampoline workout class. Yes, I am an adult woman who bounces on a personal trampoline for fitness, and I love it. Dont knock it till you try it.

I race home, hop in the shower, and make breakfast a piece of that amazing Danish rye bread from Clark Street Bread, toasted with Rodolphe Le Meuniers beurre de baratte. I buy it at Cape Seafood and Provisions, which is Michael Cimarustis incredible shop, and its worth every penny. Its the same butter they use at Providence and Petit Trois, and its like the Alec Baldwin of butter it just makes everything significantly better. I also eat the final handful of farmers market blueberries before they go soft.

I spend the morning in meetings, on calls, and doing interviews, and then run out for a quick lunch with Courtney Wartman, who is our VP of business development. We decide to pop out and have our meeting over lunch at Cecconis. We get crudits with avocado-and-chickpea dip to start, and then I have the Tuscan-kale salad with almonds, apple, parmigiana, and chicken. Nine times out of ten, youll find me eating a kale salad for lunch during the week, mostly because I dont want to think about it.

The afternoon is spent in more meetings, and working on the upcoming podcast, and then I cut out a little early to go home and pack for my trip to New York tomorrow. On my way home, I pick up chicken thighs, lemons, and preserved lemons because I want to make a recipe that Jenni the pool-party hostess recommended strongly. Its a recipe from Food52 by way of Canal House, and its dead simple, but takes a little time, so I want to get them on the stove before I start packing. Im also making another kale salad, and use the baguette to make garlic croutons; I can make it with my eyes closed at this point. The chicken thighs are incredible and my favorite kind of cooking: low fuss, high impact.

Tuesday, June 20 Im flying to New York, which means a 4 a.m. alarm for a 6 a.m. flight. Not my favorite time of day, but what can you do? Skipping my normal breakfast, I eat a fruit plate on the plane, some Greek yogurt, and drink yet another breakfast tea. Since Im doing some on-camera work tomorrow morning, I drink two liters of water on the plane.

By the time I land in New York and get to the Bowery Hotel, Im ready for dinner, and I consider my options. I have another 5 a.m. call time tomorrow, and a bunch of writing to get through before bed, so I decide to stay in, which is a wise but painful choice. My favorite delivery order is a salad, deviled eggs, mini-waffles, and a piece of fried chicken from Root & Bone, which is around the corner from the hotel, or scallion pancakes and dumplings from Mimi Chengs, but the salt factor makes me slightly nervous. Cant be puffy for the cameras, so I end up ordering the chicken paillard with an arugula-and-cherry-tomato salad from room service.

The room service at the Bowery is one of the reasons I stay here; its delicious, fast, and they charge you normal restaurant prices, not crazy room-service prices. Since I have been good tonight, I plan to Postmates scrambled-egg gougres, an everything croissant, and a couple of crullers from Daily Provisions tomorrow. Dont worry, thats not all for me; the crullers are for my husband. Yes, Im planning on taking pastries on the plane back to L.A. tomorrow afternoon. Thats normal, right?

The chain initially didnt even offer to comp her beer.

The claims include that the products are mislabeled and include pathogens.

The chef and restaurateur is running the show at the Lower East Sides Public Hotel.

Its our weekly ranking of the citys most important restaurants.

A new editor will take over as the food glossy moves its headquarters out of New York.

The USDA discovered ketamine in the poultry of Americas third-largest producer.

The brilliant spicy fusilli, the cacio e pepe bucatini, meatballs with ricotta and garlic bread.

The judge told him that shes never heard anything like the conduct that brings us here today.

The stainless-steel Blanda Blank might come with a bonus feature.

Just in time for summer.

The accident that killed a French fitness model has happened before.

The tech giant has the chance to help the grocery chain get back to its original mission, while still keeping an eye on the future.

A company has developed a low-morphine version.

In the City Point development.

The highest and best use of carrots is roasting, not with seven other things, but alone, whole with a lot of butter.

Well still be very much a part of Casamigos. Starting with a shot tonight. Maybe two.

Duane Sorenson will open Puff Coffee in Portland this November.

Outdoor patios, great rooms for escaping the humidity, and dives where you can be left alone.

It disappointed investors with this development in an SEC filing.

Clique Media’s Hillary Kerr Feasts on Red Sauce in LA – Grub Street

I Followed Khlo Kardashian’s Diet for a Week and This Is What Happened – The Daily Meal

24-06-2017 3:43 am

Have you ever wanted to have a body like a Kardashian sister? Whether or not youd actually admit it, you probably have. They have curves for days! And if youve ever wondered how they got that way, theyll tell you its through diet and exercise (though most suspect that plastic surgery plays a significant role).

So, when Khlo Kardashians nutritionist Dr. Philip Goglia detailed her diet in an interview with Healthista earlier this month, I decided to give it a whirl and see just how these ladies live. Honestly, reading through it, it didnt seem that insane.

After losing 40 pounds last year and then sort of falling off the weight-loss wagon, I figured eating like Khlo could be a decent way to jumpstart my healthy eating habits once again. I mean, what could go wrong?! Sure, eating a cup of celery and 12 almonds for a meal is downright sad, but when you think of it as a snack, its fine or so I thought.

Before my diet even officially started, I ran into some speed bumps. It probably goes without saying, but eating like a Kardashian is insanely expensive. I followed Khlos diet plan and stocked up on fresh fish, fruits, vegetables, and almonds. It cost me about $90 for five days worth of groceries, and I didnt even shop organic. Normally, I try to do my grocery shopping on a tight budget, like $50 a week for me and my husband. It may surprise you, but an online journalist doesnt make nearly as much as a socialite/Instagram advertiser/occasional TV host. (Seriously, what does Khlos business card say?)

Also, Khlo has a chef who will prep her meals for her, but once again, I dont have her money, so it was up to me to cook. Working full-time and coming home to cook is a goal I always have, but like many New Yorkers, its one I rarely achieve.

Day 1:

Meal 1: Ive never been a breakfast person. Even as a kid, getting me to eat a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch was a daily struggle for my dad. And Cinnamon Toast Crunch is delicious! So Im not looking forward to having to get up early and make myself something for breakfast especially something in which one of the main ingredients is ice. But I persist and make my smoothie. Because Ive already totally busted my grocery budget and because I hate the taste and texture, I forgo the protein powder so I have a shake of strawberries, almond butter, and ice. My husband thinks the sound of the blender in the morning is reminiscent of farts, and the taste of this shake is only slightly better than that.

Meal 2: An apple isnt typically thought of as an entre. But, for Khlo, it is a complete meal. My pomme of choice is a Golden Delicious. Granted, it is fairly delicious. But Im hungry. Eating in the morning is supposed to help fuel your day, but this just makes me ravenous.

Meal 2.5: You know what Khlo doesnt necessarily drink? Coffee. That is a big no-no in my book. I work an office job, and even the idea of forgoing coffee is exhausting. I do some journalistic research (i.e., Google it), and find that, in a former diet plan, Khlo did indulge in a cup of black coffee every morning. I think this means I didnt even make it five hours on the #KhloeDiet, but Im allowing myself this small indulgence.

I never said I was a role model.

Meal 3: I heard that Khlo will eat a Chinese chicken salad for lunch, and lucky for me, thats one of my favorite lunches too! I find a low-calorie ginger sesame salad dressing at the store and pour it on top of my salad. It tastes surprisingly good! The texture of raw spinach always makes my teeth feel weird, but its a small price to pay for a #revengebody.

Meal 4: Now I face the true test: the infamous cup of celery and 12 almonds. Its so depressing, and I am so excited to eat it because it is awful. The celery is fine, but it tastes weirdly bitter in a way that makes me think I dont know how to properly wash my vegetables. The almonds, on the other hand, are the first things that have made me feel mildly satiated all day.

Meal 5: More fresh vegetables. Since I was chopping up a bell pepper for my salad the night before, I cut some extra slices for my fifth meal. I am not going to stomach raw tomatoes. Raw tomatoes are gross, and bell peppers have tons of vitamins, too, so it balances out (in my mind). Im also a little sad because I forgot to shock my hard-boiled eggs when I made them, so theyre a little gray. I swear I know how to make perfect hard-boiled eggs. Im only human, though, and I messed up.

Meal 6: I arrive home from work tired and hungry. Normally, I would order some takeout pizza on a long Monday like this one, but I channel the strength of Khlo after her divorce from Lamar and cook a meal. Despite the blistering NYC heat, I bake a salmon steak in the oven and saut asparagus. I deviate a bit from Kardashians dairy-free lifestyle and use some butter in my dinner. (Im counting only about 900 calories for the day, which is dangerously low. I have to pad it with some lovely fats, so I go with a classic.) I pair it with another Asian salad.

Meal 7: Dinner keeps me full for like 45 minutes, but then I am famished again. Its 9 p.m. and I cut up a mango as my final meal. Its the fruit of my choice! It tastes alright, but doesnt do nearly enough to cut my hunger. Im tired, and its easiest to just go to bed at this point.

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I Followed Khlo Kardashian’s Diet for a Week and This Is What Happened – The Daily Meal

Do the risks of a gluten-free diet outweigh the benefits? – New York Daily News

24-06-2017 3:43 am


Friday, June 23, 2017, 6:00 AM

The almost $16-billion-a-year gluten-free industry has more than 40 million Americans eating highly processed gluten-free foods. (1)

With only 1% percent of the population diagnosed with celiac disease (9), many who are on a gluten-free diet are doing so either because they want to lose weight, or they experience digestive distress from eating bread products.

But do the risks outweigh the benefits? Let’s look at some studies, and I’ll let you make your own conclusion.

Study No. 1

Giving kids foods early cuts down on allergies later: study

In one recent study, mercury levels were compared in three groups of people:

Celiac patients on a gluten-free diet

Celiac patients who had not yet started a gluten-free diet

Non-celiac patients who ate wheat/gluten regularly

More people without celiac disease are going gluten-free

The results may surprise you! The group of celiac patients that had been on a gluten-free diet had four times the amount of toxic mercury in their blood compared to the other two groups. (2)

Study No. 2

In another study, healthy study participants who had been on a gluten-free diet for one month had less immune-stimulating, beneficial bacteria and more immune-compromising, bad bacteria in their guts compared to study participants who ate wheat/gluten. (3)

Study No. 3

Then, in another study, a healthy wheat-eating group had significantly more killer T-cells (which measure immune strength) in their blood compared to a group of healthy individuals who had been eating a gluten-free diet for just six days. (4)

What gives?

One theory for these findings is being called the “Hygiene Hypothesis.” This is when certain harder-to-digest foods, such as wheat, can act as immune stimulants and natural prebiotics.

A diet of highly processed or gluten-free foods can weaken gut immunity, as these foods do not provide the immune stimulation that whole grains have been providing for millions of years.

That’s right, millions of years! A study at the University of Utah found evidence from the teeth of early hominins dating as far back as 3.4 million years ago that glutinous grasses similar to wheat and barley were eaten as a significant part of their diet (5), suggesting that we have millions, not thousands, of years of genetics for digesting wheat.

Many purport that ancient wheat is much different from modern wheat, and that’s why people can’t digest it these days. But in a 19-year study at the University of Saskatchewan, strains of ancient wheat from the 1800s and modern wheat were evaluated and compared, and they found no genetic differences. (6,7)

Sowhy then, do people bloat, bonk and get brain fog from eating wheat/gluten?

The smoking gun is not the gluten, but the mass production of highly processed foods that have insidiously compromised the digestive strength of millions of Americans.

Ironically, the gluten-free industry is marketing $16 billion worth of these highly processed foods every year.

In one study, a diet of processed foods increased the risk of metabolic syndrome (belly fat, high blood sugar, high blood pressure and high cholesterol) by a whopping 141%.

In the same study, when participants ate a non-processed food diet that included whole grains, they saw a 38% reduction in these symptoms. (8)

6 steps to eat wheat again

1. Bread should have three ingredients: Organic whole wheat, salt, water and maybe an organic starter.

2. Bread should get hard and stale in a day. Avoid bread that will stay soft for weeks.

3. Read labels and if the food has an ingredient you cannot pronounce, don’t buy it.

4. Look for stone ground, sourdough, soaked or sprouted whole grain breads. Look in the refrigerated section.

5. Avoid any packaged foods or breads that have cooked or baked vegetable oils. They are used as preservatives to extend shelf life, but they may be shortening your life!

6. Avoid any wheat products that have added sugar or sweeteners in the ingredients.

Dr. John Douillard DC, CAP. is author of the best-selling book Eat Wheat, and the founder of with over 15 million YouTube views where he proves ancient principles of medicine with modern science.











[The content provided through this article and should be used for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice. Always seek the advice of a relevant professional with any questions about any health decision you are seeking to make.]

For more DAILY VIEWS, The News’ contributor network, click here.

Original post:
Do the risks of a gluten-free diet outweigh the benefits? – New York Daily News

Heart healthy diet as effective as statins, American Heart Association says – Baltimore Sun

24-06-2017 3:43 am

Replacing foods high in saturated fats with those that have unsaturated fats can reduce a person’s chance of developing heart disease as much as cholesterol lowering drugs known as statins, according to new advice from the American Heart Association.

This would mean, for instance, swapping that steak for a healthier avocado, using canola oil instead of butter, and not eating carb-filled junk food.

The new guidance from the heart association is not a leap from past direction, but the group sought a fresh look at the evidence in light of some newer, less scientific studies and dietary fads that officials feared were confusing the public.

How the message about diet is received by patients will largely depend on their doctors’ delivery.

While most physicians would agree that heart health depends on a good diet, some suggest there is a bit more wiggle room than the heart association advisory suggests. Other doctors and health care providers believe the advice does not go far enough in explaining what foods can truly protect their patients from heart disease, the nation’s leading cause of death.

“This tries to put it all in perspective the view from 10,000 feet but sometimes food can still be controversial,” said Dr. Michael Miller, director of the University of Maryland Medical Center’s Center for Preventive Cardiology. He served on the heart association panel that made the recommendations published this month in the journal Circulation.

It’s long been known that consuming less saturated fat lowers people’s LDL, or so-called bad cholesterol, which clogs arteries and causes heart attacks and strokes. But the heart association finds that this is only the case when saturated fat is replaced with unsaturated fat and not refined carbohydrates that contain sugar but no fiber. Both unsaturated fat and fiber have been found to help lower cholesterol.

The group says some newer studies mucking up the healthy heart message didn’t consider these dietary replacements.

The guidance should be useful to doctors in advising patients, said Miller, who is also a professor of cardiovascular medicine, epidemiology and public health in Maryland’s School of Medicine. But he’s not a stickler on eliminating all saturated fat. He advises moderation instead.

That means a small, fist-size steak once in a while, two egg whites for every one yoke and even a bit of coconut oil, a culinary darling of late that is mostly saturated fat.

“If you’re good most of the time, allow yourself one unhealthy breakfast, lunch and dinner a week,” he said. “But don’t go nuts and eat a 24-ounce steak.”

He also emphasizes making lifestyle changes such as adding regular exercise and reducing stress. He wrote a whole book on the subject called “Heal Your Heart.”

Anne Butta credits a good diet, low in calories, salt and fat for the good health of her father, John Henry “Hank” Butta, who visited with Miller recently.

Butta, the former CEO of C&P Telephone of Maryland, now part of Verizon, and the great-great grandfather of four, is trim and quick witted at 89 years old.

The Highlandtown native said he grew up eating big Italian dinners and evolved into a “meat and potatoes” guy. He worked a lot and also spent time serving on advisory commissions for former Gov. William Donald Schaefer, as well as refereeing football games and playing golf.

In 2010, he needed triple bypass surgery. This led him to a diet low in calories, salt and fat, although, he still has the occasional treat at home or restaurant.

“One time a month,” he said about how often he now eats a steak. A decade ago, it was “every other meal.”

Miller approved of that schedule. He summed up the heart association advice this way:

Replacing 10 percent of calories from saturated fats (red meat, butter, palm oil) with polyunsaturated fats (safflower and corn oils, walnuts and salmon) reduces risk of heart disease by 50 percent.

Replacing 10 percent of calories from saturated fats with monounsaturated fats (canola and olive oil, almonds and avocados) reduces risk of heart disease by 30 percent.

Replacing 10 percent of calories from saturated fats with complex carbohydrates (whole grains, beans and vegetables) reduces risk of heart disease by 18 percent.

Replacing 10 percent of calories from saturated fats with simple carbohydrates (sugary foods and soft drinks) does not reduce the risk of heart disease.

Still, not all doctors think this is the right message.

Dr. Dana Simpler, an internal medicine doctor at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, said the consequences of a poor diet can be so dire that she believes the heart association report was a missed opportunity to warn people about how much all their food matters.

She joins other doctors who advocate for a whole-food, plant-based diet, for which she said there is evidence of reducing the chance of a first or recurrent heart attack close to zero.

That means eating foods that are not processed and have little to no sugar, salt or added oil.

“It continues to surprise me that the AHA makes such modest diet recommendations for preventing our number one killer heart disease,” she wrote in an email. “Simply substituting saturated fats (bacon, red meat, butter) with unsaturated fats (vegetable oils) reduces heart attacks by 30 percent, but, what about the other 70 percent that still have life threatening heart disease?”

She conceded that a plant-based diet is not easy to follow, “and many people may decide it is too hard for them, but at least let the American public know that there is a diet that will prevent and reverse heart disease almost 100 percent.”

Dr. Seth Martin, co-director of the John Hopkins Hospital’s Advanced Lipid Disorders Center, said he’d like all his patients to eat so well but said “perfection” is tough to achieve. He encourages them to do what they can, from starting with one change or adopting the Mediterranean diet or the DASH diet, which both center on low-fat, whole-grain and plant-based foods.

The new heart association advice will help him steer patients to food they can substitute for what they should give up.

The rest is here:
Heart healthy diet as effective as statins, American Heart Association says – Baltimore Sun

10 food swaps to add taste and nutrients to your diet –

24-06-2017 3:43 am




Bacon. Its a meal, condiment, side dish, dessert and a topic of conversation. I am confident in saying there is no substitution for it.

This is an isolated scenario, however, as many other food swaps and substitutions exist that can help boost health, prevent disease, and what we all want to read help you lose weight. Here are ten of the easiest food swaps you can make.

Riced vegetables are trending right now and for a few good reasons. They not only provide a way to get more vegetables in our diets, but a creative way to reduce carbohydrates. Choosing riced cauliflower instead of rice in your bowls and burritos saves you calories (almost 200) and carbs, and increases the nutrient density of your meal. Think cauliflower rice is too plain? Try a fried rice version by sauteing the rice with green onions, a scrambled egg, soy sauce and some olive oil.

Watermelon gets a bad rap sometimes due to its high sugar content. Many of my patients comment they dont like the high glycemic index (the extent to which blood sugar rises with a particular food) of watermelon and so choose to avoid it. As it turns out, watermelon has a low glycemic load (less impact on blood sugar than bananas). It also has sky high water content, so having it as a snack is not the blood sugar and insulin disaster you might think.

A boost in whole-food ingredients (such as whole beans) and fiber make bean-based chips a game changer from the old standbys of potato chips and pretzels. For example, a popular black bean chip boasts 5 grams of protein, only 85 mg of sodium and only 10 digestible carbohydrates (carbohydrates minus fiber). Choose plain and baked versions. Try pairing with hummus or guacamole.

I often teach my patients there are no healthy sugars. However, many of them think agave is a healthy option. Theres not a lot of evidence to support this concept. Agave is a big carrier of fructose, a sugar that may be linked in some ways to an increase in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Honey has a little less fructose. Its also a more natural source (made by bees). While both sugar sources contribute calories and could lead to weight gain and increases in disease risk, honey may be a better choice when youre craving something sweet.

Beans rule yet again. Bean-based options have taken over the pasta aisles. Theyre creating competition for other healthy options like 100 percent whole-wheat versions. However, the numbers significantly favor the bean options. In addition to being gluten-free, bean-based pastas, on average, contain about 20 grams more protein and 8 or more grams of fiber.

As an added bonus, they might fill you up quicker than the traditional whole-wheat options and are a great source of plant-based protein. Look for versions that have the least amount of ingredients.

The benefits of swapping ground poultry over beef equate to less saturated fat. Thats important if you want to maintain your waistline. A 2017 study found too many saturated fats in the diet could lead to more fat gain in the middle. Choose breast meat to eat the least amount of saturated fat. Add soaked chia seeds (which swell in liquid and cause added moisture) to avoid dryness.

Full disclosure: Its much easier to go to the store and buy cheese than it is to make cashew cheese, but should that matter? Sometimes an extra step may make all the difference. In this case, the difference is extremely significant. I make cashew cheese all the time. This option is especially beneficial for individuals looking to either cut or eliminate dairy without having to rely on more processed alternative cheese options.

Salads are a wonderful way to consume low-calorie nutrients. There are numerous ways to ruin a salad, though. Adding refined grains, like croutons, is one of them.

Instead, opt for roasted chick peas that you can either make or buy. The addition will help add fiber, which increases your satiety, as well as some healthy fats to help metabolize all the glorious fat soluble vitamins youll be consuming in your colorful bowl. Just dont blow it by adding on a sugar-laden, fat-free dressing.

In the world of food allergens, there are specific foods that are more prevalent than others. Many of my patients avoid soy, gluten, dairy nuts, eggs or corn. For these individuals, it can be difficult to find wraps or breads to meet their needs. Plantain wraps may be the next best thing to make at home, or may even be available at your local store. They will also help add in another vegetable into your day!

Sweet potatoes are flowing with antioxidants. Vitamin A and C, potassium and fiber are staples of this orange delight, and swapping this veggie for bread can go a long way towards reducing grains in your diet and helping you lose weight. Cut a raw sweet potato in thin slices (keep that delicious and fiber-rich skin on), toast until brown and then top as you would toast (think avocado, banana and nut butter, eggs, fruit).

Making some simple swaps can make all the difference in helping you to stay full, satisfied, and happy, without sacrificing taste. Sorry about the bacon.

Kristin Kirkpatrick, MS, R.D., is the manager of wellness nutrition services at the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute in Cleveland, Ohio, and the author of “Skinny Liver.” Follow her on Twitter @KristinKirkpat. For more diet and fitness advice, sign up for our One Small Thing newsletter.

The rest is here:
10 food swaps to add taste and nutrients to your diet –

Hikes, bikes, yoga, lots more outdoor fitness abounds in WNY – Buffalo News

24-06-2017 3:43 am

Canalside has become the center of the summer outdoor fitness craze in Western New York, but those who dont often frequent the downtown Buffalo waterfront wont be left in the cold in the coming weeks.

Independent Health will continue to sponsor Fitness in the Parks group fitness classes in several counties. State parks have a slate of hikes, kayaks and other events. Even two Frank Lloyd Wright historic sites will get into the act with outdoor yoga classes.

BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York sponsors Canalside health, fitness and wellness events, but Amber Ciesiulka, a public relations specialist with the regions largest insurer, could have been talking about all the outdoor fitness sites when she said, You have a beautiful backdrop. Youre in a serene, relaxing environment and some of the classes not only get your heart rate up and get you moving but also help with relaxation and quieting the mind.

Fitness at Canalside will host 22 classes at Canalside through Sept. 1, said Kate Schrum, community relations specialist with BlueCross BlueShield. Returning favorites will include Zumba, Jada Blitz Boot Camp and Barre Centric dance-style fitness. New classes will include BAMF Parkour an American Ninja Warrior-style obstacle course as well as Catalyst Fitness Kickboxing, Hip Hop Cardio, SilverSneakers senior fitness, and Josh and Friends fitness for those with physical or intellectual disabilities.

Everybody has an opportunity to get healthy, Ciesiulka said.

[RELATED STORY: Buffalo Meetup groups offer a portal to outdoor fitness]

Below is a listing of many of the outdoor fitness events this summer.

* Fitness in the Parks events run through Aug. 26 and are free. For more info, visit

** Canalside group fitness classes, which are free, run through Sept. 1, unless otherwise noted, at 44 Prime St. on the downtown waterfront. For more info, visit

All classes are weather dependent and subject to change. Its a good idea to bring a mat or blanket for yoga and similar classes, and bottled water for all classes.



Slow Roll Buffalo will run through October, starting at different sites. The group maps out different routes for each of its Monday night rides. (Harry Scull Jr./Buffalo News file photo)

Toms Pro Bike ride. 25-mile ride starts at 9 a.m. Sundays, 15-mile rides are 6 p.m. Mondays and Wednesdays, Toms Pro Bike shop, 3687 Walden Ave., Lancaster. Rides are weather dependent. For more info, visit

Slow Roll Buffalo. Meet at 5:30 p.m. Mondays, roll at 6:30 p.m. Roughly 10-mile guided ride starting at various sites. For all ages and abilities. For site locations and registration, visit Free.

Campus WheelWorks outing. 6 p.m. Tuesdays, Campus WheelWorks, 744 Elmwood Ave. Five categories range from fast-paced, 30-mile course to a shorter ice cream ride. Bike helmet mandatory. For information on these and other excursions, visit

Running Race listings. Weekly Refresh calendars will list many of the regions 5Ks and other races this summer in the days before they are run. For a complete listing, visit

Checkers Running Club track sessions. 6:30 p.m. Tuesdays through October, Williamsville North High School track, 1595 Hopkins Road, Amherst. Includes Childrens Track, Zero to 5K program and training by a top University at Buffalo coach. The club also organizes group fun runs and cross-country meets at various locations. Members get discounts on race entry fees and enjoy social gatherings including an annual picnic. For membership and program info, visit

Walking on Wednesday. Brisk, 30-minute walk at noon Wednesdays through August, Kaminski Park outside Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Elm and Carlton streets. Presented by the Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo.

Goat Island Adventure walk. 10 a.m. July 2, Niagara Falls State Park. To register and for info, call 549-1050. Free.

Gorge Hiking Series: 10 a.m. July 9, Devils Hole State Park, Niagara Falls; 10 a.m. Aug. 5, Artpark, Lewiston; 4:30 p.m. Aug. 26, Whirlpool State Park, Niagara Falls; 6 p.m. Sept. 16, Niagara Falls State Park. To register and for info, call 282-5154. Free.

Evening River Bike Tour. 6 p.m. July 9, Niagara Falls State Park. To register and for info, call 282-5154. Free.

Butterfly Beauties. 1 p.m. July 15 wildflower walk through Knox Farm State Park, East Aurora. To register and for info, call 549-1050. Free.

Chowder Chase. 5K run and 3K walk, 7 p.m. July 21, St. Mary Catholic Church. 6919 Transit Road, Swormville. Register at

Explore the Night. Walk the Lake Erie Trail at nightfall, 8 p.m. July 22, Evangola State Park, Irving. To register and for info, call 549-1050. Free.

Bike the Harbor. 5 p.m. July 23, Aug. 20, 4 p.m. Sept. 10, Buffalo Harbor State Park. To register and for info, call 282-5154. Free.

Paddles Up Niagara. 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. July 29, Beaver Island State Park. Free and open to the public. Register to paddle at

The Citizen Scientist. Science walk at 10 a.m. July 29, Evangola State Park, Irving. To register and for info, call 549-1050. Free.

Nature and Art hike. Family oriented hike, 7 p.m. Aug. 5, Evangola State Park, Irving. To register and for info, call 549-1050. Free.

WNY Refresh Family Wellness Walk. 9 a.m. to noon Aug. 26, Ellicott Creek Park, 1 Ellicott Creek Road, Town of Tonawanda. Walk at 10 a.m., childrens activities, wellness vendors, healthy refreshments before and afterward.

Forest hike. 10 a.m. Aug. 26, Evangola State Park, Irving. To register and for info, call 549-1050. Free.

Goat Island Adventure walk. 7:30 p.m. Sept. 1, Goat Island, Niagara Falls State Park. To register and for info, call 282-5154. Free.

Moonlight walk. 6:30 p.m. Sept. 6, Knox Farm State Park, East Aurora. To register and for info, call 549-1050. Free.

Woodland Waterfalls walk. 3 p.m. Sept. 23, Knox Farm State Park, East Aurora. To register and for info, call 549-1050. Free.

Search for Nocturnal Creatures. 7:30 p.m. Sept. 23, Knox Farm State Park, East Aurora. To register and for info, call 549-1050. Free.


Stephanie Latawiec instructs a Tuesday evening Jada Blitz Body Bootcamp class at Canalside. (Mark Mulville/Buffalo News)

*Boot Camp. 6 p.m. July 10, 17 and 24, New Era Field, Abbott Road at Southwestern Boulevard, Orchard Park.

*Boot Camp. 5:45 a.m. Tuesdays, Fridays, Edward F. Loomis Park, Loomis Bay Road, Ashville.

**Jada Blitz Body Boot Camp. 7 p.m. Tuesdays, Canalside. Fast-paced workout for maximum results. Will sample Balanced Body meals and offer fitness class participants 15 percent off with the code Canalside.

*Boot Camp. 6 p.m. Wednesdays, Garrison Park, Garrison Road, Amherst.

*Boot Camp. 6 p.m. Wednesdays, Goehle Marina, 767 Market St., Lockport.


*Zumba. 10 a.m. Saturdays, Artpark, Lewiston.

*FreeStyle Barre. 10 a.m. Saturdays, Buffalo RiverWorks, 359 Ganson St.

**BollyX. 11 a.m. Saturdays, Canalside. Bollywood-inspired dance-fitness program that combines dynamic choreography with the hottest music from around the world.

**Bellydance. 9 a.m. Sundays, Canalside. Aerobic style fitness with Belly Dance moves. You may be surprised how slightly changing your fitness routine can challenge your muscles. No experience needed.

**Hip Hop Cardio. GoPole Fitness presents this dance fitness class, 11 a.m. Sundays, Canalside.

*Zumba. 5 p.m. Mondays, Goehle Marina, 767 Market St., Lockport.

Sofie Schimmelpenninck dances during a Zumba class at Canalside. BlueCross BlueShield officials say the Tuesday night class is among the most popular at the downtown waterfront site. (Mark Mulville/Buffalo News)

*Zumba. 6 p.m. Mondays, Bassett Park, 359 359 Klein Road, Amherst.

** ConfiDANCE. 6 p.m. Mondays, Canalside. Jazz fitness class.

**Barre Centric. 7 p.m. Mondays, Canalside. Body sculpting with ballet, yoga and Pilates fitness exercises.

Salsa in the Park. Sarah Haykel, director of Salsa for the Soul, and Jerome Williams lead this class from 7 to 9 p.m. Mondays, July 10 to Aug. 21, Rose Garden at Marcy Casino, Delaware Park. $5 includes lesson and dance social. Beginners and singles welcomed and encouraged. For more info, visit

**Everyone Can Dance. 10 a.m. Tuesdays, Canalside. Dance fitness and games for all ages.

*BollyX. 10 a.m. Tuesdays, Cheektowaga Town Park, 2600 Harlem Road.

*Zumba. 6 p.m. Tuesdays, Thursday, Day Road Park, 5014-5098 Day Road, Lockport.

*Zumba. 6 p.m. Tuesdays, July 18 to Aug. 22, Chestnut Ridge Park, 6121 Chestnut Ridge Road, Orchard Park.

**Zumba. 6:30 p.m. Tuesdays, Canalside.

*Zumba. 6:30 p.m. Wednesdays, Westwood Park, 175 Pavement Road, Lancaster.

*Zumba. 7 p.m. Wednesdays, Krull Park, 6108 E. Lake Road, Olcott.

*Zumba. 10 a.m. Thursdays, Cheektowaga Town Park, 2600 Harlem Road.

*BollyX. 9:30 a.m. Fridays, Clarence Town Park, 10405 Main St.


Splish Splash Summer Bash. 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday, Martin Luther King Jr. Park splash pad, Fillmore and North Parade avenues. BlueCross BlueShield Healthy Zone Cruiser, free face-painting, balloon art, arts and crafts with Buffalo Book Bike and healthy snacks. Free. The splash pad is designated a BCBS of WNY Healthy Zone. For info on hours, visit

*Youth Circuit. 6 p.m. Tuesdays, Delaware Park at the Amherst Street/Colvin Avenue green space.

**Little Gym of Williamsville fitness. 10 a.m. Fridays, Canalside. Designed for children ages 4 months to 12 years old.


Kayaking with Tina. Smartstart Paddling Orientation classes, 6:30 p.m. Thursdays in July, August and Sept. 7, beginner classes 11 a.m., 1 and 3 p.m. next Saturday, Aug. 5 and 26, and Sept. 2, Beaver Island State Park, Grand Island; beginner classes at 11 a.m., 1 and 3 p.m. July 8 and 23 and Aug. 20, Wilson Tuscarora State Park. A kayak, paddle and life jacket will be provided. Space is limited, so sign up early. Call 282-5154 to register.

Paddle Bike Run. Paddle, bike and running race to benefit Buffalo Wellness, July 30, Silo City. For more info, visit

Wear It on the Water Paddle Fest. 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., Aug. 12, Wilson Tuscarora State Park. Free classes, demonstrations and boating safety info. Free T-shirt to first 100 participants wearing a life jacket to the Life Jacket Flash Mob at 1 p.m.

Kayak safety courses. Throughout the summer at various rates through Seabirds International. For more info, visit or email


Angela Marchitte, of West Seneca, center, participates in a yoga class on the lawn between the Delaware Park Rose Garden and Shakespeare Hill, presented this summer by Independent Health. The classes are among those scattered in 21 parks across Western New York. (Derek Gee/Buffalo News)

*Yoga. 10 a.m. Saturdays, Bidwell Park, Elmwood Avenue at Bidwell Parkway.

Summer Sunday Yoga. 9:15 a.m. July 9, 16, 30, the Great Lawn at the Darwin Martin House, 125 Jewett Parkway. Vinyasa class led by Yoga Parkside. $10; each ticket includes a buy one get one free Darwin Martin House Tour coupon. Preregistration required at

Yoga on the Green. 9 a.m. Sundays through October, Kenmore Farmers Market, Village Green at 2919 Delaware Ave. For more info, visit Suggested donation $5 to $15.

Qigong. 9 a.m. Sundays through Labor Day Weekend, Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve, 93 Honorine Drive, Cheektowaga. $8.

*Yoga. 10 a.m. Sundays, Delaware Park near the Rose Garden.

*Pilates. 11 a.m. Mondays, Lakewood Beach, Hartley Park, 531 E. Terrace Ave., Lakewood.

*Yoga. 5:30 p.m. Mondays, Larkin Square, 745 Seneca St.

OWM Yoga Downtown. 5:30 p.m. Mondays through Aug. 28, The Westin Buffalo, 250 Delaware Ave. $5. In case of rain, classes will be held at OWM Yoga Downtown studio, 235 S. Elmwood Avenue, Suite 120. Preregister at or drop in. Open to hotel guests and the public.

*Yoga. 6:30 p.m. Mondays, Westwood Park, 175 Pavement Road, Lancaster.

**Soma Cura Yoga. 5:30 p.m. Tuesdays through July 18, Canalside. Low-impact exercise program.

**Love in Motion Yoga. Vinyasa yoga, 5:30 p.m. Tuesdays from July 25 to Aug. 29, Canalside.

*Tai chi. 6 p.m., Tuesdays, Lakewood Beach, Hartley Park, 531 E. Terrace Ave., Lakewood.

Yoga at Graycliff. Gentle hatha yoga 6 to 7:15 p.m. Tuesdays from July 11 to Aug. 15, Frank Lloyd Wrights Graycliff Estate, 6472 Old Lake Shore Road, Derby. Six classes cost $60; drop in for $15 a class. For more info, email certified Yoga Alliance teacher Leanne Oldenbrook at

*Yoga. 6 p.m. Tuesdays through July 11, Chestnut Ridge Park, 6121 Chestnut Ridge Road, Orchard Park.

*Power Pilates. 6 p.m. Tuesdays, Thursday, Wilkeson Pointe, Buffalo Outer Harbor, 225 Fuhrmann Blvd.

*Pilates. 8:45 a.m. Wednesdays, Day Road Park, 5014-5098 Day Road, Lockport.

*Yoga: 5:30 p.m. Wednesdays, Colby Park, High Street at Michigan Avenue, Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus.

*Yoga: 7:15 p.m. Wednesdays, Garrison Park, Garrison Road, Amherst.

*Sunset yoga. 8 p.m. Wednesdays, Krull Park, 6108 E. Lake Road, Olcott.

*Yoga. 6 p.m. Thursdays, Ellicott Creek Park, 1 Ellicott Creek Drive, Town of Tonawanda.

**Power Yoga Buffalo. 6 p.m. Fridays, Canalside.

Budding Tree Yoga Festival. 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. July 9, Buffalo RiverWorks, 359 Ganson St. Free yoga classes with many of the top yoga instructors in the region, as well as workshops and a vendor market. Free. For more info, visit


**Garage kettlebell. 9 a.m. Saturdays, Canalside.

**Full Body Blast, By Harmony Fitness. 10 a.m. Saturdays, Canalside. Combines resistance training, cardiovascular training, stretching and flexibility, fat burning, and muscle building components.

**Turbo Kick Live. 10 a.m. Sundays, Canalside. Cardio kickboxing party that tones muscles and torches fat.

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Hikes, bikes, yoga, lots more outdoor fitness abounds in WNY – Buffalo News

Fitness blogger died in freak accident involving whipped cream canister, family says – CBS News

24-06-2017 3:43 am

French authorities are investigating Rebecca Burger’s death, which her family said was due to an exploding whipped cream canister.

Instagram / rebeccablikes

PARIS — French authorities are investigating the death of a fitness blogger reportedly hit by an exploding whipped cream canister that was withdrawn from the market in 2013, officials and the company that makes the product said Thursday.

The prosecutor’s office in the eastern city of Mulhouse said an investigation is underway into Sunday’s death of 33-year-old Rebecca Burger and whether a faulty siphon on a high-pressure canister used to make and dispense whipped cream was at fault. The prosecutor would not comment pending further investigation.

The magazine 60 Million Consumers reported the exploding canister hit Burger violently in the chest, causing her to suffer a heart attack. The magazine said it had been warning for years of such risks after dozens of incidents since 2010.

“It is, to our knowledge, the first time there has been a death from such an explosion. … We knew it would happen one day,” said the magazine’s deputy editor, Benjamin Douriez.

Burger’s family announced her death on Burger’s Instagram account and added a photo showing a dismantled example of the type of whipped cream canister that “struck the thorax.” Authorities have the device that hit Burger, her family said.

The manufacturer of the kitchen product, Ard’time, said the product has not been on the market since February 2013 and efforts were made to alert consumers about the problem.

“Unfortunately, there are still lots of siphons of all brands that remain potentially dangerous,” the company said.

France’s consumer protection agency warned Thursday against the “risks” of some siphons. More than 200,000 defective products have been identified since 2010 and users were told to bring them back to the seller, the agency said. It recommends not using any siphon in aluminum with a plastic head.

2017 The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

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Fitness blogger died in freak accident involving whipped cream canister, family says – CBS News

Buffalo Meetup groups offer portal to outdoor fitness – Buffalo News

24-06-2017 3:43 am

Shirley Carnalls family wasnt sure what to make of it five years ago when she joined the Buffalo Outdoor Meetup group.

My dad put it this way: Youre meeting people online and going into the woods with them?

Carnell was in her late 40s when she clicked on and gained access to dozens of groups for hundreds of outings.

It was a welcome opportunity for an Ellicottville native who had recently returned to Western New York after nearly two decades working as an accountant in New Jersey, Virginia and Connecticut.

Its been a great way to meet people but its also a great way to stay active, Carnall said. And Ive never, ever felt unsafe during any of the Meetups Ive been on.

[RELATED STORY: Hikes, bikes, yoga, lots more Outdoor fitness abounds in WNY]

Buffalo Meetup groups are broken into several categories, including Family, Music, and Dance, Tech, Art and Sci-Fi & Games. The largest tend to fall into three categories: Health & Wellness, Sports & Fitness, and Outdoors & Adventure.

The Buffalo Outdoor Meetup group active members call it the BOM boasts almost 4,000 “outdoor enthusiasts.”

Now is an ideal time to join this and other groups.

We have some of the nicest summers in the country and we have a lot of outdoor things going on everywhere, said Jared Byer, owner of Made 2 Move Fitness in Amherst. He organized the WNY Self-Health and Fitness Group in early 2015. It has since grown to more than 1,700 health enthusiasts.

Getting people outdoors and helping them realize thats another component to fitness is crucial, Byer said. Its also cutting back on excuses. If people say, I dont have a gym membership, you dont need one.

With summer upon us in Western New York, you can use Meetup, and a host of other outdoor fitness offerings, to join fellow exercisers for walks, hikes, runs, peddles or paddles, or outdoor yoga, Zumba or boot camp classes.

Theres something for everybody, said Carnall, who will lead several outdoor Meetup events in the coming months.


Jared Byer, owner of Made 2 Move Fitness in Amherst, watches as Katelyn Reagan, of Dundee, performs a hip flexor stretch. Byer started the WNY Self-Health and Fitness Group in early 2015 . (Buffalo News file photo)

Buffalo Meetup is part of a national online movement that started in New York City after 9/11 to connect people with shared interests. It has since linked people for face-to-face experiences in 180 countries.

Theres been a real explosion in the number of groups because this is the real social media, Byer said. Social media as we know it is unsocial. Youre on your phone, not interacting with anyone. Here, youre building this community of like-minded people who are coming together.

Those intrigued by the prospect of expanding their knitting circle, attending a moms night out, or taking a bike ride on a waterside trail can visit, share their community location and take a look at a vast array of options. They need to sign up many users stick to their first name post a headshot photo and short profile. Thats part of the security, said Carnall, who goes by Shirley C. on Buffalo Outdoor Meetup.

Members their group designations include seekers, kindred spirits, yakkers and more get to dig deeper into the site, join groups that might be to their liking, and pull up calendars for upcoming events. Those willing to commit to a gathering can let the event host know with a simple click. Descriptions of individual events provide enough information to get a sense about where youll meet, what youll do and who will join you. Youll also know in advance how manageable or challenging an activity will be.

Meetup charges a fee to create and maintain a group. That often means those who get together may be charged a modest fee. The Buffalo Outdoor Meetup gatherings generally are free because the organizer, a lawyer, has covered the annual fee.


Sharon Pitts, of North Buffalo, is a single over 50 administrative assistant with a major public company. She is a member of the Buffalo Outdoor Meetup group but hasnt stopped there since joining Meetup about five years ago. Shes tried 18 groups since.

Her favorite is The Buffalo Underground, some of whose members got a backstage tour at Sheas Performing Arts Center this week. Members also have been on tours and trips across the region and far-flung places including Toronto, Iceland and Ireland. Shes also is a member of Williamsville & Mediumship Development, which looks to help expand ones psychic abilities, and Laws of Attraction, a personal development group.

Meetup times and events vary, as do the ages and backgrounds of members.

I like to go out and do new things, meet other people and explore Buffalo, Pitts said. I dont want to waste my time sitting in front of a TV set.

There can be a lot of diverse activity within a group itself. Byers Self-Health and Fitness Group regularly hosts a Playground Fitness for Adults event. On Saturday, the group will host a program entitled Better Than BMI: A Healthy Weight for You, and on Thursday evening, a healthy snacking presentation with Eat Well Buffalo. Byer uses Meetup and Facebook to tout his gatherings, which cost $5 to $15 and are intended to teach others about better health and fitness. Others whove joined have led some of the fitness classes and presentations.


Meetup groups tend to have dozens, hundreds or thousands of members, but individual events tend to be manageable in size. Some, including kayaking groups, impose number limits for safety reasons. Carnall on Tuesday led an outdoors group bike ride along the Niagara River for about two dozen people.

Any group member can organize and post an event. Those who pledge to attend and dont show up are likely to get a message from a group organizer or event host, and those who try to use the social media site to sell products or services may be removed from Meetup access. Carnall stressed that during Meetup events, participant must wear helmets on bike rides, life jackets for kayaking and refrain from alcohol until events end. A notable exception: The Wine Lovers Meetup.


The Buffalo Outdoor Meetup group has almost 4,000 members but usually only two or three dozen members gather for individual events, says Shirley Carnall, a BOM event host. (Mark Mulville/Buffalo News)

Carnall and Pitts admitted they were a bit tentative during their first Meetup events. They discovered that event hosts encourage introductions at the start of gatherings and that conversation flows freely among those with similar interests.

Both also praised the health, fitness and general wellbeing that group outings can bring.

Were pretty active, Carnall said of the Buffalo Outdoor Meetup. I know some 50-year-olds who can run circles around some 30-year-olds.

Carnall, 54, also is a member of the Extreme Adventure Travel Group some members will visit Cuba later this year and Footprints in the Wilderness hiking group.

Still, as an event host and former organizer, the Buffalo Outdoor Meetup holds a special place in her heart.

Her favorite gathering to host? A 5:30 a.m. Wake Up the Birdies kayak paddle on several summer Friday mornings, along Motor and Strawberry islands off Grand Island.

Theres a bird on every branch, she said. Theyre so loud. Theyre very active. Its a unique, amazing morning experience.

Her most memorable event? The summer Friday night three years ago when she met her boyfriend, Jim LeBlanc, during a Buffalo Outdoor Meetup paddle on the Buffalo River.

There were fireworks, she said.

They lit up the sky in the distance, after a Bisons baseball game at nearby Coca-Cola Field.


Twitter: @BNrefresh, @ScottBScanlon

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Buffalo Meetup groups offer portal to outdoor fitness – Buffalo News