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Thailand’s Famous Macaque "Uncle Fat" Placed On A Diet! – DOGOnews

28-05-2017 3:47 pm

Thailands famous macaques (Photo Credit:

Thailands free-roaming monkeys are a huge tourist draw. The primates, mostly macaques, are known to boldly visit with tourists who lure them with food. One of these monkeys, in particular, has recently become a worldwide sensation for both his gargantuan size and unique social status among his peers.

Nicknamed Uncle Fat, by the locals, the macaque is often seen seeking handouts of junk food and soda from visitors or foraging through trash cans for leftovers. Uncle Fat also has an entourage of smaller primates that deliver him food on a regular basis. Though the monkey does share some of the bounty with younger macaques, he eats more than his fair share. While the macaques unhealthy eating habits that have been shared extensively on social media have been amusing to humans, they are proving dangerous for the monkey. A true chunky monkey, Uncle Fat now weighs 26 kgs (60 lbs) or about three times the size of an average adult macaque.

Fearing for the animals health, on April 27, primate conservation group Monkey Lovers captured the mammal from Bangkok suburb he frequented daily and brought him to a rehabilitation center in the city. Kacha Phukem, who was commissioned to take him in, says it was no easy task given that he had to fight off several monkey bodyguards to get to Uncle Fat.

The rotund monkey is now on a strict diet of fruits and vegetables. According to the centers veterinarian, Supakarn Kaewchot, the excess fat gained from eating the unhealthy food has formed a mass that is now a type of benign tumor and put the monkey at a high risk of contracting heart disease and diabetes. While the officials plan on releasing Uncle Fat once hes healthy, they hope the macaque does not revert to his old eating habits.

More importantly, Kaewchot wants visitors to realize the dire consequences of feeding the mammals human snacks and drinks. In addition to being harmful, the intelligent animals are becoming so dependent on the handouts that they are no longer able or willing to find food on their own. While the best solution is to place a ban on feeding them all together, that is unlikely given the tourism business the monkeys earn for Thailand. Hopefully, this overly plump animals internet popularity will encourage visitors to offer the macaques healthier fare like bananas and peanuts.


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Thailand’s Famous Macaque "Uncle Fat" Placed On A Diet! – DOGOnews

Dr. Campbell: Diet, exercise can make difference in survival after colon cancer – WNCN

28-05-2017 3:47 pm

Dr. Campbell: Diet, exercise can make difference in survival after colon cancer
Now two new studies scheduled to be presented in early June in Chicago at the American Society of Clinical Oncology meetings suggests that colon cancer patients may improve their chances of survival if they eat nuts and an overall healthy diet as

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Dr. Campbell: Diet, exercise can make difference in survival after colon cancer – WNCN

Changing our diet to save the planet – Phys.Org

28-05-2017 3:47 pm

May 26, 2017 by Thomas Mansell

The world population is projected to grow to 9 billion people by the middle of this century. We face a huge challenge in finding ways to adequately feed this rapidly growing population whilst also protecting the natural environment.

However it is not just the amount of food production and the balance of its distribution that are key concerns for sustainably feeding the planet. We also need to think about what we are eating.

Presently western diets are characterised by a high proportion of animal foodstuffs, and this is a problem not just for our health, but for the environment. The Hunger Project has cited climate change as one of the hidden sources of hunger. In doing so it highlights how food production and the environment are inextricably linked.

Meat and dairy production requires more land, more water and has higher greenhouse gas emissions than plant based alternatives. As the global population continues to grow, we will need to be ever more prudent with the resources that are required for food production. We must consider whether the proportion of resources currently devoted to meat and dairy production is optimal given the numbers needing to be fed and the environmental impacts such diets can cause.

Already China has pledged to reduce its meat consumption by 50% by 2050 through changing its government-issued dietary regulations. In many European countries, however, there is more resistance to regulation. The German Environment Ministry’s plan to no longer serve meat at official functions was met with criticism earlier this year. In the UK, the government has a clear preference for encouraging individuals to make the right choices as opposed to regulating them.

So how can people be encouraged to switch to a more planet friendly diet? And how can social marketers and policy makers encourage a dietary transformation of the population when it seems so many people struggle with, or are resistant to change? Research in the field of environmental psychology suggests that individuals will switch to a meat-reduced diet, but this change needs to be self-regulated and go through a process of several stages before it sticks. At each of these four stages of change an individual needs to overcome different barriers to progress to the next stage.

At the first stage, individuals have a stable but unsustainable behaviour pattern and do not see any need to change. For those in this stage, the initial barrier is to understand why their current behaviour is harmful and to recognise that by changing it they could ameliorate this harm.

At the second stage, individuals are contemplating changing their behaviour but haven’t yet changed what they are doing and may be unsure how to do so. They need to determine a specific course of action that facilitates their goals. In relation to meat reduction, this could involve reducing portion sizes, only eating meat at one meal or having meat free days.

At the third stage, individuals are trialling their new behaviour, but are still highly susceptible to relapses. To progress to the final stage, they must come up with effective implementation plans to ensure their new behaviours will be sustainable in different contexts.

Should individuals reach the fourth and final stage, their behaviour should have built up some resistance to relapses and is therefore more likely to have an impact.

The research tells us that targeted campaigns designed to reduce meat consumption which address the specific stage of change for an individual, are more effective than traditional informational campaigns. At the University of Bath, our research is looking at which social marketing techniques are most effective at each stage of change. In particular, we are looking at what social factors are significant in driving change through the different stages. This is particularly important given the social or collaborative aspects of dietary behaviours: we might eat breakfast with our family, lunch with our colleagues and have dinner at a restaurant with friends. Each of these situations brings different social rewards and pressures which are likely to impact on our choices.

Understanding these contexts is therefore of utmost importance when designing behaviour change campaigns. If we can better understand how individuals are likely to respond to different campaigns and policy measures to change their diets, then we can help social marketers and policymakers design measures that are least likely to encounter resistance and most likely to encourage the desired behaviour changes.

The food system is inherently complex and reducing meat consumption is just one example of how consumer habits will need to change if we are to alleviate world hunger and sustainably feed the planet. If we can arm policy makers and change agents with the right tools to encourage a shift to different behaviours, then hopefully we can enable a smoother transition to a sustainable food system.

Explore further: Edible insects could play key role in cutting harmful emissions

Eating insects instead of beef could help tackle climate change by reducing harmful emissions linked to livestock production, research suggests.

Almost 20 per cent of the food made available to consumers is lost through over-eating or waste, a study suggests.

Thirty-nine percent of adults worldwide are overweight, 13 percent even obese with the trend increasing, says the World Health Organization (WHO). At the same time, 795 million people are starving. Still, 1.3 billion …

When we hear about the horrors of industrial livestock farming the pollution, the waste, the miserable lives of billions of animals it is hard not to feel a twinge of guilt and conclude that we should eat less meat.

Promoting more sustainable plant-based foods and reducing demand for meat and dairy products will be essential to feed billions of people and avoid serious and ongoing global food security impacts, warn experts from UTS’sInstitute …

Greenhouse gas emissions from food production may threaten the UN climate target of limiting global warming to 2 degrees Celsius, according to research at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden.

( small team of researchers with the Directorate for Sustainable Resources in Italy and Ghent University in Belgium has found evidence that shows some parts of the planet are becoming cooler and others warmer …

A new NASA study finds that during Greenland’s hottest summers on record, 2010 and 2012, the ice in Rink Glacier on the island’s west coast didn’t just melt faster than usual, it slid through the glacier’s interior in a gigantic …

Experiments with tiny, shelled organisms in the ocean suggest big changes to the global carbon cycle are underway, according to a study from the University of California, Davis.

New research from a multi-university team of biologists shows what could be a startling drop in the amount of carbon stored in the Sierra Nevada mountains due to projected climate change and wildfire events.

An international team of scientists has found evidence suggesting the dehydration of minerals deep below the ocean floor influenced the severity of the Sumatra earthquake, which took place on December 26, 2004.

Summer rainfall in one of the world’s most drought-prone regions can now be predicted months or years in advance, climate scientists at the Met Office and the University of Exeter say.

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Changing our diet to save the planet – Phys.Org

Icon Fitness

28-05-2017 3:46 pm

We help people live their best, healthiest lives

In 1977, two college classmates sat at a kitchen table in the very house pictured above, sketching business ideas on a napkin. The entrepreneurs started with a small import business selling various items including wood-burning stoves and clocks. Spotting early trends of fitness and running, ICONs founders shifted their focus to the emerging opportunities in these new industries.In the 1980s, ICON introduced treadmills that folded for storage. The result was SpaceSaveran ICON innovation that lets consumers fit fitness into the home and ignited growth in the home fitness category.This early example shows ICONs synergy of design, engineering and manufacturing knowledge. Over the decades, many more simple but brilliant improvements followed, allowing ICON to lead by innovation.Today, ICONs premier brands, including NordicTrack and ProForm, are the top ranked equipment in each of the industrys three largest categoriestreadmills, stationary bikes, and ellipticals. Innovations with the iFit brand into wearables and online fitness solutions keeps consumers motivated and informed. Our Altra brand of footwear and apparel for fitness, road and trail running expands ICONs offerings for a fit and healthy life.

ICONs founders have maintained headquarters in the same city where it all started: Logan, Utahlocated in beautiful Cache Valley.Its simple. This gorgeous northern Utah city lies smack dab in the middle of amazing skiing, fishing, hunting, mountain biking, climbing, hiking, and many more outdoor activities. Logan is just a few hours drive from six National Parks. The old adage of Play where you work, work where you play easily sums up life here in the valley.Logan boasts a low cost of living, minimal traffic and commute times, easy access to Salt Lake City International Airport, and has been voted one of the safest cities in the United States to live. Cache Valley also has some of the best education in the country, beginning with Pre-K through the local university, Utah State UniversityGO AGGIES!

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Icon Fitness

Boutique fitness studios breaking a sweat to multiply rapidly –

28-05-2017 3:46 pm

At 6 foot, 1 inch, with a chiseled physique and Popeye arms sculpted by heavily stacked barbells, youd think Bryce Mitchell was preordained to be a personal trainer. Not so. About 10 years ago, he was muscular but rail thin from a running obsession.

He ditched his running shoes for weightlifting, changed his diet and soon his body became the perfect advertising mechanism for a boutique fitness business he didnt have … or want.

After a year working what he calls a dead-end job at RadioShack, he decided to get a personal training certificate, because it was a constant topic of conversation with strangers.

People would talk to me about working out all the time. All. The. Time. Id be out eating somewhere and have to put the fork down to talk, said Mitchell, now 33. At the time, he laughed it off. He was flattered but politely refused all requests to train others. He couldnt imagine he could make a living doing it and hadnt even heard the term boutique gym until recently.

Like the boutique hotel market, boutique gyms are smaller and more exclusive than regular gyms. They tend to focus on specialized training, but the cachet of membership comes with being part of a tribe, and being in the know about a best-kept secret or stellar new workout.

Participation in boutiques doubled from 21 percent in 2013 to 42 percent in 2014, according to research from the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association.

And boutique chains added new studios at a rate of 450 percent per year between 2010 and 2014, according to the fitness-focused investment firm Piper Jaffray. That makes them the fastest-growing part of the annual $22 billion U.S. health club industry, according to the investment bank.

The boutique experience is meant to be intimate, trendy and intense a blast of training that releases enough endorphins to carry people through the rest of their day with a sense of accomplishment. Mitchell offers thunderous claps and cheers to spur on a group class during his Manic Monday class (a class that some takers have dubbed Murder Mondays). As he laughs, they groan. Its almost over. Come on now. You got this! he tells them.

Mitchells small fitness studio is self-funded, and he jokes that for the price of the studio maybe he should set up a bed in the back. But nationally, private equity money has been pouring into boutique fitness businesses as workouts are branded and a large population of fitness enthusiasts sustain a $3.4 trillion global wellness market, according to the Global Wellness Institute in Miami.

In a nation where two out of three people are classified as overweight or obese, its easy to scoff at the viability of a fitness craze.

But Mary Ellen Bryan of Central Studio in the Central West End explains that people arent just looking to attain a beach body. Many are looking for an energetic outlet for stress, injury prevention or recovery, and perhaps staving off the need for medicinal health interventions.

Her four-year-old studio includes about five multipurpose rooms and a roster of 50 Pilates, dance and fitness classes a week, many branded as Central exclusives. She said there is no trick to maintaining a boutique fitness business, you just have to care about your students, physically, mentally and spiritually. She estimates that there are about 150 new and returning students each month, but her database includes at least 3,000.

Although national boutique fitness growth comes from strong neighborhood support, both Bryan and Mitchell say that they have clients who drive past a handful, if not dozens, of gyms and fitness offerings to work out at their studios.

In the area of Brentwood and Highway 40 (Interstate 64), there are more than a dozen fitness offerings within a short jog of each other Shred415, Core3, The Refinery, Studio Element Personal Training, CrossFit St. Louis, St. Louis Spinning, Iron Tribe Fitness, CrossFit 26, Club Fitness, Bar Method St. Louis, Complete Fitness Results, Club Pilates, ATT Evolution, Stone Strength Systems and the Mid-County Family YMCA.

It benefits from being a highly trafficked crossroads region, but each facility fills a niche from surfboard workouts to ballet barre fitness.

Roxanne Borger, director of client education for MindBody Inc., a company based in San Luis Obispo, Calif., that provides business management software for the wellness services industry, says most business resources say ignore the competition but keep them in your periphery.

You need to be aware of what your competition is doing and how people will be comparing you, she said. The biggest priority is finding what you do that is uniquely excellent in your community, although that might not be apparent up front.

Small studios dont need to fear huge chains, but they have to pay attention, she said.

Private equity firm TPG Growth, known for investing in Uber Technologies Inc. and Airbnb Inc., took a stake in Club Pilates, the biggest chain of Pilates studios in the U.S., with 179 active studios, including one in Chesterfield and the location in Brentwood. More than 300 other cities have been identified as locations opening in the very near future, according to the Club Pilates website.

In March, the first local CycleBar, 1657 Clarkson Road, opened in Chesterfield and soon after a Creve Coeur franchise opened at 11625 Olive Boulevard. Founded in 2004, the Cincinnati-based CycleBar began franchising two years ago and now has 122 open studios but boasts that more than 200 new locations are in the pipeline nationwide. About 100 have or are opening this year, according to Jordin Cooper, CycleBar director of marketing in an interview with the Post-Dispatch earlier this year. Locally, two other locations are in the works.

And though boutique fitness runs the gamut from international to nascent, the common thread includes creating a niche and providing a thrilling experience.

Mitchell said he wasnt sure he was up to the challenge of joining the fitness industry, but now he understands it. At first, he said, I didnt want to (train others). I thought Id get burned out. But he says that training others gives him a rush of adrenaline he never expected.

One day, he said, it just clicked that I could do this as a business, soon after he found that owning a gym was viable. One of his first clients owns the space that he leases for New Era Fitness at 3165 Morganford Road. The two initially struck up a conversation while walking down the street together, his future landlord started confessing his health goals and desire to drop some weight. At the time, Mitchell had just begun to train people out of his Spartan garage setup.

By the time he was ready to open New Era Fitness last year, he had built up a solid clientele, including his landlord and his wife.

Its a common boutique fitness trajectory.

People are always looking for something to inspire them, said Victoria Lyon, who teaches a class called Pound at Central Studio. The lower-cost class starts at $5 compared to private Pilates sessions at the studio that can cost as much as $65.

For Pound, participants get weighted drumsticks that they use to rhythmically strike the floor and click together in the air as they squat, lunge and bounce to the beat of pop rock music.

Lyon, who is also a Zumba instructor, said, I call the drumsticks weapons of mass distraction because it gives people this liberty. Its permission to get loud that adults dont usually get. I think people come back for that and the sweat.

Make it your business. Get twice-daily updates on what the St. Louis business community is talking about.

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Boutique fitness studios breaking a sweat to multiply rapidly –

Air base fitness center funds come into focus – Niagara Gazette

28-05-2017 3:46 pm

Plans are moving forward a bit more quickly for a state-of-the-art fitness facility for those serving in the 914th Airlift Wing and the Air National Guard 107th Airlift Wing.

The Air Force Reserve Commands Military Construction Program FY18 budget estimates includes a plan to allocate $14 million for the Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station during FY19, according toCongressman Chris Collins (NY-27).It will assist the air base in building the fitness facility.

I am thrilled to see the Air Force has moved up their timeline for funding for a new fitness facility at the Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station, Collins said. The men and women at the base deserve access to quality facilities to make sure they are as prepared as possible when called upon to serve. The current facilities at the base are outdated and do not meet the standard we expect for our service members. This is yet another positive step to enhance the base and protect its future here in Western New York.

The air base had originally intended to submit a request to fund a new fitness facility in its FY21 budget plans, but Collins said he had concerns that the current NFARS fitness facility had grown outdated and would no longer able to support the needs of the base. In a letter sent to theAir Force Reserve Commands Military Construction Program,Collins outlined his concerns and formally requested a budget request for a new fitness facility to be prioritized far sooner than FY21.

One particular concern Collins said he had was the current facility does not have an indoor track. Oftentimes, inclement weather conditions during Western New Yorks winter months would force service members to delay portions of their physical fitness tests for up to six months.Collins said he felt this has a direct effect on readiness, training requirements, and time.

In addition, he said he believed the current facility had become physically dangerous due to a lack of safe clearances. In effect, the facilitys space for equipment is inadequate to maintain effective safety protocols and the air base is forced to close base roads for the use of fitness testing during the summer months.

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Air base fitness center funds come into focus – Niagara Gazette

Hawthorne Park Fitness Zone unveiled – Mail Tribune

28-05-2017 3:46 pm

Buffy Pollock for the Mail Tribune

The last piece of the $2 million overhaul to Hawthorne Park is like a natural evolution for adults who remember getting exercise on a playground.

An outdoor Fitness Zone, complete with a shade structure and eight specially constructed outdoor exercise machines for arm and leg workouts, had a ribbon-cutting Thursday by city officials.

The 20-acre park, at 510 E. Main St., now includes a large play area, spray pad, dog park,skate spot, fenced futsal court, basketball court and tennis courts. The cost for the new Fitness Zone was approximately $80,000.

Recreation and Facilities Department Director Rich Dahl said the Fitness Zone, which has been open for a week, is already seeing regular use by adults who visit the park.

Dahl said the exercise area was the vision of City Manager Brian Sjothun, who was parks and recreation director when the Hawthorne remake began in 2014.

“The exercise zone was the last planned piece of the Hawthorne Park renovation and of that $2 million urban renewal investment,” Dahl said. “The renovations have been an absolute smashing success and something the policy makers and residents alike should be very proud of.

“We saw this exercise zone as a nice opportunity for adults to be able to go work out when they bring their kids to the park,” Dahl said, noting that the exercise zone was the first at a city park in Medford.

“The adults can exercise, and the kids could play on the playground. It’s really come a long way from where Hawthorne Park was, not only in function; but also public perception. It’s really transformed how people think of not only Hawthorne Park but that entire area of downtown.”

Medford resident Mara Williams tested the new equipment Thursday with her 11-year-old daughter and said they planned to frequent the park this summer.

“It’s fun they have something for everyone here,” said Williams, as she sat on a piece of equipment.

“It’s like being able to go to the gym while your kids are getting exercise on the playground. This makes it like a playground for both of us.”

Reach freelance writer Buffy Pollock at

Hawthorne Park Fitness Zone unveiled – Mail Tribune

Work(out) & play: Marco Y brings in truckload of new fitness machines – Marconews

28-05-2017 3:46 pm

Submitted 6:02 a.m. ET May 28, 2017

Installer Mike Hamilton puts one of the machines together. He also tests new equipment for his company, Life Fitness Cybex.(Photo: Submitted)

In the early days of cardio equipment, repetition and fixed resistance was pretty much the standard for workouts.

Today, these machines bristle with technical innovations that can emulate hill climbs, downslopes, various posture choices and even transport users via screens to American and overseas roads in very realistic virtual reality fashion.

This past week, The Greater Marco Family YMCA took possession of a truckload of brand-new workout machines, and perhaps nobody was more excited than the Ys healthy living director, Deborah Passero.

Theyre biomechanically engineered, Passero said of two new Life Fitness ellipticals, which were joined in the Ys big L-shaped fitness room by a new upright bike, four recumbent bikes and five treadmills.

Y member Keely Stiner tests out one of the new treadmills earlier this week at the Y.(Photo: Submitted)

They have a true ellipse, egg-like shape that can be easier on joints at whatever level and resistance, said Drew Lamontagna of the supplying company, Life Fitness and Cybex out of Orlando. And the recumbent bikes have embedded TVs as well as handrails, he said. Its the same basic system as the ones the Y (replaced with new-lease machines), except that the technology has improved.

Working out on one of the new treadmills early this week, Y member Keely Stiner said they were indeed similar to the older models, but that she liked the smoothness that comes with new ones.

Ill be watching Law & Order on Saturday mornings here, Stiner said.

Earlier, while putting together the new machines after delivery, installer Mike Hamilton of Life Fitness Cybex said he enjoys his job because he also has to test the very latest equipment that comes onto the market.

Thats obvious from his excellent physical shape, which is an endorsement for the equipment itself.

Unloading takes place outside the Ys workout gym.(Photo: Submitted)

The Ys Passero said the assorted video riding courses available to elliptical users will likely be a boon.

They can go to Utah or Italy. They can choose mountainous courses and wonder whats going to be around the bend. The nice thing is that nobody will get bored, she said.

Passero added that the treadmills were also chosen with safety in mind. They are lower to the ground, providing ease of mounting to less agile people still keen to work out.

For information on what the workout room has to offer, plus the assorted Y programs and activities for youth and adults, call 394-3144 or visit

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Work(out) & play: Marco Y brings in truckload of new fitness machines – Marconews

Sherman fitness center shuttered over rent flap – KXII-TV

28-05-2017 3:46 pm

SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) — A Sherman gym closed their doors after the landlord claims they haven’t paid rent in two years and owe nearly $30,000.

Sherman Anytime Fitness members said the landlord’s attorney came to the gym Thursday, told everyone to leave, posted notices and changed the locks. The gym is now shut down, but members said all of this came without any warning.

“I’m in shock just total shock, didn’t see this coming at all,” Sherman Anytime Fitness member Nan Walsh said.

“I had no idea that anything was that serious,” Sherman Anytime Fitness member Romy Andrews said.

The signs the attorney placed on the door state the gym hadn’t paid rent since May 2015 and owes $29,884.

“The fact they owe all that money is really kind of a shame,” Michael West said.

MMA trainer Michael West coaches at Anytime Fitness every day and said he was not aware of the gym’s debt.

“It’s not a direct reflection of the trainers and the coaches, it’s more about the owners and the business,” West said.

An Anytime Fitness in this same location off Highway 75 was shut down eight years ago under similar circumstances.

Even though the doors are locked, trainer Anthony Boling didn’t let that stop him and coached his clients in the parking lot Friday.

“I’m disappointed but nothing’s gonna stop me from getting into better shape,” Andrews said, who trains with Boling.

An email from headquarters states members have two weeks to transfer their membership to Denison or Anna, or they can cancel if paid in-full by calling the owner, Jay Rajpal.

The trainers and members said they haven’t been able to get a hold of Rajpal. News 12 also called him numerous times and has not heard back.

“We’re in the people business, and if you’re not taking care of your people, that’s a big problem and that’s where Jay has left everybody kind of high and dry with stuff,” West said.

“Upset, hurt, angry, felt bad for Michael, felt bad for all the people that rely on him and depend on him,” Walsh said, who trains with West.

Trainers West and Boling said the gym closing is a new beginning for them.

They are already talking with the landlord and hope to reopen under a new name and with a full-scale MMA facility in the next few weeks.

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Sherman fitness center shuttered over rent flap – KXII-TV

Prescott Junior High PE program stars in documentary – Modesto Bee

28-05-2017 3:46 pm

Modesto Bee
Prescott Junior High PE program stars in documentary
Modesto Bee
The La Sierra program took exercise to the next level, creating hundreds of lean, disciplined teens whose daily gym routine brought spectators and so impressed President John F. Kennedy he encouraged other schools to take up the program. Thousands of …

Prescott Junior High PE program stars in documentary – Modesto Bee